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I school is forcused on Christ and how we can teach and help others through mission work.


The professors at my college have a lot of background experience that really helps students learn in the classroom; also, the activities on campus and students involments are incredible as well as being able to be who you are without any judgment.


Not only are the class sizes small, but the professors truly care about students' lives as well as their academic performances. Many faculty members, our president included, have had students over to their houses for parties and special events. The professors' offices are always open to those needing extra help. Plus, the university offers free tutoring and paper-writing services, free counseling, and free resources for students interested in job shadowing, internships, and resume composition. The faculty and staff are just exceptionally caring and helpful overall. Any assistance you might need is right here at your fingertips!


Huntington University is a Christian college that teaches the Bible as it is written without compromising Christian-based faith principles. All curriculum is taught from the Biblical perspective to challenge one's faith and religious convictions. All of the professors are practicing born-again Christians that vow to uphold the morals and beliefs of the Christian faith. Students have multiple opportunities to attend chapels and other services for spiritual growth. Huntington is also unique because of the social make-up of HU makes it FUN and enjoyable to attend with activities going on all the time.


The unique quality about this school in comparison was the variety of courses that are available as well as the natural environment surrounding the small Christian campus community.


The campus is smaller and most everyone recgonizes and knows each other. Everything on campus takes anywhere from five to fifteen minutes to walk too. The atmosphere of the campus is extremely friendly, and the professors sincerly want each student to succeed. Also, the class size is really small, and the larger classes include about thirty-five to fifty students, max. Overall, this is a great school for academic and spiritual achievement and growth.


All in all, i love HU. If you don't like friendly kids, great proffs, or a solid Christian education, Huntington University is not for you.


Huntington is actually a Christian university and the faculty and staff really strive to create a Chris-centered campus.They don't always achieve it but it is nice to have professors and admins who really want to show how God is working on campus.


It has very strong communications, digital media arts, and theatre arts departments


Christian Univerity, small


It is a Christian school with a relatively small campus. The classes are smaller and the community aspect is greater.