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What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Cascade, CSA, Football, Tennis


-Most popular orgs; Blue Crew, Gospel Choir, Cheerleaders, Bisonettes, Oh La La's, Fraternities/Sororities, and State clubs. -I am involved with the Women as Change Agents mentorship. My mentors are so helpful and supportive. They give me a lot of advice, and I really appreciate what they do for me. There are also group wide meetings that I love to go to. -Howard students love Homecoming, the Morehouse game, and the Hampton game. -Some people party every weekend. There is always something going on. -You can do anything you want off's DC.


-Most popular orgs; Blue Crew, Gospel Choir, Cheerleaders, Bisonettes, Oh La La's, Fraternities/Sororities, and State clubs. -I am involved with the Women as Change Agents mentorship. My mentors are so helpful and supportive. They give me a lot of advice, and I really appreciate what they do for me. There are also group wide meetings that I love to go to. -Howard students love Homcoming, the Morehouse game, and the Hampton game. -Some people party every weekend. There is always something going on. -You can do anything you want off's DC.


Howard has a very wide variety of student groups and activities to become involved with. The University Campus Pals are popular amongst the freshmen, as they help them move in and become acclimated to the college scene. The "Blue Crew" is also a popular group, as they help cheer on the sports teams during games and sometimes travel with them in support. There are plenty of other organizations as well dealing with religious life, Greek life, sports, state clubs and other aspects of school. At Howard there is pretty much an organization for anything that you can think of. This makes it easier to find people who have similar interests as you and helps you feel as though you "fit in."


Howard has a very wide variety of student groups and activities to become involved with. The University Campus Pals are popular amongst the freshmen, as they help them move in and become acclimated to the college scene. The "Blue Crew" is also a popular group, as they help cheer on the sports teams during games and sometimes travel with them in support. There are plenty of other organizations as well dealing with religious life, Greek life, sports, state clubs and other aspects of school. At Howard there is pretty much an organization for anything that you can think of. This makes it easier to find people who have similar interests as you and helps you feel as though you "fit in."


The frats and sororities also SGA. But also various clubs such as the California Club.


The most popular student groups are the ones that focus on community service, and there are plenty to choose from. The most popular activity is Homecoming. It's the most exciting time of the year, next to graduation. Athletic events are not well attended because our teams do not win as much. Whenever there are celebrities or important national figures visiting campus, you can guarantee a packed auditorium/stadium/building/etc. Every event is a party. There is usually a DJ and dancing during every intermission. Students party hard every weekend, and sometimes during the week. There is about a 2 to 1 ratio of girls to guys on campus, so not many people date. Some relationships do blossom, though. Friendships are strongest during frosh years, afterwards students become busy with classwork and extracurriculars. There are plenty of activities to do off campus, like poetry ciphers, concerts, museums, parks, and movies.


