Howard University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Howard University?


I brag most about the community atmosphere and environment that promotes togetherness and unity.


Howard University is the Mecca. It is one of the first Historically Black Universities in America. Howard University is home to many profound students and alumni. To date, Howard University is one of only 48 U.S. private, doctoral/research-extensive universities and produces more on-campus African American Ph.D.s than any other university in the world. It is an honor to be a part of this legacy and tradition of academic and professional greatness.


Although it is a Historically Black University, the diversity is more than you think. Students from all over the world. The tradition and cultural awareness is great!


I brag the most by saying Howard Univeristy produces the most black doctors than any other school. Saying that everyone here is friendly and this environment is none like any other college campus out there. By saying that Howard University is THE Mecca of black education.


The openness of the school, and how interactive it is. I love the fact that you can make it as far as you want and be as successful as you want at the University, all you need is a work ethic that matches your ambition.


Our homecoming is always very fun.


I brag most about the historical significane of Howard University. This historically black college is one of the leading HBCU's in the country and continues to educated and prepare African American students to be global leaders.


The campus life and the opportunities we're given here.


I mostly brag about the opportunities my school has to offer.


Howard University's reputation for molding successful Black men and women precedes itself. While these success stories make for good bragging rights on their own, I mostly brag about the frequence with which successful Bisons and otherwise visit campus to give inspirational speeches or just to "hang" on the Hilltop. My firends still cannot hear enough about former President Bill Clinton's address at this year's (May 2013) convocation.