Humboldt State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell my high school senior self to take AP courses more seriously becuase I wish that I had passes my AP test and gotten college credits so I don't have to retake the classes


Study, Study, Study, I what I would advise, because college is nothing like Highschool. School can get stressfull, and it's okay to give yourself a break, but don't take advantage of it. You don't also have to be around someone, it's okay to be alone in your room sometimes. Also, don't get jealous of people who are having more fun than you, just sing up for clubs and try to do volunteer work. It's most likely that those people partying finals week won't make it back next semester. Just take care of yourself, your education, and your finances, and don't feel bad if you have to say no, because in the long run, it's for the better. One last thing I would tell myself, IS DON'T TAKE A 7:30am CLASS, even if its the only one avilible and only twice a week. It'll drain your energy and you don't want that at all, especially in college.


If you don’t know what you want to do, take some time to travel, work, or serve as an intern or apprentice. There are lots of opportunities to work, travel, or do both—in both the U.S. and abroad—for anyone willing to do some research and take a risk. If you go straight to college after high school just because you “should”—and not because you truly want to—you’ll lack the passion, drive, and discipline required to excel in your studies. It’s okay to admit that you don’t know what you want out of your life. It’s not okay to capitulate to other people’s expectations and desires for that life. It’s your life, not theirs. Take responsibility for it, in every way—financial, intellectual, emotional. Once you’ve taken responsibility for your life, you can take ownership of your life. And once you’ve taken ownership of your life, you will discover how truly liberating it is to be an adult.


I am 35 years old, and just now attending a university after starting late at the community college level. If I could talk to my former self, I would tell myself to stop messing around and get serious about my education. I would tell my former self that if you don't get it together now, you are going to end up making a lot of bad choices. Once you finally make the decision to go back to school and better yourself, you will find it much more difficult as an adult. Life will have added responsibilities that you don't have to worrry about now, like a child, bills, and rent. With no help from anyone, because you will no longer be a dependent, you will struggle to care for your child, and make ends meet, all the while wishing there was more time in the day because 24 hours just isn't enough. Don't wait to get the education you deserve and need to become someone great. I know you are afraid of failing, but you can do it. I believe in you. You are strong and you are beautiful.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself a few things. I would tell myself the importance of GPA's and how much they could open up doors for you. Not that GPA's are everything, but by being concerned with your GPA, there's more scholarship opportunities that enable you to afford college. Secondly, practice good study skills and habits and utilize on-campus resources. These things never go away in college. Practice studying now so you can understand what method(s) works best for you in college. Lastly, keep in mind that school isn't about who you're friends with, what sports or groups you're in, or even to prove how smart you are. It's a place of promise that no matter where you're from or what problems you have, always remember that if you try, you'll succeed. You can do anything you set your mind to, so as long as you try.


If there was a magical opportunity to go back and advise my high school senior self, I would start by saying prioritizing is key. Making new friends in college is a wonderfully uplifting and encouraging experience. Keep in mind that networking is key in building your career, but the best network you can have is your family. Don't loose sight of the people that helped get you to college, that pushed your 'last' button to work for more scholarships, more job interviews, and more college applications. These are the humans that will be with you before and after college, and every moment in between. Loosing sight of them is hurtful to your family and detrimental to your own success. Prioritize your family, and the loved ones that encouraged you to and through college. These humans have more gravity in your life than any friend or connection that one could possible meet in a University.


I adivise you, if you want to keep your financial costs to a minimum, stay on top of everything that you have to do. Every little thing you slack off on, will come back to bite you in the wallet that is in your back pocket. Take your classes serious and study because your GPA will also help you get loads of free money. Don't be afraid to experiment and try new things. You will find what best suits you and that is when you discover who you really are. Don't listen to the criticism from others for being socially deviant as that is typically what helps you succeed in the future. As you move away from home, you become FREE! No more regulation, curfews, or anything. Do you have to do the way you want to (and it has to be a successful way, of course). Also, while you are there, don't forget to take a moment to let the moments of college sink into your brain as they will be some of the best years of your life.


