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What is your overall opinion of Howard University?

Is Howard University a good school?

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I already feel as though I have made life long friends here, people whom I really connect with and can relate to. Coming from Ghana well known for its ethnic diversity, I was a bit worried that by going to an HBCU I wouldn't get that same environment, however Howard is diverse in many ways as well. A majority of the students are African American, however there are many students from around the globe, and I found the best thing was that everybody is diverse in thought, and through their experiences.


I think its a great school to experience the culture and


I absolutely love HOWARD!


They provide an excellent educational system here with many things to do on and off campus, however, I feel as though, even as a historically black university, they are too racially sensitive.


Overall, I think Howard provides a unique experience that honestly I'm not sure I could receive anywhere else during my college career. The faculty at Howard University have spent substantial time in the career fields in which they are now classroom instructors on. Therefore they know exactly the right material to teach their students so that they are accurately prepared for the real world. I myself am a journalism major. My journalism professors are currently employed by different news outlets and occasionally call on students to help them with their professional assignments. Also, Howard teaches you the value of being persistent and hungry to learn - inside and outside the classroom. The hunger for success becomes a part of your character before you even realize it. That persistence and drive can never steer you wrong nowadays. Lastly, with Howard being located literally five minutes away from the heart of Washington, D.C., our nation's capital, students have a plethora of access and opportunities available to them. As a student, you have to make your college experience a memorable one. You can do the basics and attend class and return to your dorm, or you can utilize every minute of free time to expand your resume and become a vastly cultured and informed individual. Howard reminds you of the the power you have, even if you didn't know it yourself and encourages you to use that power to it's fullest capability.


I love my school. I meet a lot of new and interesting people and am granted opportunities everyday that I know I would not be given anywhere else. Howard teaches you to be an adult as well as the importance of networking. At my time in Howard I have met celebrities, networked with many important people in my field of interest and also have had a great college experience. There is a great balance between fun and academics here and I would not trade it for the world.


I absolutely love Howard. It's small, but I feel like I get a better learning experience because my classes are never too large, it's so easy to have multiple one on one conversations with department chairs, teachers, etc. Howard does have some administration issues in terms of organization, but as long as you pull your weight, the school will come through for you in terms of opportunities and scholarships.


Best thing: The student body, we are so diverse and it's great. Would Change: The Financial aid staff Size is just right Oohhh you go to howard?! (impressed look) I spend my time in the undergraduate library or Blackburn Definitely a college town, there are too many schools in dc to count There's tons of school pride. HU...YOU KNOW!!! (Howard hand)


My overall opinion about this school is that it isn't everything that it is cracked up to be. If I had to name one thing to change, it would have to be the administration. The administration at Howard doesn't have its priorities straight. They are very unorganized and very slow when it comes to helping students with registration and other processes such as financial aid. The school isn't overcrowded, and for such a small campus, I'm very surprised. The only time it's ever crowded is during homecoming. But I don't like the location of the campus. The neighborhood that surrounds Howard isn't the safest. It's filled with drunks and derelicts. I'm not saying that you'll be attacked every time you set foot off campus, just go in groups.


My overall opinion is that Howard will be the type of school and experience you make it into. No one at Howard gives you ANYTHING. There are a great number of hidden opportunities but you must search for them on your own. The school is very competitive in all aspects. (i.e. academics, internships, picking classes lol)