1.) Howard University is known for its student organizations and activities. The most popular organizations would have to be divine nine fraternities and sororities, academic organizations (ex. Mock Trial), community service organizations (ex. NAACP), and the well known state clubs (ex. Cali Club). I have been involved in community service organizations and the California Club. Howard University has a club for anything you want to do, whether it be social, for fun, or for service. 2.) Howard University is not located in the best of areas, so students typically will not leave their dorm doors open. 3.) Athletics are not very big at Howard University, many students will only go the sporting events to see the dance teams or Howard University Showtime Marching band perform. Guest speakers are very big at Howard. Howard regularly has big named speakers (ex. Bill Cosby, Michelle Obama), and frequently has surprise speakers, that will come and speak in classrooms (ex. John Legend). 4.) Dating scene at Howard is a little messy; Howard has about seven girls to every guy, so a lot of the time you will find a guy dating more than one female around campus. 5.) Procrastination is a common theme at Howard, so if I am awake at 2am on a Tuesday I am probably eating take out and trying to finish an assignment due the next day, just like many of my fellow classmates. 6.) Howard has a lot of yearly events the biggest ones being the famous Howard University Homecoming week, ResFest (where the dorms compete against each other in various events), Spring Fashion Show, Commencement ( famous speakers each year.) , and Probates ( induction of new members into divine nine frats and sororities). 7.) Howard is a very big party school and many students will make up any excuse to party. It is not rare to have individuals who party Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It is also not rare to have people partying in the middle of campus on a sunny day. Many students are also seen frequently in the DC nightlife. You should never be bored on the weekends if you attend Howard. 8.) Fraternities and Sororities are very important on Howard’s campus. The divine nine are the original Black fraternities and sororities, and they are taken very seriously, they are not your traditional frats and sororities, they are more about brotherhood and sisterhood (although they still party, if not harder than most students). Howard also has many community service fraternities and sororities also, that are really respected on campus. 9.) If you do not drink you can do research and find things to do, it is a college campus there is bound to be others who do not drink, and you are in Washington DC one of the most known cities in the nation, you are bound to find things you enjoy that do not require you to drink. 10.) There are a lot of things to do off campus if you are 21, DC caters to the 21plus crowd, if you are not there are still things you can do such as downtown, visit the monuments go to Bus Boy’s and Poets, and many more things.


Greek life runs the yard. Outside of that, honor fraternities, business fraternities, religious organizations, and organizations that give back to the community are all common.


I am a sophomore and I live in Meridian which is an off campus co-ed dorm about 10 minutes from campus. It is nicknamed the "ebony sex palace". But don't be alarmed, everyone that lives there isn't doing outrageous things. I don't drink or smoke and I'm not really a club person. My friends and I really like shopping at Pentagon city mall, going to the movies in Chinatown, or going out to eat. I meet my closest friend and current roommate through my freshman year roommate. I met other people through my team (School of Business) and by joining orgs and through other people. The most important thing you should do is go to the white house. I mean you live in the nation's capital. Explore a little. :)


African Students' Association Carribean Students Assocication


The campus has a wide array of student activities and groups. As far as popularity goes, the fraternities and sororities are pretty popular. Campus pals is also very popular. The football team is most popular sports team in my opinion.


No, but really. Everyone is involved in student organizations. That's just another aspect of the competitive spirit of Howard, I suppose. Freshman year, you'll treat your dorm like a gang or sect. At the end of spring semester Res(idence)Fest will be like the ultimate gang war: Dorm v. Dorm. There is an organization for just about any interest or hobby. From state clubs, to greek organizations, to honor societies and community service clubs. Student government is also very popular. There are plenty options from HUSA (Howard University Student Association) to student councils.


Howard University is the birthplace of five of the Divine 9 Black Greek Organizations, so greek life thrives on our campus. Student government also plays an important role. Atheltic events are fun, even though our sports team doesn't win much. Most people just go to see our band, or cheerleaders. There are literally hundreds of student organizations at HU. I'm pretty active on campus, amd I always find something to do! Howard is also very big on parties. Bison study hard and party hard. There is almost always some kind of social event or panel discussion going on at HU. Of course our homecoming events are also very popular, and draw huge crowds annualy from all around the country.


The great thing about our school is that you can get involved in any and everything. There are Greek organizations, career related organizations (American Marketing Association, Endustry Power Players (entertainment industry), etc.). For those really interested in service there are multiple opportunities to get involved in the community, and for those interested in politics SGA is for you. While we work hard and get involved on campus, you really get a unique experience your freshman year. Beyond the house parties and clubs, you can participate in Rest Fest, which is a battle of the dorms in sports, dance, step, and debate. It's a fun way to meet some of your closest friends. You will spend hours practicing and really getting to know your fellow teammates. Sports and intramurals are also a way to get involved and stay active on campus. You'll get the most experiences with the friends you make. Beyond my on campus and off campus involvement, I really had the most fun and the best learning experiences through the adventures with my friends. We met freshman year on move-in day. You have a week prior to starting school where you are given a campus pal and you do different exciting activities. This first week is where you'll meet many other students outside of your general environment.


