Howard University Top Questions

What are the most popular classes offered?


Dr. Carr is probably the MOST popular teachers on this campus. He is great, and the class is mentally stimulating! I love every class I've had with him. Also Tony Medina's Creative Writing Poetry class, is one of the first classes to close out on registration day. It's an amazing class that will challenge you and take your writing to the next level.


So, if you come to Howard you have to take a class by Dr. Carr. He teaches Intro to African-American Studies, Hip-Hop, Black Poetry and Lit, and a few other classes. He is amazing. I'm in his class now, and if you want a professor that has a crazy amount of energy and love for his craft and a ridiculous amount of knowledge but knows how to break it down in a way of which you can understand...this is the person you go to. You want to know the truth about your history? This is the person who can tell you. He writes most of the literature we go through, but offers so many more people that you can gain knowledge on. Whatever your major is, there is always something to be learned in this class. He's the best that we have at Howard, students love him, he loves us, and its just a great relationship.

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