Huntington University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


Probably the small class sizes because it is more personable.


The Christian environment, it keeps us away from things that go on at bigger state schools, and keeps our minds somewhat focused on the good things in life and not the negative things we could get sucked in to.


I enjoy the fact that, though there is an unfortunately high rate of high school mentality, there are more mature individuals who actually want to learn on this campus. I also love the professors, because a good number of them are very enthusiastic about what they teach, and they really do want the students to learn and succeed. I also like that volunteering is made very easy on this campus. The dorms are pretty nice, which is always a plus, and we have pretty good internet access, which is obviously a must for many students.


The Christian enviornment atmosphere.


The best thing about the school would be the friends that one makes while attending there.


The small community and the connectivity of it.


The Christian atmosphere at Huntington University helps create a safe and stable environment to learn and socialize.


The best thing about Huntington University is the feeling of community. The professors, administrators, students, staff, etc. all express it within our community. Everyone is very accepting and understanding, also very supportive.