So, Howard is known as the Alpha chapters of the Divine 9 and many other Greek letter fraternities and sororities. Greek life is highly competitive on our campus and is something that most people strive for starting freshman year. If one is not necessarily looking to be Greek there are so many other things to get involved with. We have a radio station that is 24/7 365 and student run (I am the current General Manager) we have a published newspaper which is online and prints twice a week (the Hilltop), dorm organizations, and so many other things. Many students enjoy regular night life of going over to Georgetown, sometimes Adams Morgan, Columbia heights, or just the regular house parties that are always going on. There is always something to do at Howard, so boredom is NEVER an option.


Campus life is how you make it. There are a lot of activities for students to participate on and off campus if they have the time. Howard homecoming is infamous, although I wouldn't say there was a big emphasis on sports in general. The dating scene can be a little stale for women as they outnumbered men 7:1 when I went there.


Student government known as HUSA is the biggest group on campus, while attaining a position on the campus newspaper the Hilltop is equally prestigious. Howard is home to the Divine Nine, a group of fraternities and sororities which have a very strong presence on campus. On weekends, you will find thousands of flyers for house parties, club parties, and the like strewn across walkways, lampposts, and bulletin boards. Aside from that, it's pretty difficult to find something to do on campus if you are not into the party scene. There is plenty to do in the city however - shopping in Georgetown, movies in Chinatown, and there are the Smithsonian museums and monuments on the Mall which is an essential experience for any student in the District to have.


There is always something to do on or around Howard's campus. The athletic events are pretty popular. The marching band performs and the teams play their hardest (sometimes to no avail). There are always shows and concerts going on. You can walk to Adams Morgan from campus and listen to some jazz or go to a bar or a club. There are always club parties pretty much everyday out of the week. The Greek life on Howard's campus is very strong being that the Alpha Chapter of most of the Divine 9 are at Howard. But other fraternities and sororities also do a lot around campus. There is Phi Sigma Pi, Delta Sigma Pi, Tau Beta Sigma, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Mu Alpha, Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Phi Omega, Alpha Nu Omega, Gamma Sigma Sigma, and so many more. There are also so many more activities/clubs on Howard's campus including The Gospel Choir, the Jazz Choirs (Afro Blue and A Whole Lotta Jazz), Gentlemen of Drew and Ladies of the Quad Social Clubs, the NAACP, NSBE, etc.


Like I stated before there is always something to do. There is a club for everyone to join because it is just that many and one truly has to have the same interest that you do. The social life is great. There is always something to do. You can count on having club and house parties every weekend if thats something that you want to do. Also as a freshmen you don't have to worry about not having a car because a shuttle will probably pick you up in fornt of the freshmen dorm to take you to the club. If your not a person who likes to party thats fine just hop on the metro and you can find plenty of other things to do in the city such as going to musems or just sight seeing. What ever you desire trust me its here.


Besides the Greeks, of course, one of the most popular organizations on campus is this group known as the Campus Pals. This organization is devoted to mentoring the freshmen and making sure they start their semester off with a blast! I love being apart of the Mecca Mob!! This organization is devoted to supporting Howard's athletics. We attend all of the games and cheer on our team. Our support makes a difference in the pace of the's always OUR pace!! Some of the dorms can be real secluded because they're suits, so in order to socialize, students often keep their doors open to their suit to let others know they're welcomed. In the athletics department, depending on the game, some sports are more popular than others. It's the same way with the plays and theater acts, attendance is usually determined by what's being showcased. However, Howard always has great guest speakers, so that's always sold out!! Unfortunately, the dating scene at Howard is pretty casual. Not too many people have boyfriends/girlfriends. People tend to have something that is known as a "boo". A boo is a person who is looking for a good time, not a title. I randomly met the greatest girls in the world one night when we were on our way to the club. We were talking about our freshmen expierence and discovered that we stayed in the same buliding, and we've been sisters every since!! Facebook is addictive!! If I'm up at 2am, which I usually am, I'm always logged on's part of the college experience!! Greeks are extremely important on Howard's campus. Howard is the alpha chapter of seven of the Divne Nine. They demand respect and recognition....besides they are the FIST!! Friday night is usually my party night. Saturday is always girls night out!! My friends and I usually shop, eat, then catch a movie. A majority of the shopping, eating out, and partying takes place off campus. So, basically we do everything off campus....we even have dorms off campus!!