If able to talk to myself as a high school senior, I would be tempted to tell myself many things: not just pieces of advice, but warning and hopeful messages. However, in hindsight, I would not tell myself anything. The things I most greatly needed to hear came from people much older and wiser than I am now. The things I needed to hear came from unexpected places whose discovery was as valuable and enlightening as the wisdom itself. In my first year of college, I have learned so much and been on such an incredible journey that I would not dare jeopardize losing these experiences by attempting to make my life marginally easier. In addition, advice heard is never nearly as valuable as advice realized. The process of discovery and realization was, for me, well worth the loneliness, fear, doubt, and pain I pose to minimize with advice. I already possessed much of what I needed to know, it was merely a matter of applying it. The things I did not already know, I serendipitously stumbled upon. I suppose if I were to tell myself one thing, I would remind myself that I am stronger than I know.


We may think that education might not have any value, but I found out first hand that it does. Becoming a professional can only be reached by investing some money towards your education; and in time a degree will compensate you with a promising future. Through education, you will be able to have a job working in a career that you would be happy to wake up to every morning. Even a hobby can become a career with a higher education. In time, you may become your own boss and even achieve the goals you had in mind and with better preparation. Since my return to community college, education has provided me the ability to discover my passion; as well as provided me with an idea of how the real world would be after receiving my Associate of Science in General Studies Degree. While attending college you have the privilege of interacting with a broad range of cultures, as well as the ability to build new relationships. This experience can allow you to broaden your horizons. Overall I have learned that education is more valuable than finances.


I would tell my former self to not stress over the things I have no control over. I would make sure to let myself know that life gets even better but it flies by and I should slow down and enjoy the little things. College is a very different and much more difficult environment than high school so I would ingrain the importance of good study habits and keeping a cool demeanor when things get stressful. The transition from high school to college was something that required a lot of work and commitment but was definitely worth the effort.


Looking back from my current college career to where it all started back in highschool there's many things I would advise myself about my future. Coming off of highschool I would definately tell myself to stay motivated and grind out high school the best I could and keep as much of an open mind that I could when looking into my college options. Knowing what I know now it's not all about what the school looks like on a brochere but really what the campus life entails and what they really offer academically that will benefit me beyond the institution. As many colleges look appealing to the eye there's no way of knowing whether you will fit in culturally and excell the level you would if you were somewhere else. With that in mind my final point and overall message to myself would be stay focused, think beyond college, and do my best.


If I can go back in time and have an opportunity to talk to myself, I will tell myself that it is not easy. Being in college isn't easy. Although it is fun to be out in the real world, there are a lot of responsibilities in the real that we all have to fullfill. I will advice myself to be more cautious on making crucial decisions. Decisions that build up lives, they are the basic fundamentals of what we become in the future. Being out there in the real world is fun, it can also be stressful. In high school, I always thought that College is just gonna be another year or two then I can get a better paying job after but no. In reality, it is a choice, a choice that can truly influence my life in the future, a choice that I will never regret. I know that education is the only treasure in life and no one can ever take it away.


After making it for the first semester in college, there are a lot that I have learnt from. I always come to the conclusion that decisions I made has put me where I am today. There is only one thing that I would advice myself on, and that is joining clubs and learning hard to win scholarships at high school. The financial demands at colloge is very crucial. Hundreds and thousands of dollars are needed to be able to make it through a semester, because every class you take will require you to get something you really can't say no to, such as books and online access codes to do homeworks and projects. These all can be done by purchasing them only. Nothing there is on credit, not even a scantron for a test. The worst of all is the short deadlines on due payments. These hinders my dream pursuance. I seek all legal possible sources to pay up the due payments and scolarships seems to be be emerging always as the only source. It is although never too late to get a scholarship but it would be better if I had it before coming to college.


What I know I would tell myself to hang in there and go to college after high school so it would be easy on myself. Because going to school at the age 35 and have a family takes alot time away from your family. And also I would tell myself to listen to my parents because what they where telling me I wasn't listen to them. I think if I just listen to what they were telling me I think my life would have been a little better and a little wiser. Now with me going back to school I feel I will accomplish something I should did sixteen years ago.


Having obtained the information I have now from my first semester as a fulltime college student (16 credits), I would tell myself as a senior in high school to enjoy my life while I could. When college becomes your reality, it is bittersweet. You say goodbye to your high school friends that you thoguht you would have forever, but that quickly fades, and if you're lukcy you'll keep one best friend. College is much more difficult than high school in terms of academics, but in terms of the social environment; it is much easier. There are no fights, or so it seems and no one really cares what you dress like or about the price tag on your clothes. You can literally be yourself, completely and to the fullest extent possible. No one looks at you funny if you don't talk to them or if you talk too much. My favorite part about college this far is how much I learned in this one semester. I thoroughly enjoy learning and expanding my mind, so removing the ignorant social environment from high school, I feel like I was able to learn more and enjoy myself more. Live life!


