Humboldt State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Students here are very friendly , every one smiles at each other and say good morning even though they might not know you. It is very diverse culture wise but its a great thing because this allows me to be my self and have a great collage experience.


Very friendly group of people.


The students are of a wide variety of individuals, driven to further their academic career.


They were helpful, fun loving, and serious when we needed to get to work on our projects or studies.


Generally open-minded and unique individuals, there are always exceptions at all colleges.


All the students in HSU are layed back and very nice. They are hippy-ish but most of the people are very nice.


Humboldt is full of characters....In the history department we are always cracking history jokes during lecture (and taking notes of course). We are incredibly devoted to becoming better researchers, better students, better people. There is a lot of laughter here at Humboldt, but there is also the time to be serious. Students are generally serious about their course work and about their major. Most students are also involved in more than one outside activity. Student organizations are everywhere. Students here are proud of their work, in and out of the classroom.


My classmates are friendly, resourceful, interactive and full of potential.


My classmates were very prominent on learning the teacher's information and then giving their own opinions to start discussions on topics in class.


Passionate about what they do.


Active, resourceful, open minded and social, as well as possible friends for a lifetime.


Strong willed students to take care to get quality out of their education.


Pay attention to what your instrutor tells you--if you don't pay attention well in class get a cheap digital voice recorder.


Coming from an area of SoCal where the population was mostly mexican, I was really shocked to see so many white people at first! There are a lot of black students too; it's nice that they have their niche on campus. Most people here are very left-wing, so if you're conservative, be prepared for a lot of debate. I thought the campus would have a lot of hippies, but the population is a mixture of a lot of different groups. The biggest group I notice are the weird kids. The two most common places that I hear Humboldt students are from are San Diego and the Bay Area.


My class mates are very intelligent, hands on, positive, friendly, and spiritual people who have a lot of appreciation and enthusiasm for the field of study that they are in, this beautiful planet, and the life that they lead.


Very enthusiastic and outgoing, all my classmates have been very nice and friendly and don't interrupt when someone else is talking, they are very kind and amazing individuals


A diverse group of smart individuals who are usually very nice and helpful.


The best way to describe my classmates in the anthropology department would be to say that we all worked together to learn the material and help each other succeed in the classes.


My classmates are made up from every race, religion, and background.


My classmates are all very different and all the ones I have met have been incredibly friendly!


Very Friendly and very open minded


Very intelligent, environmentally and socially conscious people, that smoke alot of pot, most of which will make a mark in their respected fields


Classmates are fun, diverse, active and somewhat intellactual.




Similar to me. Many people that attend have similar views and aspirations.


Open minded kind people.


Very friendly, outgoing and very open to helping others.


Liberal, or silent Conservatives