Howard University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


I already feel as though I have made life long friends here, people whom I really connect with and can relate to. Coming from Ghana well known for its ethnic diversity, I was a bit worried that by going to an HBCU I wouldn't get that same environment, however Howard is diverse in many ways as well. A majority of the students are African American, however there are many students from around the globe, and I found the best thing was that everybody is diverse in thought, and through their experiences.


I think its a great school to experience the culture and


I absolutely love HOWARD!


They provide an excellent educational system here with many things to do on and off campus, however, I feel as though, even as a historically black university, they are too racially sensitive.


Overall, I think Howard provides a unique experience that honestly I'm not sure I could receive anywhere else during my college career. The faculty at Howard University have spent substantial time in the career fields in which they are now classroom instructors on. Therefore they know exactly the right material to teach their students so that they are accurately prepared for the real world. I myself am a journalism major. My journalism professors are currently employed by different news outlets and occasionally call on students to help them with their professional assignments. Also, Howard teaches you the value of being persistent and hungry to learn - inside and outside the classroom. The hunger for success becomes a part of your character before you even realize it. That persistence and drive can never steer you wrong nowadays. Lastly, with Howard being located literally five minutes away from the heart of Washington, D.C., our nation's capital, students have a plethora of access and opportunities available to them. As a student, you have to make your college experience a memorable one. You can do the basics and attend class and return to your dorm, or you can utilize every minute of free time to expand your resume and become a vastly cultured and informed individual. Howard reminds you of the the power you have, even if you didn't know it yourself and encourages you to use that power to it's fullest capability.


I love my school. I meet a lot of new and interesting people and am granted opportunities everyday that I know I would not be given anywhere else. Howard teaches you to be an adult as well as the importance of networking. At my time in Howard I have met celebrities, networked with many important people in my field of interest and also have had a great college experience. There is a great balance between fun and academics here and I would not trade it for the world.


I absolutely love Howard. It's small, but I feel like I get a better learning experience because my classes are never too large, it's so easy to have multiple one on one conversations with department chairs, teachers, etc. Howard does have some administration issues in terms of organization, but as long as you pull your weight, the school will come through for you in terms of opportunities and scholarships.


Best thing: The student body, we are so diverse and it's great. Would Change: The Financial aid staff Size is just right Oohhh you go to howard?! (impressed look) I spend my time in the undergraduate library or Blackburn Definitely a college town, there are too many schools in dc to count There's tons of school pride. HU...YOU KNOW!!! (Howard hand)


My overall opinion about this school is that it isn't everything that it is cracked up to be. If I had to name one thing to change, it would have to be the administration. The administration at Howard doesn't have its priorities straight. They are very unorganized and very slow when it comes to helping students with registration and other processes such as financial aid. The school isn't overcrowded, and for such a small campus, I'm very surprised. The only time it's ever crowded is during homecoming. But I don't like the location of the campus. The neighborhood that surrounds Howard isn't the safest. It's filled with drunks and derelicts. I'm not saying that you'll be attacked every time you set foot off campus, just go in groups.


My overall opinion is that Howard will be the type of school and experience you make it into. No one at Howard gives you ANYTHING. There are a great number of hidden opportunities but you must search for them on your own. The school is very competitive in all aspects. (i.e. academics, internships, picking classes lol)


Howard is a great school for a community experience. The best thing about this school is the students. You will meet all types of people from all over, with varying perspectives about any topic. Most people know Howard as the premier school for black students, but we are indeed ethnically diverse. This is a medium sized school, a little over 10,000 enrolled, on a beautiful but compact campus. Washington, DC is definitely a college town, with at least 8 neighboring colleges/universities and plenty of cultural spots. Our athletics program may not be up to par, but school pride is high and the alumni network is very family-like. Our academic programs are all excellent in their own rights, and students literally have opportunities abound at our doorstep. Aside from the joy Howard can bring, some things are a pain. Students regularly have problems with the administration and financial aid is not plentiful. The school accepts too many freshmen, when there aren’t adequate resources for them all – space in dormitories, financial aid, space in classrooms, etc. Some professors are overloaded with responsibilities and are not adequately available for students. Graduate students are getting the short end of the stick with increased teaching responsibilities but unreliable payment schedules. A lot of things are great, but a lot more need to change. Students (individuals, government, and organizations) are very involved in voicing concerns and demanding action.


