Huntingdon College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known a little more about the area surrounding the school. I like to run and needed to know what areas outside of campus were good for exercise. Also, I wish I knew a little bit more about studying. I have learned now and manage my time much better and I dearly love my school. -SueEllen Chandler


I wish I would have known to practice better stuy habits before I got to college. Because even though it is a small college it is still challenging and I have made it harder on myself because of poor study habits. But I have improved on that as well as my time management skills.


I wish I knew that the financial situation I am in now, wouldn't be this bad. I can barely afford the school and wish I wasn't in this situation.


I wish that I had been prepared to swept away by the kindness that everyone exudes here at Huntingdon. I wish I had been prepared about how much the professors really want to see you excel and the overwhelming effort they make inorder to see that you do just that.


For the most part, an alumni friend had filled me in on the school.


I wish I wouldv'e known that the girls don't jock football players like i thought and if you are african american the majority of the females on campus won't even notice that you are there.


I wish I had known that the Creative Writing major had been dropped. There are more majors dying off each year. It is important to ask the right questions of the Admissions Dept when thinking about attemding because the major you want to pursue might be gone when you arrive.


I don't feel as though any surprises have been put on me so far. I feel as thought the councelors informed me really well. I also talked to coaches, and financial aid councelors who really helped me understandall there was to know about the school. I do, however, wish I would have known that I would be completely out of money all the time.


i wish i would have known the prices....and some of the people


I wish I would have focused more on work and studying. Then I would have been more prepared for when I came to Huntingdon. However, it is still a great school no matter how much work put on you.