Humboldt State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


If you plan on slacking off, not determined to go to class, or do your work then this is not the school for you. Humboldt takes their education seriously and even though the professor gets paid if a student does or does not show up to class it is best to show up. Yes there are going to be times when a student will feel under the weather and that is okay but they must make sure they email their proffesor and let them know. A person who is not serious about an education and their life should not come


If someone is from a large city, ejoys the city life, and the party scene , Humboldt State is not for you!


To attend HSU you should be a person who likes the outdoors and doesn't mind walking a lot. Due to the great variance in elevation accross the campus it helps if you like stairs and hills too. The typical student either is an artist in some form or has great appreciation for the arts but is also environmentally concious. Also, a big part of coming to Humboldt is accepting the rains. If you don't like being in colder, rainy weather Humboldt probably is not for you.


A person who cant live without the sun and hates the rain or the cloudy weather. The weather here is cold, foggy, and rainy, so if a student loves the hot weather i dont recommend them to come here. Also if a student loves big classes this is not the right school, here we have a small student to teacher ratio.


Anyone who has strong oppinions against marijuana and it publicly being displayed around the town. If homeless people make you nervous than you'll spend some nervous moments.


Anyone uncomfortable with liberal ideals might be conserned with the extreme left views of some students. Even then, however, it is a school that focuses on understanding and acceptance, so there are not many people that shouldn't attend Humboldt State.


HSU is a really open campus, research focused, and great for those who prefer to have smaller professor to student ratio.


very opened minded individual, with a love of the outdoors.


A person who is very against smoking marijuana, a person who is bored easily outdoors, or a person who wants to attend school in a city. There isnt much to do around here except enjoy nature. Also someone who does not like Hippies and homeless people because there are a LOT of them. If you dont have a job or a source of income this wont work for you either because there are no jobs and housing and food is very expensive in Arcata.


Someone who doesn't smoke pot or party, because you will feel very out of place. Also conservatives/republicans wouldn't work too well here (speaking from experience). This school is VERY LIBERAL.




people open to new cultures and experiences. People looking for a warm community atmosphere. People who dont mind being away from the city.


If you aren't tolerant of other people and their choices in life, then you shouldn't attend Humboldt State.


A conservative person should not attend this school. There is no room for conservatives at this school. If you do not strongly agree with the liberal agenda you will be ostracized and fail your courses for being "racist" or "close-minded."


A person who is looking for a fraternity/sorority based party school. A person who is conservative and not open to being environmentally friendly.


Fake people. This is a campus in which a lot of people are really comfortable in their own skin. Don't come here if you are fake. Also people who are looking for a big city experience. This is a very nature oriented place and will not find nearly as much city life as city people would hope for. People who are set in their beliefs and aren't openminded. There are a lot of people who have opinions up here and they're not in the least afraid to show it.




People from southern california who want to be there and continue their lifestyle here.


Strong Conservatives