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Compared to other schools that I have visited, Howard Univeristy is a melting pot of different ethnicities. Yes it is a historical HBCU, but there are plenty of students from all over the country and all over the world that attend. Students get to experience different cultures without leaving the city of D.C. Howard is a place where people grow mentally, physically, and spiritually.


The teachers and staff work with the students and help them, especially when they know that the student is really trying hard to succeed. There is also some scholarships available specifically to this school.


Howard University is the Mecca of all historically black schools. It has so much history and so much diversity in its instruction you can't help but love your experiences here. It is completely motivating, as a student of color, to be around fellow students who are all geared toward making positive change in the world. To meet and learn from all walks of life and to be pushed and challenged is what students need to succeed and it is definitly achieved here at Howard.


Howard University is like a second home.


What is unique about Howard University is that although it is a big school the comminity is united. At Howard you're not just a number but you're a thriving student in the community. Howard University makes you proud of your history and where you come from and teaches you things that you can't learn from a textbook but instead through different experiences and interactions. It's widely known and successful alumni base as well is a big motivator to be successful and makes you proud to attend the same university as they once did.


A strong focus on the African American culture.


Howard University is unique because of the many oppurtunities it offers. Not only do we get to be apart of a great legacy, but we get to make a legacy of our own and thats what stands out the most to me.


The most unique quality about Howard University in comparison to other schools I had considered was Howard's dedication to opening another avenue and methodology for knowlege consumption.


It honestly made me realize what it means to be a Black woman in today's society. It opened up my eyes to a lot of things.


Howard University is unique to me because it the only school I can start a legacy with. My dad came from Jamaica to attend Howard and from then it has been a family tradition. I love the history of Howard and the list of alumni who have gone on to make history. It inspires me even more to do the best I can because I know that those people were once in my shoes. Even though there is a lot that can be improved on campus, the Howard experience is incomparable.


One unique aspect about Howard University that propelled me to come to Howard is the fact that it is an HBCU and has an amazing list of alumni who acheived great things during and after their time here at Howard.


The legacy of Howard University. Many of the most influential African American leaders from almost every field have attended Howard.


Here at Howard University, I am in the heart of Washington, DC; therefore, I have a lot of options as to where I can spend my free-time. Additionally, being at this school my "street" senses are heightened, and I have become better at surveying my surroundings, especially when I am alone. The really unique thing about Howard, however, is the fact that the high exposure to culture just on campus is as much apart of the learning experience as the textbooks themselves.


I was looking for a school that I felt comfortable with but at the same time, I wanted to feel challenged. Howard University pushes students to realize that they are just a number on campus and the question becomes, “what will you do to change that?” Howard causes students to bring their creativity and aspirations to the campus for everyone to see. With other schools that I was considering, Howard stood out to be the school that would prepare me for the corporate world but also, would prepare me to tackle the rest of the world with determination and passion.


This school is an HBCU (Historically Black College or University), but it is still remarkably diverse. Any other school that I would have gone to would have been primarily Caucasian with some Asians, some Latinos, and few African-Americans. At Howard, most of the students are black and that played a large part in why I wanted to come here. I'd never been exposed to so many people of my race and I thought I would feel a sense of belonging here that I wouldn't feel anywhere else.


Howard Uniersity is pretty liberal, but there are definitely certain rules that are conservative compared to other schools. However, the rules and regulations are not so strict that they make student feeled babied or unable to do what they want. The open atmosphere makes people feel comfortable and they are many different types of people who atend the school in harmony. The social atmosphere of the school make it different from the other school I had applied to. I feel happy and free to live mylife without too many restraints or worrying that I will not fit in.


its a HBCU


What maked Howard unique is the fact that the curriculum is set up in a way that allows its students to find their identities and question their role in society. Howard does a great job at inspiring its students to go out and make a change.