1.) The best thing about Howard University is the “Howard Experience”. This experience is something that alumni and students only truly understand. The experience consists of the enriched history Howard University has and provides it’s students with. The fellow students you encounter that show you there are fellow Black students out there who are intelligent, driven, hard working, and working towards a better society just like you. Also the reputation Howard provides its students with, when you are a product of Howard University, you have pride in yourself and the skills you are able to give to the professional, political and social world. People will respect you as an individual thinker just because you are a product of this institution. 2.) Although Howard University is a wonderful place it definitely could use some changes. The two main areas I would say need some work are the employees that work at Howard and the facilities. When I say the employees, I am not referring to the professors, but the employees that work in the administration building, dorms, cafeteria, food court, security, etc. all need to be reconsidered. Most of the people that work in these positions are DC natives and are very rude to the students and do not do their jobs efficiently. If anything these jobs should be given to students as work study programs, or at least qualified individuals or professionals. The facilities around campus are one thing that really needs help. Most of the buildings look decent on the outside, but on the inside they are run down, lacking air conditioning, lacking proper equipment etc. I think instead of spending so much money on unnecessary things during Homecoming, maybe they should renovate the buildings, or upgrade some of the academic equipment. 3.) As far as the size of Howard University, I feel like it is perfect. I would not consider Howard a big school by any means, but it is still not very small either, Howard holds almost 11,000 students undergrad and graduate, making it the perfect size to where you feel like you’re in college but not too many students, so each student feels like they get the attention they deserve. 4.) The way people react to when I tell them I go to Howard depends greatly on the person. If you tell a fellow African American they are very happy and supportive, and may show more support for me than Black students who go to predominantly White institutions. When dealing with other races I’ve found many have heard of Howard and respect it as a good source of higher education, and the handful I have encountered who have not heard of Howard respect it and me very much after I tell them about the school. 5.) When on campus, most students will hang out on the big open area in the middle of the campus called “The Yard”. The yard is the perfect place for students to hangout, show off their outfits, and see all their friends. The Yard is also a place where many of the big events take place including the Howard University Homecomings Yardfest. When it is cold though, The Yard along with the rest of the campus is like a ghost town. 6.) Unfortunately Howard does not have a traditional “college town”. Howard is located in the heart of North West Washington DC, and the surrounding area is considered to be not very safe. So majority of the things happen on and immediately around campus. One good thing about Howard’s location is that it is ten minutes away from downtown, U street, Adams Morgan, and various colleges and universities around DC such as American, George Washington, and Georgetown, making fun very easy to find on and around Howards campus. 7.) The administration at Howard is terrible. The employees are very unorganized and rude, they are not looking for the student’s best interest, and they are just there to make a paycheck. Administration is probably one of the biggest issues at Howard University; they lose stuff, don’t call back or answer the phones, and also don’t email students back. 8.) Some controversy that Howard seems to face is the credibility of the education that an HBCU can provide. The credibility of a degree from an HBCU is questioned frequently and Howard students always seem to prove the credibility. Proving the credibility has been hard lately due to budget cuts, and Howard University almost closing down many different programs around campus. 9.) Howard has a lot of school pride! The pride is not seen in the same way as other universities through sports, but it is seen through different realms. Howard marching band, dormitories, alumni, homecoming, dance teams (ooh la la’s and bisonnettes), and academic organizations are all areas where the great HU school pride is seen. 10.) I don’t think there is anything “unusual” about Howard the only thing that is maybe untraditional is that the school is predominantly Black. 11.) The largest complaints you will hear around Howard University’s campus are complaints about the administration, facilities, unprofessional employees, and lack of urgency in the campus police.


The best thing is the family that you are welcomed to once you enroll in school. I really love it here. Because Howard is a Historically Black University, Number 2, to be exact, people really are here to help. Professors really want to see you do well and you are not just another number. The one thing I would change is the idea that everyone thinks they are elite and can sometimes treat others differently, if they do not seem to have the "status". The size is just right. People are excited when I tell them I go to Howard. We are smack dab in the middle of the city, with tons of things to do. The school's administration is working to get better. School pride is not like that of Duke, but it is great for an HBCU that is more focused on academics and successful careers.