There's groups for everyone. Some people will try and transform themselves just to fit in to certain groups and organizations. Most of the people involved in groups, allow that group to define who they are... Don't just leave your doors open in dorms. It's just not a good idea. Athletic events aren't that popular. Football's probably the most popular, but it's still not that exciting. We do have al ot of guest speakers and special events, but they usually aren't highly publicized, so you always have to keep your ears and eyes open or you may miss out. A lot of people date and hook up, but relationships aren't that big. I met my closest friends freshman year living in the freshman girl's dorm, but I always am meeting new people too. Homecoming's obviously the biggest event, and it's always fun, but doesn't always meet everyone's expectations. Greek Life is a pretty big deal, seeing as how we have a lot of alpha chapters, but it seems like its more for association than actual activism. This past weekend, I went to a bar with my friends, went shopping and out to eat, chilled at the house, and contemplated the club. There's plenty of things to do besides drink, it just depends what you're into. I work off campus, go to the malls, go out to eat and drink, hang out with non-Howard friends, go to concerts and other special events, etc.


A lot of greek sorities and Fraternities were started at HU therefore they are a very big aspect of life at Howard. There are also a lot of concerts and activities that occur throughout the year. Guest speakers are always here as well. Howard is located in a college town also so there are things to do at other schools as well.


Greek life plays a nig role on the campus. Students support teams but they are not very successful. From presidential candidates to music moguls, the campus is always flocking with students. On a saturday, there are so many things to do. You can go out to Chinatown or the movies or to a club.


Most of the Divine Nine (the preeminent black fraternities and sororities) were founded at Howard, so Greeks have an imposing presence on campus. A lot of people strategically join certain organizations to get in the good graces of certain Greeks. There's a healthy party scene, with at least a few house parties within walking distance each weekend. Fliers for club parties are a familiar sight under dorm doors. For people who don't like to party, there are plenty of on-campus events and arts & culture things to find in D.C. There are all kinds of numbers floating around about the male-to-female ratio, but it's understood that women far outnumber men, and many say this has a negative effect on the dating prospects for women.


Sororities and Faternities are the most elite and sacred groups on campus. It depends on when dorm on stays in. In some dorms all the rooms are on the hall so it's kind of like a forced open door policy but in some dorms there are suites so, it's more isolated. I met my closest friends in high school. If i'm awake at 2am I'm probably on facebook or studying, or watching a movie. Homecoming is a big thing that happends each year, and Res Fest where each dorm compete's in several games against other dorms. We just had a guest speaker, Angela Davis. Bill Cosby, Barack Obama, and many others also came this year. D.C. has a life of it's own, there are many clubs one could attend, Chinatown, Goeorgetown, and Adams Morgan is close by. One can always go to a restaurantm a jazz show, a museum, a play or something. There is a lot to do in this city.


