Huntingdon College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?




The smaller classroom teacher:student ratio is conducive to achieve my goals. The campus is small enough to get around easily but large enough to have space for study.


I love that Huntingdon College offers their Adult Degree Completion Program so that professionals can take classes while pursuing their careers. We meet one night per week for 3 consecutive "sessions" each semester. I am a full time college student and I don't have to give up my full time job in order to take classes. I don't have to take online classes--I get to have instruction from an actual teacher in an actual classroom setting.


Small classroom settings and campus size its very helpful for helping get around and know people and your not just a number on campus


The best thing about my school is the English department. Unfortunately, Huntingdon's standards have been falling due to money problems and administration changes. But the English department continues to adhere to high standards in teaching and in what they require of students. Were it not for the English department, I would have transferred. My teachers taught me more than I could have ever though possible, and they made me want to set high goals for myself. Because of them, I will attend graduate school in 2010.


It is hard to choose just one thing that is great about Huntingdon. I love both the small class sizes and the amount of teacher-student interaction. The professores are always willing to help. The campus is beautiful, and the studentbody, faculty, and staff really make you feel at home. It is a community in itself, and everyone is welcoming.


The people at my school are amazing. Everyone from the professors and staff to my teammates and classmates are unbelievably kind and understanding. I love Huntingdon college, because of the people I've met there.