Howard University really can't be done justice in the short paragraph I am about to write. When I tell people that I attend Howard University, I always get a reaction of astonishment and awe because Howard is a very known and prestigious university. There is a legacy attached to the name and as a student, you instantly feel that pride in your school and the obligation you have to continue the legacy. The biggest downfall of Howard in the Administration. You will always hear of the dreaded "A building" where financial aid is located on the second floor. The DC area is also a very interesting place to live. I personally came here from a surburb of Chicago, Illinois and it took a lot of adjusting. Freshman year is great, take advantage of the easy classes you will take. Greek life is intense so if you plan on pledging, be ready. But overall, Howard is the REAL HU and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. :)


Howard is a very great school. As an international student, Howard university has exposed me to numerous opportunities that i wont have gotten if i was in another school


The school is a good place to earn your undergraduate degree (cannot speak for medical, dental, or professional programs as I am not there yet). For the most part the professors are good and willing to help. Some classes are easy some are hard (much like at every other school). As well as there are so many activities and clubs to help with relaxation since college doesn't mean working on coursework every minute of everyday. Overall Howard is a university that is welcoming and a good fit for many differing personalities.


First and foremost! You must know about the 'A' Building before you come to HU so you can be mentally prepared for the run-around. The 'A' Building can be your friend and it can be your worst enemy, from losing paperwork to getting a decent amount on your refund check. I am sure every student at Howard, including faculty, has their share of stories about the 'A' Building and with that being said this does not reflect highly on Howard. The education is excellent with the exception to a few professors who will irk your spirit but its mostly the atmosphere that we as students love. But then again every school most likely has its negatives and I cannot think of one person who has said they hate HU despite the dreadful visits to the 'A' building. I love my school regardless.


The school isn't going to spoon-feed you. If you want something you are going to have to fight for it. The university embeds ambition and hunger into its students. Professionally, there are an abundance of resources and students are quite competitive. Resumes, portfolios and business cards will become essential by the end of the fall semester of your freshman year. Socially, there is always something going on. From house parties, to clubs, to bars, nightlife is always vibrant. There are also quite a few museums and cultural events happening on a regular basis. If you get tired of the city, Maryland & Virginia are only a short metro ride away. The Megabus also sponsors trips to cities such as Philly & New York for very low prices. Academically, the professors are phenomenal. Most of the professors are still practicing in their fields, so they are up to date on their subject matter. The university constantly sponsors guest lectures from some of the most credible scholars in the world.


The school isn't going to spoon-feed you. If you want something you are going to have to fight for it. The university embeds ambition and hunger into its students. Professionally, there are an abundance of resources and students are quite competitive. Resumes, portfolios and business cards will become essential by the end of the fall semester of your freshman year. Socially, there is always something going on. From house parties, to clubs, to bars, nightlife is always vibrant. There are also quite a few museums and cultural events happening on a regular basis. If you get tired of the city, Maryland & Virginia are only a short metro ride away. The Megabus also sponsors trips to cities such as Philly & New York for very low prices. Academically, the professors are phenomenal. Most of the professors are still practicing in their fields, so they are up to date on their subject matter. The university constantly sponsors guest lectures from some of the most credible scholars in the world.


Howard University is a place where you'll really figure out who you are. There are amazing things about the school that you will only experience at an HBCU. For example, speakers from all over the world and from all different career backgrounds come to speak to our students. We have a lot of events and opportunities to get involved on and off campus. We have the best Homecoming that is talked about in songs and that people travel from across the country to attend. The cultural experience here is one that can't be measured. However, you will constantly here complaints about the Administration "A" Building. The customer service ca sometimes not be up to par and you sometimes end up fighting for your financial aid. You learn to work hard for what you want. You learn to fight for what you believe in. It's a taste of the real world all in one campus.


Overall, Howard is a wonderful institution that produces ambitious, entrepreneurial leaders. It is highly recognized in the global community and attending school in a thriving cultural city such as DC is a one-of-a-kind experience. Through different organizations, social activities and classes students here learn a lot of life lessons and how to stand out in the crowd. Howard definitely has its adverse aspects, such as difficult service in the administration building, financial aid woes and challenging professors but they are all what make my school's experience unique. There is nothing like Howard's Homecoming which has become famous and networking at this school is unbelievable. With alumni like Taraji P. Henson, Phylicia Rashad, Bianca Chardei and multiple others, and students such as "Afro Blue" from the sing-off it is evident the amount of talent that enters and leaves this institution. Howard is truly a family. You come on your own freshman year but leave with networks, new friends and a second family.


