Humboldt State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Those who love nature/the outdoors


The type of person that should attend Humbolst State University are people who love nature. The school is set in the redwood forest and is a great school for science majors. People who should apply should also not mind the rain as it rains most of the time. HSU is a great schoolfor those who want to escape the busy lifestyle of the city.


If you like group projects then Humboldt State University is where you want to attend. This university is big on team building.


Some one that does not mind cold, overcast weather and a lot of pot heads. A person that enjoys the redwoods and a more liberal idea about things.


Humboldt State University is a science , natured school. Alot of the students are interested in sciences like biology, chemistry, astrologly; also diving, hiking and camping. One must be a outdoors type because there is alot of beautiful nature to be explored in Humboldt County. One must like or even better love the rain because it is inevitable in the winter. The students and faculty are very friendly and calm people. I felt very comfortable because of the outgoing people that are willing to try new things and meet new people. One must be open to a somewhat diverse ethnic campus.


When you look around you see so many different colors, and different looking people. It is true that Humboldt is still stuck somewhere in the 60’s, but then you look deeper into the community and it to the school and find an interesting assortment of people from all around the world. Outgoing people are the best in this kind of environment, especially with all of the people hanging around the school. But it isn’t just those people, anyone looking to step out and find themselves in anew adventure would enjoy life here.


Someone who's willing to give and receive from others. Someone who has a solid opinion of our world, but isn't afraid to change it for the better.


The students that choose to attend this school must be self motivated in order to succeed. As with any college there are many distractions, but Humboldt, at least with my experiece in the school of science, tends to have very challenging classes. This school has a very good science program, especially if you want to study wildlife, ecology, or botany, but the student has to make sure that he/she is able to stay on top of the work load. It's very easy to fall behind and in most cases it is also very hard to catch up.


A person that is interested in the biological sciences because Humboldt has a really good biology program. If you like medium sized school with relatively small classes, this college is for you. There is a lot of counter-culture here and people really care about the environment. Mostly a democratic school with lots of diversity.


someone who likes the quiet, peaceful outdoors. very laid back and enjoys deep conversations about anything and everything. There is loads to do as in outdoor activities and if you are artistic then that is a plus, there is so much music and art shows it is fantastic


Someone that love nature, art and science. Our school has its own redwood forest, tons of outdoor activities every week, and has amazing science labs. Someone that also isnt afraid of rain, becuase it rains almost every other day.


A person that is very open to different people, different ideas, and different ways of living. Someone who doesn't mind that there's not a lot of stuff to do in Arcata or Eureka outside of going to the beach or forest with friends (at least when you're under 21). However, when you hit 21 there are a plethora of quality bars that often have local bands playing. It's not a crazy party scene, but just enough for your average individual.




Someone who enjoys learning and loves the outdoors.


someone who is really into the whole hippy attitude and likes to shun others who aren't that into it.


Liberal, environmentally conscience, and easy-going.


A person thinking about attending Humboldt needs to understand that it is COLD and that it RAINS a lot! If you don't like rain and cold, DON'T come here! Also, they should be environmentally conscious and ready to be surrounded by liberals!


Liberal , green friendly, smart, and self driven.


Someone who is very liberal and environmentally concerned, interested in the sciences.


Someone who is willing to learn truths about political and social issues. Someone who is open minded. Someone fun and who loves the outdoors.


a very open mined person. someone who is interested in learning new things in new ways. someone who enjoys the outdoors, and is social. someone can adjust to new environments, and changing atmsphere. someone who has a moderate to high tolerance for diversity.


Someone who is (1) ecologically aware and socially responsible (2) loves nature (3) loves small towns (4) artistic (5) enjoys science


Someone who wants to learn about themselves.


a very open minded environmentally conscious person who i swilling to adjust to a small town.


anyone who is open to trying new things and getting away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.