My first piece advice: Talk to absolutely everyone. Aside from the obvious (education) the most important part of your college experience are your friends. So don't be afraid to talk to anyone. Sit next to the people in the cafeteria who have tables to themselves. Talk to the people who are waiting in the hallways outside classes. If you see people frisbee in the grass or hanging out in the quad, ask if you can join. Everybody is friendlier than you think and if they aren't, then don't worry about it. You don't want to be friends with them anyway. My other advice is to get involved! Join clubs, do volunteer work, go to all the silly mixers and movie nights and barbecues that are organized by the residence councils. If you don't have fun and make new friends, at the very least, you'll get free t-shirts.


If I could go back five years to meet myself as a high school senior, I would detail the bureaucracy behind the high school to college transition. I would explain the different ways to attain funding for my education and outline the steps neccessary to obtain my finacial goals. I'd dive into the serious trade offs of recieving a higher education by pushing important lectures on effort, time managment and having a goal driven life style. More imporantly, I would have a deep discussion with my educational providers at the time. Asking them to make a better effort of explaining our choices after leaving high school and provide more awareness on how to get started with my higher educational goals. Just thinking about how different my life would be, if I could go back to my high school self, puts my mind at ease and a smile on my face.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self I would tell myself, "Mycah dont stop dreaming." I would remind my high school self that life is all about taking chances and being the best you can be. I would tell my high school self the same thing my teacher told me, and that is that you should never limit yourself. If you are going to go after a goal or if you have your mind set on something go all out for it. Go big or go home!. Because life goes by so fast and you dont want to waist any of it sitting on the couch. I would tell my highschool self to never settle and never get comfortable with where you are. Never stop improving and never give up on yourself.


I spent three years of my life chasing the career that my family wanted me to. I was so afraid of being cut off from the family both emotionally and financially that I gave up on all of my own hopes, dreams, and ambitions in order to fit their mold of a “successful” career path. Only recently did I gain the courage to finally go after what I want; to pursue a career as a costume designer. I really wish I could have told the high school version of myself that yes, it is frightening as hell to go out on your own, but it is worth the sacrifice. I have never been this content, this happy with the path I am on in my life, and I really wish I would have started down it sooner.


Dear High School Senior Self, If at all possible take more AP classes, and apply for more scholarships. College is expensive! Take thhose classes at city college that you were tinking about taking over the summer, it will be helpfu for you to get your GE requirements out of the way as soon as possible. Humboldt State was a good choice for you, you willl have no problem meeting new people and making friends. Just remember that it is very cold and rains a lot so dress appropriately. Don't worry about your friends who are going to city college after high school, going to a 4 year university is the right decision. Don't be too nervous starting your freshman year, you will have lots of fun, I promise. From, College Freshman Self


Dear Kenna in Senior year, First do not take your eyes off the prize. Even if you change your mind on what you want to do, do not let anything or anyone get in the way of you succeeding. You are an intelligent girl. Making the transition into adult hood is not an easy task so take it slow. Do not let the idea of making new friends scare you, people are not that mean. Okay this is important: make time to study! Even if you seemed backed up with a lot, there is always time to study and trust me when you study it pays off. The classes do not wait for you to keep up so go to office hours of your professors often. It really is not that scary they are there to help you! No matter where you go to school next year remember these lessons because trust me, I know. Oh and budget your money smartly, do you really need that bag of gummy worms? You can do this. Love Your Future College Freshman Self


I would tell myself to stay focused on my main goal and never give up. I learned a lot as I was growing up and some of it prepared me when I made that transition into adulthood. I would of done better in high school that way my gpa woud of been higher and it would of increased my chances of getting into more colleges. If I knew now what I knew then I would easily tell myslef to save my money instead of spending it on miscellaneous iteams to impress people in high school. I am glad I knew how much my tuition and housing was going to be but there was no one around to tell me how to spend my money when I got my refund check so i was going crazy buying all this unecessary stuff. If I would of saved some extra money when I was in high school when I spent all my refund check; I would of at least had some in my pocket instead of going broke. Life has a way of just throwing things at you when you least expect it and sometimes a person has to go with the flow.