Howard University is a great place to have the ability to network and find people who are just as passionate about what you want to do. The one thing I love about this school is all doors are open to endless possibilities and the environment is situated in a way where the sky is the limit. Being located in Washington, DC, all opportunities from being on capitol hill, to being the next best actor or actress, to the next big entrepreneur are open in the nations capitol. The area is changing a lot, and it is a progressive town for those that are willing to work for success. The only downside to the university is the Administration may not be the easiest to work with, but its a part of the Howard experience and working with our administration prepares to deal with anything in life.


BEWARE!! Insularity and nepotism are rampant. There are other schools which will educate you better. No need to suffer the horror of an effete institution.


Howard has a rich legacy and great historical significance to the African-American community. There is a significant amount of school pride. It's central DC location offers many off campus opportunities and internships. Also, the DC university consortium is excellent. If a student chooses, they can take courses at Georgetown, GWU, Catholic University, GMU, Corcoran, and other educational institutions in the DC area and receive credit. Research opportunities are phenomenal when you consider this added with being in the same city as Library of Congress. The administration is absolutely terrible. They are routinely disrespectful and unorganized. I was in the college of arts and sciences and my academic counselor was the worst. If you need to get any administrative issues handled, you are resigned to wild goose chases and lines that last forever, especially your first year. With that said, the best thing about Howard was its inspiring faculty and the sense of camaraderie and intellectual respect amongst the student body.


The experience I've gotten from Howard has been inspiring yet disappointing. As a black male, realize what an achievement it is for me simply to strive for a higher education. It's inspiring to see thousands of people who look like you trying to elevate their condition and the condition of the Black community. It's almost a spiritual experience to attend Howard in that you learn more about who you are, more about who you are as a Black person, and more about your history. Howard homecoming, speakers, and other events have led me to say "this is why I decided to go to an HBCU." On the other hand, a large segment of Howard students perpetuate Black stereotypes. I've heard some opinions expressed in classes which have no factual basis and are pretty ignorant and uninformed. I know plenty of guys who are at Howard simply to "tap the plentiful a**" available. And plenty of the women go along with it which is a shame. Howard is not nearly as impressive as many claim. It isn't a great school, but it is a good school.


I believe that the most frequent student complaints are based on some type of administration problem. Either it is not being validated and therefore having to fight to find out why and fix it, or it is not having housing after only your freshman year. The housing is a very big issue, because they claim to not have enough housing for everyone. Many people end up moving off-campus after their freshman year.


It is said that Howard University can't really be explained. It something you have to truly experience. Only a bison knows how anohter bison feels about the school. Howard University is a like a family member that may get on your nerves every once in a while but you still love them to death. At Howard there is never a dull moment with all the programs that are provided every night and the great Washington Dc surround our campus. Everyone on the campus is like your family and it truly provides a family atmosphere. I know I speak for almost everyone when I say we love our Howard U.


Communication definitely rules the nation. The greatest thing about Howard it the networking!! You never know who you might meet or who you're speaking with, but it's always a good thing for everyone you meet to know your name. The main issue that desperately needs to be addressed is the administration and the attitudes that comes along with it. If I could change one thing that would definitely be it. When it comes to the admintstation the students don't feel secure with them handling their money, nor any other important matters. And because of the staffs awful attitudes, students are too intimidated to go and address their issues. This needs to change!! Every year Howard accepts more students than they can house. This leaves students feeling lost and helpless. So, obviously our school is just a tad bit too small. When I tell people that I attend Howard University the biggest smile spreads accross their faces, for they know that I am destined for great things!! Because of my major, English, I spend most of my time in class or in my dorm, writing. The most recent controversy that people are still dealing with is the housing issue. As of right now, I still have no place to stay next year!! Despite the many issues students are faced with on a daily basis, everyone will tell you there is no place like Howard!! We've got Bison pride...yes we do!!! Strangely, there is nothing unusual about Howard. Howard is second to none, so even the unusual is considered to be the norm. The experience that I'll remember the most is the Jena 6 rally. It was amazing to see so many students in my age bracket come together and willing to make a change and take a stand. "Ugh, I hate the 'A'(administration)building," is the number one complaint of Howard University's students....CONGRATULATIONS!!


