Huntingdon College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Huntingdon is known for being a small college, but a college where professors and the students are very friendly and easy to talk to. Yes, most all students who attend Huntingdon participate in a sport. (including band,dance team, cheerleading) Beautiful campus and places where one can lounge outside.Some proffessors if its really nice outside actually have classes outside, just to allow the students a different atmosphere.


Huntingdon is best known for being a Christian school and for providing an Adult Degree Completion Program for professionals.


Huntingdon was known for it's high academic standards and interesting, eclectic student body. Now I fear it will be known as a Southern Bible school with a football team and low academic standards.


Huntingdon College is best known for its friendly small-community atmosphere, and its amazing faculty that strives to work with each individual to help make progress in every aspect. It is very close with the surrounding community, and offers many perks, including a overseas trip that is paid for by the school that is taken around the junior or senior year of enrollment.


Huntingdon college is most noted for its football team and its successful graduates. We now have more than one hundred students who are enrolled in graduate programs or medical schools. All of the students who have graduated from here have gotten good paying jobs. The football team has really boosted school spirit and has had very successful seasons. It has also brought more students to Huntingdon.