Humboldt State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The financial aid process.


I find college quite similar to how teachers prepared up for in high school. However, the only thing I found difficult is the lack of teacher and student meeting times. In high school, I was able to meet my teachers anytime during the week and how I am limited to certain hours they are available. I am still thankful that I am able to meet my professors still in case I need advice, but I wish that they would be available more for the students.


The most frustrating thing about my campus is the parking situation. I pay over $300 for a parking pass, and there is NEVER anywhere to park. I regularlly have to leave for my classes an hour and a half early in order to ensure that I have enough time to drive around a wait for a parking spot to open up.


The hills and stairs!


The most frustrating thing about Humboldt State is the upper administration, such as the president. I feel that the president and his administration are more in it for the money and not for the students.


Registration Times. Seeing other people register for classes before you can be quite fustrating. But since I cant do anthing about it, you just have to go with the flow.


Perhaps most frustrating is the hypocracy that lies within the current college presidents administration. On the one hand HSU proclaims itself as the environmentally sound school of the future, while at the same time approving building and construction plans that can hardly be considered green. I feel that the school should strive harder in all of its decisions to put more into practice what they preach; meaning that they trully be the leaders and innovators of new green technologyies,


The most frustrating part of attending HSU is revealed in the nickname - Hills and Stairs University. Having to walk up and down hills and stairs all day is hard work. Apparently, there are more stairs than students. However, it certainly keeps you in shape.


That's hard to say, but the only thing i can come up with is that our football stadium and gym should be a bit bigger i think.


I don't really like the prices of books and the cost of living on campus. If it were less then I would be much more satisfied with HSU.


For me, the most frustrating thing about this school is the budget cuts. I was extremely satisfied with this school until now. With the budget cuts in effect, it is very difficult to create my schedule for the semester. It is difficult to satisfy the need to be available for work as well as meet all of my major and minor requirements. Many vital classes for me only have one or two time slots, and more often than not these classes even conflict with themselves.


One of the most frustrating things about my school is the lack of availability of classes. Certain classes are only offered every other semester and sometimes only at one time, as opposed to being offered multiple times each semester.


Its a great school but its known for marijuana because of the culture outside of the college. People who go here do smoke but they also get good grades and are pretty well rounded


Strict on campus housing policies, expensive too


Registering for classes.


funding poorly allocated between departments under CSU - plenty of money for campus improvements, not for teacher salaries


The amount of weed and alcohol consumed by students at all levels. The disregard for finacial responsibility especially for those like myself who don't get a free ride and have to work hard just make it by.






It tends to rain non-stop during the spring semester and it is isolated from large cities.


so far, from the time i have been attending HSU nothing has really been frustrating.


it is too far away from where i grew up.