I know you really like Accounting, but you are going take a job in a pharmacy later in life that is going change your life forever. You are going to start as a clerk, but within a few months you will take an online class and become state certified. Within four years you will go back to college to try to become a pharmacist. In the last stages of Pre-pharmacy you will lose your funding due to a condition called unit capping. So, when you take a pharmacology class in the Fall of your sophomore year, study hard, don’t give up. This class could change your future. Knowing what I know now about college; I suggest you be careful as to how many classes you take at the undergraduate level. Keep an eye on all your credits. Universities keep track of how many credits are attempted and it can affect your financial aid in the future.


First and foremost, listen to your gut instinct! There were so many times that I wished I had just listened to my gut and inner voice telling me that I should or should not do something. So, trust yourself - you know what you want and what is best for you. Also, don't settle for anything less than what you really desire. Now, on to some more fun advice. You have stuck your nose in a book and worked so hard during high school but you need to get out there and have some fun! College is not the time to explore and party like so many people say. You need to have some fun with friends now and explore new places, situations and emotions while you're still in high school or right out of high school so that when you get to college and you realize it's difficult and requires tons of study time, you're not wishing you had experienced more before you got there. Lastly, have a blast. Say yes when friends ask you to go on an adventure and stay true to your hearts desire... it will lead you in the right direction.


There was a large gap between high school and when I seriously attended college. However, if I could go back to my high school self I would advise myself to stay more focused in school. Maybe if I had done better in high school I would have gone to college earlier. I am 27 and graduating with my BA in psychology and am starting my MA program this fall 2012 semester. So maybe if I could go back in time and tell myself to try harder I would be done with school and in my career at this point. I would also let myself know that college is a wonderful experience where I will learn so much more about myself and my life.


Jessica, you are about to have the best experience of your life! Humboldt State is absolutely amazing and there are a lot of fun activities that are you going to be able to attend. Although, transitioning from living with your parents to moving out on your own will be a very difficult transition, you will be able to do it! The best advice I could give you would be to start saving money now! Humboldt State Jessica is unfortunately depending heavily on student loans. If I were able to start over again I would have applied for scholarships my freshman year in high school. Even though you are a senior you should start applying now because it will definitely make a huge impact. Do not worry, college life is very different from high school. Forget about all your insecurities as well as all the people you wish you were friends with, and start getting excited about all the awesome friends you are about to meet at Humboldt State. The most important advice I can give you is keep smiling, keep enjoying life, and continue to have fun. The semesters at HSU fly by and so does life, so enjoy it!




If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior about college life, I would tell myself to begin saving money and preparing for a better education. I would encourage myself to be even more frugal with my money and to search out any means of financial help. I would also tell myself to commit to school and continue to get good grades. However, as far as the transition goes, I would not warn myself of anything. The experience has been one of the better experiences of my life and I would not want to spoil it for myself; rather allow for myself to find out first hand, as I really did. The only struggles I have had with college life have been financial, the rest of my experiences have been rewarding and intriguing.


Don't stop with a BS, continue on to get a master then a PHD, you'll need it in the future.


Learn as much as you can about time management and different ways to study. High school does not properly teach you skills about different study techniques and managing a hectic college schudule. If you learn these two skills properly and stay motivated college will be less stressful. Pay attention in all your high school classes. You may think you will never need to know that information in the future but knowing it may lead to you finding something your interested in and love.


If i would go back i would tell "me" to study more. Be prepared for the real world. Also be sure to apply to good schools and get grants. You will regret it if you dont try harder.


Actually I think I made the right decision. Although I applied to college while in high school, I chickened out and decided to stay home and attend commmunity college for two years and transfer. I know that by taking this route I "missed out" on the college experience, living in dorms and such, but while living at home and attending the JC close to my house I was able to work 35 hours a week, so I was able to save a little bit of money for when I transfered. I would recommend this to anybody who isn't 100% about their college/career path, it is a good idea considering how much school is starting to cost now!


The advice I would give myself personality is to always take things seriously, even if it seems goofy or such a waste of time take the opportunity serious. What you do now prepares you for the future, every little thing counts and matters. Also always look into the future, don’t just think about the present and hope for the best in the future, always think about your next step and your next move to improve yourself as a student, daughter, sister and even a friend.


I would have no advice to give myself for 2 reasons. The 1st reason is that I think I have done very well in college and don't think there is much I could go back and teach myself. The 2nd reason being that I never went to high school. I graduated from high school by taking the CHSPE when I was 15 years old and I went to Fullerton Jr. College. Seeing as I never had a high school experience, I don't know what I would say to myself in that stage of life. I was very successful at Fullerton College. I have an AA degree in interdisciplinary studies with an emphasis in math and science.


