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The most unique thing about my school is valued grately by many people, it's the level of acceptance/tolerance that our students and faculty have for eachother. Just because one expresses themselves differently doesn't indicate a GPA or Major


Whats unique about Humboldt State is it's probaly one of the most diverse college campus I know of. Its full of all types of ethnicities, religions, ideas, and styles all compiled into one big melting pot on campus. Being in a remote but visually beautiful area it creates a peaceful atmosphere that many students thrive academically in. Living in a small town makes everthing close as you get to know all the people in town and on campus making it feel like home when I come back to school and the town with all the familiar faces.


The people of Humboldt County largely conform to stereotype: this place is full of hippies. That said, the people here are some of the most open-minded, accepting people I have ever met. It does not matter what kind of person you are, there is someone who will be your friend. There are more dreadlocks per square mile here than any other place in the world except perhaps Jamaica. Everybody plays Ultimate Frisbee. You frequently see people dancing with hula hoops and tight-rope walking between trees. It's like a circus here. It is lively and fun and friendly.


The overall environment and the nice people in it. Just imagine walking in a town where just about everyone is nice. From the beautiful weather to the exotic forest humboldt really allows a person to enjoy themselves. Now something I would have to say stands out as being unique about my school is the stairs. There is no need to go to the gym because humboldt state university contains a lot of them and gives a person an overall workout from climbing them. Humboldt summing it all up is a very enjoyabe place to be.


I cannot believe how green Humboldt State is, there are millions of different trash and recylce cans all over the campus. I greatly unique because I was used to schools with one trash can where everyone threw their trash. Its amazing how the Humboldt is commited to making our planet greener.


"Only at Humboldt" are words you hear a lot here at Humboldt State University. Here students give trees hand knit sweaters in the winter, here a man walks around campus with a pet goat. Here you see students zippy around the cruddy hilly streets in the pouring rain. Here people always are smiling and discussing all sorts of current events whether they be political, economical, artistic, cultural, athletic, etc. Students at Humboldt are very unique, loving, environmental and opinionated. There is never a dull moment here at Humboldt State University.


Compared to other schools I thought about going to, Universiy of Arizona has such a spirit and big community about it that even though it's a big school, everyone is connected in some way because of the schools spirit.


Humboldt State offers what none of the Universities of California can- hundreds of miles of beautiful, untouched oceanfront transitioning to towering canopies of redwood and spruce trees within a stone's throw of the Pacific Ocean. Arcata is the quintessential college town; a tiny city populated by a huge artisan and agricultural community rich in history and culture. With a small student body, professors have the ability to get to know each and every student individually, something rarely found at the larger CSUs and UC's.


Humboldt is unique in many ways. On campus, there is a fish hatchery and a wildlife game pen to aid in rehabilitation of mammals and oiled birds. Because HSU is so close to the coast, students can access the Marine Laboratory at Trinidad beach. It is also the only CSU to have a sea vessal dedicated to undergraduate research. All these characteristics makes Humboldt an amazing university for science majors. It is also well known for campus wide projects dedicated for sustainability. All of these reasons makes Humboldt State a truly unique university.


very student oriented and a wonderful place to live. Small college town.


people look you in the eye and smile. and not everyone has a cell phone. that says something about the quality of connections people have on campus.


Very environmental and senstitive to different thoughts.


Humboldt strong liberal arts program, low class size, cost-effectiveness and progressive history stood out amongst the other Universities I considered for undergraduate study.


It was very environmentally conscious and was in a part of California that I had never been to.


It's pretty isolated (which isn't a good thing), but everyone is very friendly. I came here after being fed-up with the southern California university I had attended.


It's about as far away as I could get from home without leaving the contiguous U.S.


I think the biggest thing that i think seperated Humboldt from other schools was that it was the very things i love about the college. It is a smaller campus, and the people here are very interested in being environmentally responsible.


it's very small and in a very different enviroment then the schools i applied to in southern california