Humboldt State University Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


Humboldt State University is a beautiful campus located in the heart of the Redwood forest with an ocean view. The people who go here are extremely openhearted and open-minded. All students enjoy the amazing science and art facilities, majors of all walks of life live together and expand their education in all directions.


This is a small school but the fact that you can get more one on one time with professors is amazing. It's what make attending a four year university easier, having people that want to help you.


It's basically a nice beautiful college within 5 minutes of an amazing walk through the community redwood forest, with really nice (and left-winged) population of students. It's big enough that I feel like I'll always have someone new to meet, and small enough that most of my classes don't have more than 50 students. If you're worried about how the stoner rep affects academics, don't be: the academics here are just like any other colleges, with the exception of academic departments, which I hear are more intimate and get to know their students more closely. So far, it seems like a lot of the freshman like me aren't too familiar with the town outside. But people seem really friendly. There are often people at the plaza, and the town doesn't really close down until later since it's a college town. Sports aren't great.