Howard is THE Historically Black College/University. It has paved the way for many, many blacks. It is the "capstone" for Negro education. It's not a University that is easily described, it is something that one must experience.


The personal attention that you receive to ensure academic and career success. You are getting prepared for a career not a job.


Howard University challenges you to be better in every aspect possible and prepares you for the real world. There is nothing that comes easy. Everything you get at Howard, you have to work for it because it is very competitive. This applies to scholarships, financial aid, grades, and even clubs and orgranizations. This may sound like a negative, but I don't see it that way. On a brighter side, HU is right in the middle of the Nation's Capital, and also walking on our campus is like attending a free fashion show everday.


whats unique aout this scool is the family atmosphere and culture that this school has. they make a signifigant effort to make you feel part of a community.


There is always something to do on Howard's campus. There is a place for everyone. There are also endless opportunities for the students.


Compared to other schools I have considered, Howard University is unique because of its world re-known culture. Despite the institution being an Historically Black University it welcomes people from all walks of life, no matter their race and/or creed. Once committed to Howard it is hard to not realize the union everyone has. It is like a big family at Howard University; everyone is accepted regardless of the differences someone may have. The students/faculty/alumni of Howard are all cultivated people which allows them to be so open-minded.


Howard has a very good reputation when it comes to the transistion from school to the professional field from their students. With this reputation it allows for more opportunities to be presented to the current students from a very early stage. This university also does a great job of facilitating many different outlets that one may be interested in no matter what field of study they are.


Those are the three words that you will say from the moment you first set foot on the campus till the day you walk across the stage, to the day you see your ultimate decision maker. Love is a strong word, and its the best way you can describe this family. Its all love, the good, the bad, the crazy, the the end of the day, there is no place like it.


This was the only Historically Black University that I considered. It is also very fashion forward, very politically and liberally connected, and on the whole very well known and very fun.


Compared to where I transferred from (University of Maryland Eastern Shore) the rate of finding a job upon gradution seems more promising.


i don't think you'll find another school filled with strong, intelligent black women who are into all fields of study. Howard is more likely to produced blacks with bachelor, masters, and doctorate degrees.


The opportunities to become involved on campus is endless. As some universities may offer activities to become a part of Howard University offers students a chance to become leaders of their own programs, organizations as well as groups. In such an opportunity it allows students to grow into the individuals they become and mold those who are following into the same footsteps. Our legacy has an efficient reputation that allows students to continue to carry it on through their academic studies as well as service to the community. A voice as a student is very important and heard.


Howard University is not made for the weak minded. Absolutely nothing is fed to you, anything and everything you attempt to accomplish is a challenge, big or small. While it is sometimes frustrating it instills in you a drive and hunger to succeed at whatever task you put ahead of yourself. At the end of the day if you are able to graduate from Howard, and conquer all the challenges you faced there is nothing you cannot do in the real world. If you can make it at Howard you can make it anywhere!


Going to a HBCU there is a great diversity of diffrent types of people color that go to Howard. It is intresting to see the many things that people have in common and in diffrences.


Diversity plays a major role on my campus. It is great to be able to communicate and network with people from so many parts of the world. My school gives students the opportunity to learn about other cultures. Howard University also enables students to express their thoughts, feelings and opinions; however, respectively. Overall, Howard University is a great school. I am honored to attend such a prestigious university and be able to be a part of such a well-known legacy.


How incredibly dirty, ghetto, resourceless, unorganized, unprofessional, uncoordinated, etc it is. But, at least there's always something going on, even if parties do get shut down because of gun shots. Nope. Never a dull moment.


Howard has a distinctive vibe when one visits the campus, different than either of the other two schools I applied to ( UMD College Park and UVA). There's an immediate connection that you feel with the Howard community from students to faculty, it's like a family bond. The same as family goes, members of the Howard community are genuine in their support and care for one another. The fact that you're surrounded by other minorities who are doing tremendous things with themselves is a source of inspiration and pushes you to succeed just the same.


