Howard University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who thrives on an atmosphere full of cultural and ethnic diversity should not attend Howard. Most of the students are African-American but they come from various backgrounds. There is a small percentage of Asians, whites, Hispanics.


Everyone should go to Howard. The unique thing about Howard is that there is a place for everyone, and there is always something someone will like.


If you have no dreams and aspirations in life you should not attend this school.


A person who is lazy or an introvert. You need to be able to network and put forth a decent amount of effort in order to succeed at this school.


If you need to be guided by someone through every problem Howard is not the place for you


Anyone that is not used to or is uncomfortable with being around a lot of African American students because it is a historically black university.


Friendly people who are willing to work hard and gain a valuabe experience in what is black and what it means to be black. This school is not for the weak hearted.


A passive person should not attend this school. Howard forces you to be assertive to get the things and information you want and need. Students who expect to get these things without struggle should not attend Howard.


Person should not attend Howard University if they are not socialble


A person should only attend Howard if you are a go-getter. I say this because every student at Howard is on the path to success. Each student has an entrpreneur mindset, which motivates them to pursue their own business ventures. With so many students doing great things, it's competitive to go out for jobs or internships. It's best to distiniguish yourself from the beginning.


Anyone who is lazy, undetermined, and just wants to party should NOT attend this school. Yes this is a party school, but we know the balance between partying and studying. If you don't know that or don't have any self control, you shouldn't come.


Anyone who is looking to breeze through college and not work for their degree should not attend Howard University.


I don't feel as though there is a specific kind of person who shouldn't attend this school. Howard University has the capability of taking any type of person and bringing out their best potential and motivating them to be the best that they can be and successful in everything that they do. From it's students, to the faculty, to the alumni, there is constant encouragement, support, and motivation, and whenever you start to doubt yourself or feel overwhelmed they are there to pick you back up.


If you are timid, afraid to speak up for yourself, and passive about what you want to do with your life, and are not service minded then you should not attend Howard University.


A person who is introverted should not attend Howard University. In order to thrive here, you must be extremely ambitious and outgoing.


Students who are not self motivated. Other than that, Howard is a great school for everyone!


The type of people who shouldn't attend Howard University are people who don't like following traditions, people who aren't go-getters or people who expect everything to be handed on a platter.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend Howard is the type of person who lacks motivation, passion, drive to be successful and on top. Every person at Howard University has something going for themselves as an individual and as a whole.




Despite many variations in ethnicities, style, sexual preference, interests, and personality traits, I believe any kind of person could attend Howard University. Howard Bison are a peculiar people who share a distinct love for each other, encourage individuality, and achieve their goals and dreams. Moreover, students who attend Howard learn the vitality of public service and success, two qualities that constitute well-rounded individuals. My school has helped transform me into the unparalleled, phenomenal woman I am destined to become. Thus, anyone who is not courageous enough to take chances and truly embrace their authenticity should not attend this school.


A person that is too conservative and is set in their ways or maybe they should attend, so they will be able to more open-minded about life.


I think that if you have never experienced being around large groups of Black students, it is a good place for you; However, if you aren't a social person, it isn't the place for you. I also think that if you have grown up around black people your whole life that you shouldn't go to Howard because you need to experience more cultures. If you are ready to be responsible and handle everything on your own, choose Howard. If you still need help with every detail of your life, you will have a few problems.


I feel that students who do not wish to be well cultured should not attend Howard University. Howard University carries so much history throughout the campus as well as diversity among the students. A student who is interested in attending Howard University must be willing to have an open mind in regards to the many experiences they will face. College is all about finding your niche and making your voice heard. Howard does just that by making various opportunities available to the students for advancement as long as they carry a go-getter attitude and are willing to take them.


The lazy, fun-objective only person does not fit the category of a successful Howard student. Education with the added benefit of building a legacy should be the main goals for Howard University students. However, getting a degree shouldn't be the only reason to want to attend here. A degree can be received any where but if you don't want to make something of yourself and break down barriers then you shouldn't attend this school.


Not sure.


The kind of person that should attend Howard University would be one who is willing to learn, become a leader, and expand their horizons. Howard University is not for close minded people. In order to prosper at this institution one has to be open to new people, challenges, and ways of learning. In addition, those afraid of change should not attend Howard University because it is a university that will ultimately change your way of thinking and how you view life. Although change may be frightening for some Howard University instills values in one that is for the better.


If someone is closed minded, racist, and not willing to expereience life at it's highest and lowest points.