One major piece of advice I would give myself as a high school senior would be to NOT PROCRASTINATE!!! Procrastination has always been one of my worst habits, and as a junior in college i'm still trying to break it. Not working on responsibilities until the last minute can create all sorts of unessessary problems, and can end up making tasks much more difficult than they were originally. So, the message to take away from this is to start working on things as soon as possible, and never wait until the last minute because you never know what sorts of problems could present themselves.


If I could go back to high school as a senior I would advise myself to work on my study habits, apply myself more in high school, and take my education more seriously. Looking back, high school had a great impact on my current study habits and if I knew then what I know now, I would have disciplined myself more and nurture my study habits. I would also apply myself more during class. I realize now that I did not do as well in high school because I did not try. There seemed to always be something more important at the time but now I realize that nothing is more important than a good education. And with that last thought, I would take my education as a whole more serious. I would concentrate more on what I wanted to do with my life, what career I would focus on, and concentrate my high school education towards bettering my future. I realize now that I lost so much opportunity in high school that I will never get back. If I could go back, knowing what I know now, these are the pieces of advise that I would give myself.


I would tell myself do not worry about these immature high school kids, soon you will be at college where for the most part people are different and are more mature about life and their decisions. Do not worry about moving to a new place, this change will be good for you it will soon become the best time of your life. You have come so far now there is no point in worring about not fitting in, or what people will think about you going to Humboldt State. This was and is your choice it is perfect for you and you know it. Just be yourself and everything will fall into place.


First and foremost, I would tell my former self to stop sulking - to just move forward and make due what is immediately available. In 12th grade, I wasted far too much time feeling sorry for myself rather than attempting to learn. I would also tell past self to endure the the horrid high school and not let the staff or students get to him - because if he does well in high school, then he has a much higher chance of getting into a prestigious university and networking with people who would have similar values and interests. Further, I would tell myself start exercising, as a form of therapy for the mind - also a challenge for the body. I believe that if I simply had access to something challenging and methodical to pursue, then I would have been better off in high school. Furthermore, I would my past self to stop playing video game, as they are useless and get one nowhere. That time could be better spent self-educating (such as taking online classes like the AI class offered by Stanford), drawing, painting, composing, gardening, weightlifting, and other constructive/creative endeavors. If only - oh, well. I am moving forward now.


Looking back, I would tell myself go as far away as you would like, but do not run out of biterness or angst. Go to a school far away only if you want to explore and experience, not because you want to get away from everything. I would tell myself to do more research about the programs, so if I change my major, I have other options. I would also tell myself to move into an apartment, not a dorm! Lastly, I would tell myself "YES, you will be homesick. YES, you will cry and cry until you go home, but be prepared for it, and know it will only make you stronger to stick it out."


Knowing what I know now about college, I would advise my high school self to not procrastinate. I've spent countless hours pulling all-nighters to study for a test or finish an essay. Although I still tend to do well when I procrastinate, it causes unneeded stress.


Seriously push yourself to apply to all the scholarship you can find, even if you dont seem to qualify for it. And research internship opportunities so that your first summer of college can be spent in other parts of the country or even abroad doing research on your choice of fields. Besides, first year applicants are viewed as motivated and determined. Don't bring too much stuff for residence halls, the room will be somewhat smaller than you think. And most important of all, know yourself and follow your heart. Listen and seek out advice from professors, advisors, and others, but always make your own decision. For example, know your capacities, if your advisors push you to take certain 'heavy' classes your first semester, or even second, don't think that "I can do it!" and load it up on your schedule. Many times these classes are not ment to be taken by first year students. So know your capacities and be realistic, If you decide to go for it, good for you! but if the decision is to wait, there's no rush. College is about self-discovery not taking all the class ASAP and get out.


The second I got through that time portal, I would slap my younger self across the cheek and shake him by the shoulders like a rag doll. I’d yell, “Jeff! Jeff! You need to listen to me! You need to start programming more and get some completed games under your belt!” I’d pause to catch my breath. “Okay, after you graduate, I know that you think your GPA and community service is going to help you get into the college you want, but you’re wrong! The world of academia becomes a cut throat, dog eat dog competition after high school, you need to bring more to the table. You need to create more interesting things to show colleges that you are worth their time. The colleges that you want to attend are going to have three hundred people vying to get into a thirty seat program, so grit your teeth and be more competitive. “ I’d finally calm down and finish motivating myself “I know it’s not pretty but it’s true, only the best people become successful in the world of game design, so get to it or be left behind.”


