Humboldt State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The quality of the education I have received is stellar. The classes are interesting and challenging, and the material is engaging. The teachers are knowledgeable and they clearly convey the information, making it easy to not only learn the material, but also to retain it and apply it to real life situations.


How diverse, economically responsible and friendly, and creative it is. I love that they are so accepting of everyone and there is always something going on; something new to learn about the Earth or social activism.


I brag about how beautiful the campuse is where all you can see is green tall trees and hear brids sing, I also tell them that Humboldt State University is a great college to go to weather you are studing Biology, Art, Buissness, or any other major this school is truly amazing with small classes and haveing that one on one attention from the teachers it really helps. Not to mention all the outdoor adventures you can do up here.


I tell every friend that will listen that going to a school with fewer students makes all the difference. At first I planned to go to a school with 36,000 students, then switched to a school with less than 7,000. It has made all the difference and all of my teachers know my name.


The experience I got in my classes in the Wildlife major. Lots of hands-on in the field experience.


The research opportunities and the forest


I brag about how all my professors know who I am and that we are located in the most beautiful scenery California has to offer!


I live in the redwoods on the northern Californian coast, the crowd is leberal and progressive.


the quality of education I receive.


I don't. I really hate this school.


I tell them how oftne I am enjoying the outdoors and seeing live music.


the awesome surroundings and the way people are.


How pretty the surrounding areas are


I love how close knit the community is here. The school is small so you make friends easier, and the proffessor knows you by first name. Smaller classes make me feel more comfortable than a large lecture hall, and working in groups in class is very common. People take the time to help you when you have a problem and you never feel out of place. Also, the environmentally conscious mindset is what i love most about Humboldt State University.


There's a forest near by. It's a small place but very nice. It's a very chill atmesphere. You meet vey interesting characteres.