Howard University is notorious for its impeccable networking opportunities. A prospective student should be advised good communication skills are required to attend this university. An individual that is introverted, lack communication skills or is anti-social should not attend Howard. Additionally, an individual who lacks organizational skills should not attend Howard University because this institution requires structured planning. Lastly, Howard is often times noted as a competitive university, therefore an individual who procrastinate should consider another institution of higher learning.


The type of person that shouldn’t attend this school is ones who don't have ambition and discipline to overcome hardships and obstacles.


A person who is majoring in any type of liberal arts field.


Students that are most interested in business, fashion and campaigns


The kind of person who shouldn't attend this school is someone who is solely focused on schoolwork or their social life. Howard University is for students who can balance both. We complete our work efficiently and play later. Also, if you are an introverted person and don’t want to change that, HU is not the place for you. Knowing people and gaining connections is what students learn the most besides our education. This is a key aspect of the students’ motto because that is how the real world is as well.


It's simple. Someone who is NO WHERE ready to expand their wings. Someone who still needs to be pushed. Someone whose middle name is "Cannot". Someone who refuses to make a change in others, let alone themselves. Someone who can't maintain partying and getting a 3.5 GPA or higher (because Howard University IS a REAL party school). Every "Someone" I have mentioned above shouldn't even be allowed admission into The Mecca. THE END.


Anyone who is not comfortable with mostly black population


A person that has not been around African-Americans from every level of the economic scale they might be uncomfortable with some of the students that attend Howard University. It's not so much the attitude but the ease with which they communicate their knowledge of economic education.


Howard University is definitely for most students of all capabilities and personalities. Those who are less suitable for this institution would be those who do not put in the effort and possess the leadership to be bearer of their own future. Those who are not social and do not get involved in campus activities will find this institution to be a disadvantage to them.


A person that does not work hard and diligently should not attend because professors want to see us succeed in all that we do. They know the importance of minority success in today's society. Expecting nothing but excellence, every student must demonstrate pose, character, and knowledge to do well in every class. Students that feel invincible to studying, attending classes, and good behavior usually drop out the first semester. A lethargic person would only waste time and money at Howard University.


A person who can lose their focus easily should not attend Howard University. Howard has a reputation for being a "party school". There are parties being held almost every day and are made affordable for college students. Because of that , students are more likely to go to parties more often.


Do not attend Howard University if your do not like African Studies. All students are required to take at least on African or African American studies class. If you are passionate about Mathematics, do not attend Howard University. Almost every one, including myself, complains that they find the math department lacking in enough teacher and teacher that are dedicated and teach well. Finally, do not attend if you do not mind being a number. Howard over admitts students and classes are so full that some students are not able to get into the classes they want due to filled seats.


Someone who does not like African Americans should not apply. Also if you are someone who is fearful of the urban atmosphere should not apply. If you are not independant as far as having student records and everything doing with paperwork togther you should reconsider., because you will run into an infinite amount of problems when dealing with Administration Building. And lastly anyone who is very passionate about furthering a career in any type of sport, because you will not go far.


Someone who doesn't like living in the city and someone who doesn't like cold weather.


A person that should not attend Howard University is a person that does not have ample self discipline and self control. The academics are very rigorous, and the social environment is a bit overwhelming which makes for a bad combination.


A type a person who should not attend Howard University is one that is not willing to be presistent about what he or she may want. For example, in order to get needed money or transfer credits and/or even get housing a person may have to go from one department to the other and back and forth. Other than that a person who doesn't like meeting fun people from all over the world and who isn't willing to just be free and express themselves and a person who is afraid to take risk should not attend HU.


I wouldn't suggest this school for somebody who is not a survivor. Howard University is a beastly competitive school in which only the strong can survive. Not only may you face struggles academically and socially, but working with the administration may prove to be a hassle, as well. Anyone who isn't thorough and determined that their plans go accordingly should not apply to this school. Someone who easily gives up or can be broken by a few mishaps, would most likely fair better at a different university.


Howard University is a research institution. If you are not ready for a rigorous course load or ready to push yourself to be the best that you can be, then you need not apply. Howard University is looking for the best and the brightest students to continue to uphold Howard's rich history.


A person that needs a lot of guidance.


I don't think there any specific type of person that should attend this school because everyone is so diverse.


A student who is not willing to step outside of his or her comfort zone should not attend Howard University. Students who are not confident or career-ready should not attend this school. Also, if you are uncomfortable with being surrounded by social organizations, Howard is not the school for you. However, if you?re looking to network or jumpstart your career, this school is a great stepping stone.


All are welcome. Nobody should be exempted.


Anybody that wants to have the experience of attending a historically black university. I think Howard is also a great place for anybody that wants to be in a city like setting but more at a small scale and not as busy as New York or Chicago.