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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


I don't know too many people who truly type to negatively stereotype our students. Beside the fact that some people may think we aren't able to compete in a predominately white school (which is so not true), there isn't much people can say. Howard is known for being the best. We are the hilltop, the Mecca, the Capstone, its one of those places where negativity just isn't really welcome. I honestly wish I was able to tell you a negative stereotype of our student body but those are one of those things I'm somewhat ignorant of.


I think that the stereotype about being stuck up isn't really true and is an ideology spread mainly by dc natives who don't attend the school. It is definitely true that some people get caught up in dress up just to go to class....but that is not the majority. I will say however, Howard is not one of those schools where everyone wears pajamas and sweat pants to class.


1) For the most part, Howard students make an effort to look presentable. In the most extreme cases, you will see women sporting Gucci, Prada and the like; sometimes the men on campus try to give the women a run for their money in the fashion department. 2) Howard is by no means the Black Harvard. There are brilliant students on campus, fine professors who will inspire any student, but you have to pick your department to find those professors and you have to search even harder to find someone who will discuss classroom texts outside of the classroom. Sometimes I can feel my brain dissolving when I listen to certain people. I think it's fair to say that there isn't a very strong intellectual life on campus. 3) There are plenty of horror stories such as the purging of hundreds of students earlier this year, causing them to be without housing and unable to attend classes because of error on the part of the administration. Personally, I haven't had anything of that sort happen to me, but I have had to call the health center about twenty times a day for a week because of a delay in processing my health records. Things can get pretty bad with the administration, but if you have your stuff together, you should be okay most of the time.


Another Howard student discusses Howard stereotypes.


Another student discusses Howard stereotypes


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A student discusses the accuracy of Howard stereotypes


The stereotype about Howard is somewhat correct in the fact that we are not only one of the best Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the country, but we are also ranked amongst other colleges and universities. The stereotype is not accurate about the students of Howard. We are not all rich or stuck up. Most of us are normal people who are on scholarship. We struggle and fight hard to get where we need to be and most of us were in the highest percentages at our high schools and were/are involved in many extracurricular activities. Many of us are leaders.


I have to say that this one is true but its not about fiting in it more about showing everyone else your own style. On any given day while walking on the yard you can see ton of different dressing styles


1)Just like any other university, Howard does party and we do it pretty well. However, contrary to popular belief, the parties aren't an everyday thing. During the weekdays we work hard, and on the weekends we play even harder!! 2)Because the majority of the students attending Howard aren't local, trends are brought from across the nation. At Howard there is no such thing as "what's hot and what's not", as long as your attire expresses your personality its acceptable. So, just like a fashion show, you never know what's in store once you step on campus!! 3)"Sididy" is quite harsh. However, Howard's students do have this heir about them. Now, this isn't because we look down on others. No, not at all!! The reason why is because of our unique teachings. At Howard, along with being taught the required curriculum, students are also taught self-appreciation. Therefore, we walk with our heads high!! 4)Along with producing some of the most prominent African Americans known today, and being the alpha chapter of seven of the divine nine, and being one of the most prestigious historically black university's, yes, Howard is also known for its homecoming. Alumni's, celebreties, and visitors from across the nation reserve tickets for events such as the fashion show, the comedy show, and the very famous step show!! You can never forget the HOMECOMING at HOWARD!!!


For the most part, I'd have to say yes. They're not ALL exactly dorks, but we dohave our fair share of lames, bookworms, and smart-ass know-it-alls. A lot of the people are pretty snotty, but then again there are some down-to-earth folk. The majority of the student body does seem to think that they're heading to an America's Next Top Model audition, rather than class, and many seem to disregard the weather forecast when choosing their outfit du jour. As many older Howardites, DC residents, and other notable people have criticized, the current student body is nowhere near as active in the community or for important causes as Howardites of the past. But they do pretend to be by traveling in "mighty" packs of 50 or so to places like New Orleans or Jena, Louisiana, the National Mall or government buildings, and creating protests and rallies which they believe are creating some sort of impact. A lot of students here begin to embody an almost 'Black supremacist' persona while at Howard, and some even begin to sport Afros, dreads, and dashikis, and get tattoos of ankhs or some sort of symbol of the motherland and wear Black Power fists usually by the middle of sophomore year...


no they are not


The stereotype is partially accurate. We have been considered the most fashionable university in the nation on several occasions and we host several fashion shows during the school year but fashion is not our No.1 priority. We ( as should everyone else) care about our appearance. But there are some who don't.


No, except the being number one thing, thats true. :)


The fashion stereotype is certainly true, but I feel that it sometimes overshadows the school's legitimate qualities. You will, however, see girls from the two freshman dorms trekking up the hill in heels. Some people dress liek they're going to the club to go to class. I believe the stereotype about us being elitist results from misunderstandings between students and people from Washington. While students of every socioeconomic level attend Howard, I believe most of us are from the suburbs and thus have to adjust to being in an urban environment. Resentment builds when residents assume we all have attitudes and we, in turn, assume they are all crazy or inferior. One detail: people from Washington don't appreciate being called "locals," and students typically use this as a derogatory term.


Yes, the stereotypes are for the most part accurate... 100% accurate since it hasnt been proven otherwise. It seems in our society that all that is important is money, the amount of material possesions a man has and how many females that he can bed. It's not just my opinion that the male population sucks... there's a slogan that holds the venom of our emotions " Niggas ain't shit but hoes and tricks"... so sad but true. After dating this different list of guys on our campus and all but a select two have proven to be genuinely about a females friendship, patience is barely visible.... keeping hope alive is as chilling as a death sentence, lol Not really but a lot f females WILL NOT deal with a guy from Howard... I agree, they are too grimy and there are too many girls at Howard.




One of the stereotypes about Howard is that it is a party school. True. There is a party often(One or two a week via club and several within the dorm rooms) where clubs solicit students in numerous ways on and off campus, but of course it is the students' decision as to whether or not they would attend. The female to male ration is high, something like 4-1(Not exact, but roughly), which make the guys a hot commodity, but not really because a lot of them are supposedly gay. That stereotype is based off of style and demeanor which can be misconstrued by most people inside and outside the Howard community. Both the men and women of Howard dress well according to East coast style; another stereotype of the University. It can be true, but again, that's subject to one's interpretation of "style". Of course, not EVERY person can dress, but for the most part, you'll see some pretty interesting and diverse sites while sitting on "The Yard" during the summer or winter seasons. Homecoming can be poppin, but recently it's been hit or miss. May get a noteworthy celebrity at an event or two, but for the most part, the students are who make the homecoming what it is. Our school spirit is reflected MOST during that week in October. Academically speaking...ummm...the prestige of Howard academia now remain in the Grad schools. I adore the School of Business and would like to have had other classes in other schools on campus, but the general consensus from some of the students I have talked to is that the curriculum is not challenging enough University wide. I was challenged more at Whitney Young Magnet High School in Chicago prior to attending Howard University, which ultimately became a problem for me. It doesn't take much to make the grade, which shouldn't be the case. One should work hard to get good grades, as opposed to doing the bare minimum and passing. Currently, the University is in the process of fixing this issue, but due to its resonance throughout the campus, it WILL take some time. You have great professors and you have not so great professors. The problem is that the ration of one to the other is not favorable to the students or the legacy of the university. Rankings of HBCUs show that Spellman is #1 now and Howard is #2.


No they are not. But it really depends who you ask. If you are from a certain region of the US or from a different country around the world, your opinion of Howard will and may differ from mine or show minor similarities. For full answers of the stereotypes I have noticed on Howard's campus and about Howard students, look at my answers to the above question.

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