The best thing about Howard is the overall experience, which is difficult to put into words. Although the school does have a lot of flaws, that all adds to the "Howard Experience". The school seems big, but it's actually pretty small. You'll feel like you're in high school all over again with the cliques, gossip, etc. But it's easy to get acquainted with. It depends on who you're telling, but for the most part people have very positive reactions when you tell them that you go to Howard, and it does remind you that the name holds alot of weight. On campus, there's not too many places to hang out, but DC is definitely a fun town, not exactly a "college town" because there's so much other stuff going on, but there are certain places(restaraunts, bars, clubs) that Howard students frequent. The Administration SUCKS(what else is new). They put the majority of the Howard population through Hell, but we all accept it. There's always some sort of controversy on campus, recently the biggest was probably our President's retirement/resignation. There's a lot of school pride, but don't confuse that with school spirit, which we definitely lack, especially as far as supporting our sports teams is concerned. Being at Howard is an amazing experience, for better or for worse.


The best thing about Howard it the poeple. The school is not is not too small I feel its just right and the only thing I would change is the administration. I would also chang the visitation rules for the dorms. There is so much school pride and people think very highly of you when you tell them you go to Howard.


The best thing about Howard is the price. We have a great name and some great professors who make sure we get the most for our money. I would change the dorms because there are too many students that cannot get housing. Additionally, visitation rules need to change. It is great to know they are concerned with our safety, their rules are too restrictive.


The best thing about Howard is the student body. Howard has a very diverse student body. Washington, DC has a lot to do with that, seeing as though it to has a very diverse population. You'll meet students from a wide variety of countries, cultures, upbringings, and beliefs. Howard is also known for its "recreational" activities. Howard's homecoming is legendary and largely attended by more than just locals and alumnae. Celebrities often make it a point to be present at the homecoming events. However Howard has its issues. One of my major issues with Howard is their inconsistency when it comes to procedure and policy. It is common for you to receive several contradicting suggestions or comments with the same department. Many of the administrative offices will send you on a treasure hunt to complete simple tasks like receiving your financial aid refund, paying your Howard balance, applying for emergency loans, etc. It can be quite annoying and discouraging. Howard is also known for losing documents after a crucial deadline has passed, forcing you to have to resubmit your information "late." Because of these issues, I have learned to make copies of everything I give Howard; I take down the names of every individual I speak to and the date I spoke to that person as well; I am also forced to harass them with phone calls to assure that any documents requested of me have been received, processed, and logged into my personal account. Howard teaches how to be cautious and meticulous. These are amongst the most complaints I hear on a daily basis at Howard. Another issue the students have is the subpar conditions a lot of our facilities are in. We are currently renovating several buildings but it makes no sense for the majority of the main campus to have so many physical problems. Some buildings lack functioning heaters and air conditioners; some don't have enough desks. The dorms also could use a lot of remodeling. Some dorms are older than others and lack amenities like air conditioning; even some of the newer dorms are infested with roaches and sometimes mice, one of our dorms have extremely sensitive sprinklers which causes problems, and our freshman dorms have smoke detectors with the nose of Superman and are guaranteed to go off and force us all outside at no specific time at least once every two weeks. The food is overprocessed and served on sometimes dirty dishes that I am forced to sift through for the least dirty of them all to then rinse under the hot water spout supposed to be used for tea. I could go on and on about my issues with Howard's campus, dormitories, and lack of fresh foods. With all that said however, Howard offers you an experience second to none. I used to consider my feelings about Howard similar to those of a woman unable to leave an abusive relationship; he hits me but I love him and I know he loves me. I was wrong. My relationship with Howard has been most similar to that of a family. There is this unconditional love between me and Howard. We will always fight and we will constantly fail to see eye to eye. But I would never trade my family for anything in the world. Howard is one of a kind. Not only will you have the time of your life enjoying the new friends you make from places you've never been or even heard of; you will also be bombarded with opportunities to advance in any field you may be interested; and most importantly you will become a part of as expanding network of the best and brightest of America. Howard is not for the weak, or the unsure, it is for the determined and motivated who will contribute to its rich legacy. The Real HU!! Bison for life. Ms. Wright


The best thing about Howard is its students. The mix of black people from every socioeconomic level, religion, culture and background is unlike anything I ever could have gotten from a majority school. My experiences with the student body and extracurriculars are what make me inevitably say that I like Howard when my thoughts on the way the school is run make me hesitate at first. I went to predominantly white schools all my life, so none of my friends had heard of Howard (an HBCU) when I announced I was going there during my senior year of high school. However, the school has a great legacy and name recognition in the professional world, which certainly doesn't hurt. The main cmapus is one of the smallest I've ever seen, and I like that with only about 10,000 undergrads, there probably six (or fewer) degrees of separation between everyone. I love that I'm in D.C. and that there are so many interesting things about it, but I do sometimes feel like I missed out by not living in a typical "college town." We certainly have a lot of school pride, as evidenced by our alumni. However, there's not much hype around athletics because the our teams for typically popular sports (basketball, football, etc.) aren't that great. But our homecoming is always a huge event, attracting celebrities, alumni and even people who never went here from across the country.