As an alumnus and faculty member (no former)I was shocked when I was told to establish gender based grading. When I complained to the institutional leadership and EEOC offices I was confronted with a disregard for student welfare and a hostile and harrassing work environment. As one of the only non-blacks on the faculty, I was equally shocked (as a male) to hear a hiring officil state in a public meeting that she would only hire a black, female for an anticipated job opening - it was my position that she referenced.


The school's endowment is impressive for an HBCU, but still the facilities are less than inspiring. The classrooms were maybe updated last in the 80s.


Howard University is one of the top ranked HBCUs in America. The unique aspect about Howard University is that although it is a Historically Black University, there are so many different types of people that go there. I grew up going to pretty diverse grade schools, and I can honestly say that Howard posseses more culturally diverse people then all of them combined. After my first year there, I have met so many different types of people from all around the world, which gives me such an advantage once I graduate and begin the job searching process.


At Howard University you meet so many people from around the world. Since Howard is an HBCU you can be assured that the campus is alive with history and African American culture. Howard is also a social campus, some days on the Yard there is music playing while students lounge, study, and enjoy the great weather. It is the place where friends meet or listen to someone trying to play their new demo. Aside from the social, Howard has amazing professors that are both eccentric and knowledgeable. They are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you understand.


Although my school is a predominantly African-American school, I feel as though is is vry diverse. There are lots of students from all over the United States as well as International students. Howad University is a unique school because they have lots of opportunities for students and they reach out to students and encourage them to seek the help they need to better themselves in their studies. Although college is viewed to many as a serious business that provides one with the foundation to excel in future aspiartions, they also create an area for down time and enjoyment.


My school is unique because it embaces not only the African-American culture, but the African culture as well. It allows African-American students who've never visited Africa to meet with students and teahers who reign from Africa. A lot of the English curriculum is basedaround the African/African-American culture and gives the students a sense of pride for their culture.


My school was founded in 1867 and trained individuals to help those in the South to become education during the times were Blacks were not allowed or discriminated against educationally. The founder was also the founder of the Freedman Bureau.


I never considered any other schools; once I decided upon Howard University at age seven. Nestled in Washington DC, Howard University has exquisite views of the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument just to name a few. Furthermore, Howard University has a diverse and dynamic campus life. There are over 116 countries represented on its campus and 178 recognized campus clubs and organizations. More importantly, academics remain a focus of Howard University. It maintains prestige academically through spirited and well informed professors. Where can you get diversity mixed with prestige? You cannot find it anywhere except Howard university.


It is a friendly learning enviornment. Also, the White House is in walking distance.


Howard University is unique because only on this campus will one get the opportunity to meet students from every corner of the world and see them incorporate thier culture into the actual campus. We have students from Nigiria, Trinidad, Russia, ect...Instead of standing out, the students at Howard University use out cultural differences to make our campus. No matter where one is in the world they are sure to be in the company of a Howard alum. Here at Howard we don't just talk big, we do big!


I think that my school is unique in that even though it is considered a historically black university, it is extremely diverse in its students and faculty. People here do not judge you by appearance or lifestyle. You can always find someone with the same interests as you no matter what it is. I also like how this school helps you connect to your roots no matter what they are.


Its and HBCU. It's in the nations capital. The area gets every season and has opportunites for cultural diversity. It had my intended major


Howard University is one of the elite HBCU's in the country. What makes it unique is that there are students from all walks of life and different parts of the world, but they all have the common goal of attaing a higher education.


Make sure you talk to students and professors about what Howard is really like before you decide to attend. The admissions committee will present a "package" to you on open house days, but Howard is not all it claims to be and it is not for everyone.


What is unique about my school in comparison to others that I had considered is that it is an HBCU. I am able to experience a rich culture and tradition. Also, it is in the heart of Washington, DC and allows me to explore our nations capitol and meet people from all over the world.

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