a) The most popular groups or campus are Greek affiliated. Whether they are academically, service, or socially oriented, one is sure to be proud of an affiliation with either. b)I was involved with a much smaller group which was tailored towards insurance students, of which we had few. My experience does not give an accurate depiction of what it is like campus-wide. c)No. A student should NEVER leave his or her things open in their dorms. I did, once I was opened up to my floor, but that was only when I was on the floor during the time when I may not have been in my room. d) Athletic events are not as popular. e) Speakers on the other hand are as Barack Obama spoke at the 141st Convocation for the University for 2007. That was important for obvious reasons. Theater is in between as the students in the Fine Arts School often put on events. I am unsure as to the attendance of most of their events. f) I'm unsure, I dated, but do not think I can give an accurate recurrence of that situation either on behalf of the University. g) I met my closest friends by holding them from high school and carrying them to college with me. The newer come from our participation in similar activities. h)If I'm awake at 2am, I'm probably eating the pizza I ordered while hurriedly writing a 10 page paper due the following day next to some peers in the same situation, Lol! i) Lots, too many to point out...I'm sure there's something for everyone. j) People party d$^m near everyday. Students are always ready to have fun, k)Fraternities and Sororities are extremely important as 5 of the Divine 9 were founded at the Historical University. l) We'll discuss that shortly, as I no longer attend the University as of a month ago) m) Anything. It's DC and options are limitless. Find somewhere you want to be and just go!(the freedom of being in college) n) I did whatever I wanted off campus. To list things wouldn't begin to give an idea as they are so random. I just...did.


The social life is the best part of Howard's campus. Why? Because there is so many people who are fun, goal-oriented, unique, and just cool. I have met many interesting people at Howard University and plan to continue meeting such wonderful people. I have met people who promote different venues for different clubs around the DC area, met and connected with people who govern our student body, met people who just make me laugh and much more. As a busy person that I am, I have seen and heard it all. A new club just opened and the promoter wanted me to be there. No problem. A new event was posted in the Hilltop for Black History Month and needed volunteers. I spread the word around or asked how many people they needed and what time to be there. Sure there are many things to do at Howard. Are you a Poli Sci major, love politics, and are intrigued by the Presidential Election, then join College Dems or College Reps? These are some of the slogans and messages that get tossed around whether through WHBC Channel 51 (student radio show and broadcast), The Hilltop (daily and only black collegiate newspaper printed daily), through events posted on Facebook, or by word of mouth. I am currently part of a great organization on Howard: the National Council of Negro Women. It is a great organization and I am very proud of what we have done this year so far. We have staged programs geared to the Howard community: True Life: I'm a Freshman, I'm a Black Woman, I'm a Black Man; helping the community through tutoring neighboring DCPS Cardozo Senior High School; volunteering for the AIDS Walk and Helping the Homeless Walk and many other things. There is something for everyone here at Howard. Student government, community service, state clubs, National Honor Societies, Community service Sororities and Fraternities, Departmental clubs and organizations, Sororities and Fraternities, sports, intermural sports, health clubs, national memberships to service organizations, Non-profit groups, theater, dance, campus ambassador, tour guide, Homecoming Steering Committee volunteer or chair coordinator, and many more. There is really no excuse to not join and be a part of something great. The best part of Howard: Homecoming!!! Yes, that's right. Everyone wants to be about it, a part of it, and continuously talk about it when fall arrives. And even before the next year, so we can outdo last year! I love it faithfully. As Howard was mentioned as part of Ludacris song ft. Bobby Valentino, "Pimping All Over the World" with the most famous line "...not to miss the Homecomings at Howard", it gave Howard more of a edge. As known for having the most outrageous parties and vendors and for having big celebs such as Tyson Beckford, LL Cool J, Ludacris, Ice Cube, and many others, people just simply love our Homecoming. Is it because Howard University is the Mecca of HBCU's or is it because we do it bigger and better like no other campus around. Whatever it is, Howard has got it. Howard has produced many bright scholars, doctors, thespians, actors, writers, researchers, and many other professions. It is why the legacy of Howard continues and thrives since its birth in March 1867. As a person who loves to know what is going on around campus, I read the Hilltop daily and love the comic pieces. I enjoy being in a great organization (NCNW) and School of Business (no matter how many times I have to dress conservatively for an interview and deal with the gruesome/tiresome/stress-related courseload). But I do love it. There is always something to do every weekend and every week whether that be partying at the best club on the planet (LOVE Nightclub) or participating in the can food drive or Stop-the-Violence Benefit or being part of the Blood Drive or being on the yard (non-stop chilling) or whatever. Just get involved and be part of Howard's legacy!