The best thing about Howard is its legacy. And even though many people say that it's true because after you graduate with a degree from Howard u would need to find a job, a job will find you -granted that you had good grades and all that. One thing that I would change about Howard the administration. Many things about it is rly bad and hopefully with an incoming new president, things will get better. The size is just right. The way people react when I tell them I go to Howard depends on where that person comes from. Usually, if they're from the area they are very familiar with Howard and therefore arent very impressed, but if I tell someone is from farther away or is just ignorant to all of Howard secrets, they are very excited. On campus, I spend most of my time in my room. There is definately no "college town" around Howard. But a few businesses that share the same street with our university give discounts to us, or just simply have a Howard flag or something. Howard admin sucks. Well there was a protest to shut down the engineering builing. DEFINATELY!!! Howard's school pride is infectious. One thing that's unsual is the extreamly poor condition of some of the buildings. The biology building for examaple has electric wires and all sorts of dangerous things hanging from the ceiling and class still goes on in there. I think thats very unusual for a college campus. I mean we pay tuition to fix these sort of things. Also, Howard is kind of like a cult. The jazz fest. It was amazing. The adminsitration, the food sucks, the "locals"


a) The best thing about Howard is the experience. Each person that sets foot on campus will have one, both good and bad. From the friends one can acquire to the social experience to the realization that you attend a university full of history, it is all quite inspiring and even heartwarming(not to be cheesy). b)If I could change anything, I would enhance the level of difficulty of the coursework where it is needed. c) For me, the campus is just right. 11,000 students(6,500 of which are undergrad). I couldn't see myself at a smaller school or a larger school. d)Well, it depends on who you tell. If you tell fellow African Americans that you attend HU, some are impressed. If you tell some corporate figures, they may be impressed, that depends on their company's experience. If you tell an everyday Caucasian, they may 1) look at you in amazement as they initially think you say Harvard or 2) look at you in a dumbfound way as they have NO CLUE what or where HU is. e) As a business student, most of my time was spent in the School of Business or in my dorm, by preference and workload. For the other students, "The Yard" IS the chill spot. f)You could say "college town" because once you hit Howard territory, you KNOW you're on campus and the radio stations are abreast of Howard events etc. Other "competitors" could be considered Georgetown, American, etc...g)THE ADMINISTRATION SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE IT!!!!! I'm sure my peers can confirm this sentiment from 1989 to the present. (In 1989, the students protested, as they stood in front of the Administration building in large numbers until their needs were met. Historical moment and unfortunately, still needed to this day. (SAD FACE) h)Biggest recent controversy is difficult. Not to say we had plenty, but that question again is subject to one's interpretation. We receiving a new University President for the 2009 year and their selection is pivotal, but aside from that, I really couldn't tell you. i)I would say there IS a lot of school pride, but not athletically which is where it would mostly show. We don't have the best sports teams. Some are good, but they are few in numbers. j)I don't believe there is anything unusual about Howard besides the fact that it is a great institution(again, not unusual). Period. j)I'll never forget the relationships I established with my dorm floor(yes, the whole floor) freshman year. [NOTE TO FRESHMAN GIRLS: For the full dorm experience, you MUST, I repeat, YOU MUST stay in "The QUAD". It will do you an injustice if you don't]. We had extra dorm and floor spirit. During a dorm ceremony, we walked outside with a chant and a hand signal(NO GANG STUFF) which made the other girls follow suit. We were remembered for all we did that year i.e. getting in trouble from time to time as a floor(it was soooo much fun) having our own fashion show on the floor, creating our own runway with the drawers under our beds, dressing up the girls, and opening it to all other students and doing our chant at the Homecoming game that year. We were extra proud and truly enjoyed ourselves.(One of the greatest experiences of my life) k) the most frequent student complaints come from the Administration Building, as unqualified, non-professional employees treat the students horribly in our time of need.

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