Dear high school me, Your first year as a college student will be different from any experiences you have had so far, but don't be scared. Moving away from home and meeting all new people may seem intimidating to you now, but there is a lot of fun out there for you. My greatest advice that I could give you would be to explore the campus and find a club to join. If your intimidated by walking around the campus by yourself, ask your new roommates to come with you. They probably feel as awkward as you do. During my first year of college I was afraid to make friends so I mostly stayed at home, but then I decided to join a club and I began seeing people I knew around campus. You wouldn't believe the difference that made! It doesn't matter what club you join (HSU has a circus club!) as long as its something you're interested in. The moral of my story is, don't let your first year of college be a lonely one!


I would let my self know a lot of things. First off, no matter how much you dont like home the fartherest school is not the greatest thing. A school near the beach might not be as close as you think it is. DONT pick a school because its just close to the ocean, take your time and choose wisely. Follow your heart and not let people push you into a place you might even just a little bit regret later. Promises never work out the way you think they will. Be STRONGER then you have been, DO NOT walk on egg shells when it comes to things that will effect your life in college. Speak out dont be so shy, you shouldnt stress so much, friends come easier than you think. Dont loose touch with your old ones either, they will be very helpful. You are STRONGER than you think and you can make it happen. I would give myself the courge that I didnt have when I went into college and that I have now only a semester in.


So far my college experience has been great. The classes that I took last semester and that I am taking now are all really interesting and fun. This semester I am signed up for a freshman seminar where science major students get to work the professors on what they can do throughout their years as a science major and also get to learn about the research that the professors are working on. I find that the skills that I am learning about organization and motivation are really important, not only in school but just about every where, because without motivation there is know where to go.


College has given me new reason to live through a renewed sense of purpose. It has given me extensive understanding of various fascinating aspects of the world that surrounds us. From that diverse background new ways of thinking have been created as well as countless new ideas. College has developed many social aspects of my personality as well. How to work in groups, convey information to others, and many other valuable life skills. Most importantly to me, my college experience has made me the person I am today; intelligent, caring, and eager to do my part to make this world a better place.


College has been a real eye opening experience. I am the first of my family to ever attend college and go on to get a college degree. While attending, I have learned so much. College is a place where you are open to be independent, meet new friends, and learn all at the same time.


While I wrote earlier that living on campus was the worst part of college thus far, I have gained much from living here as well. My new found friends have made such a big impact on my life. I have learned the value of friendship. These upcoming years in college are some of the hardest in life thus far. You leave the security of home to live in a new place all on your own., you have a lot of classes you have to do more than study a little bit the night before to pass, basically you learn to be independant. But you don't have to do it alone. There are friends everywhere that love you and are willing to help you make it through those hard times. No matter who you are, you will find people who are like you and who can relate with what you are going through. They have been so valuable to me because they have helped make my life worth living in those hard times, and likewise I am learning to be a dependable friend for them.


While attending Humboldt State University, I have gained the ability to think critically. Whether I am reading, writing, debating, or listening, I try to view the subject at hand through different lenses and ideals. This method has allowed me to gain a world view by considering and analyzing the opinions of others. While in school, I have grown as a person and have developed better social skills. This growth positively affects the confidence I have in my school work. I am developing better study habits and have gained more self motivation.


I have recieved alot of valuable experience from attending college so far. I am now a Sophmore and I love what I have already accomplished. I have developed the confidence and motivation to become a leader in my community. I am a student-athlete. I participate in Rowing and I am currently striving to complete my pre-nursing prerequisites at Humboldt State university. Being an athlete this past year has taught me about perserverence and discipline. I feel strong winning a race and passing a math class because it takes hard work to excell at both together. I realized that no matter what the challenge or obstacle ahead of me I know that if I keep pushing I will win in the end. I have been able to meet the most intellectual and knowledgeable coaches, teachers and peers that I will forever cherish and keep. And with confidence, I decided to persue a career as a Medical Assistant at Carrington College of California. It is my stepping stone towards Nursing. Because I am in college I know the knowlege and hands-on expereince that I am gaining will launch my career goals and get me into the real world.