Humboldt State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


What I consider the worst thing at HSU is the amount of stairs you have to climb everyday, especially if you have an early class. The stairs help keepone in shape for sure, but waking up to four sets of stairs to get from the dorms to the university square is a little tiring.


The worst thing is how many classes are being cut. The school keeps raising tuition and cutting programs and classes which limits what a person can accomplish at the school. The school does not offer a nursing program, law degree program or medical program.


We have been affected severely by budget cuts thanks to the CSU system, including cuts of major/graduate programs, financial aid benefits, classes and lectures, professors, all leading up to larger classes, which WAS much of the allure of Humboldt State, (meaning the smaller classes,) but now they aren't so small. Not huge, but not small, and many of the lecture halls aren't built for the recent influx of people to HSU, so the classrooms are more crowded. Lots of HSU students refuse to bathe/wash their hair. You can understand.


The worst thing about HSU is the limited parking space. If you have a vehicle the parking permit is more than $150 dollars per semester. If any freshmen are planning to live on campus I would recommend they save thier money to spend with thier friends. The transit system is free and it will take you anywhere, even the mall. Otherwise, there is always gonna be someone out there who didn't get my advice; hitch a ride from them.


Living in the dorms. One, it is hard to escape the campus bubble when everything you need is right in front of you, food, library, classes and home. However, at least the forest is next door to take a relaxing walk in and escape for a bit. Two, I do not like living under house rules. Of course the rules are nothing ridiculously obscure, but all the basics. And three, there are a lot of messy people that leave the community areas a wreck and the whole building gets fined if no one confesses it was their mess.


It's hard to schedule classes into a workable scedule. many class time are back to back or all at the same time.


Way too much drug use, timeliness means nothing thats why people call it Humboldt time. On average everyone is at least 15 minutes late for everything and those are the people who don't smoke pot. It's a poor school in a beautiful setting with no employment outlook and a terrible economy. The only two things keeping the economy afloat are the income from the University and the income from the well known pot growing industry. That is Humboldt county in a nut shell!


What I consider to be the worst thing about my school is the location. I love the location because it is beautiful and it suits me very well, but becuase it is somewhat secluded, it is very difficult to find jobs and affordable housing. Although I wish that I could easily find a job and affordable housing, I would not want to move to a different school becuase it is too beautiful and comfortable.


What I consider to be the worst thing about my school it is that there is a lot of old bulidings although they are in good condision I would say that having them a bit renewed would give the school a better atmosphere. Another thing that I think is ridicules is that we have clockes in our classroomes and they do not work.


The worst thing is that some people have poor hygiene.


Because of the location, Arcata is very expensive. It creates extra stress and difficulty for Humboldt State University students.


To be honest I can't say a bad thing about it so far--it's a very upbeat campus with exciting and new people to meet everyday.


The stairs are by far the worst thing about Humboldt State University. I have yet to find a flaw about the school on an academic level.


How easy it is to obtain drugs here


Someone who is focused on representing their school well socially, academically and environmentally.


Humboldt State is very secluded which can be a problem for some that grew up in metropolis. Target is our "big" store. The closest major town excluding Eureka is Redding. Redding is three hours away and up and over the mountain. Another problem with Humboldt is it's on hills. it has tons of hill and stairs, which is how it got its nick name of HIls and Stairs Univeristy (HSU)


Extremely Liberal. They say they are accepting of everyobody, but if you are an atheletic white, male, conservative, Christian, heterosexual they will just tell you how you do everything wrong and how horrible you should feel about what other people who match those discriptions have done, even if you have not dont those things yourself.


The worst thing about Humboldt State University is the reputation that everyone here in Humboldt county smokes marijuana and were all stupid and that simply just isn't true.


Location. Located far away from any city. Would have liked more diverse culture here, or closely accessible.


funding poorly allocated between departments under CSU - plenty of money for campus improvements, not for teacher salaries


Not enough off-campus jobs and housing.


it is in the middle of nowhere. airfare is expensive to get home or the drive is very long. there aren't malls or clubs or a big city around


Everyone does drugs or smokes or drinks... often all three. It's hard to make friends if you're not a partier.


The prevelancy of drug culture. It gives the entire region and population a stigma.


There's not a whole lot to do for fun. There's the beach, but it's cold and windy all the time. And it rains a lot. There's a mall, but it's in the next town. I think that's why so many students binge drink for fun. There's really not much else to do. I play video games, so I can do that anywhere with a computer. I still like going shopping though.


The price of parking is $ 157.5 per semester which is a lot for a state university and I'm sick of the food.


Geographically Isolated.