Hudson Valley Community College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I have chosen to study Electrical Construction and Maintenance and to obtain an AOS degree because I am very interested in the electrical field. In 2011, I came in United State of America as a permanent resident from Togo West Africa. As a high school student in Togo I study electrical theory and working with the French Humanitarian Organization, Yil Agency, installing PV for water wells and electricity to rural village in West Africa. In addition, completed three semesters in the electrical construction and Maintenance .


I wish i had known there was no social life. This college is a community school, which means it is a commuting college. Students go from class to class minding their own business not bothering to get involved. I thought by involving myself in sports would solve the problem. It hardly made an impact. I wish the school would revamp and create the educational setting so that the students had to interact with one another more.


I wish I had already known what career I wanted to pursue; I could have streamlined my school experience a bit more.