Husson University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst part of Husson University is their renevations we are currently revamping the wired network and installing new cable, new switches and routers. With all of this renevation connecting to the internet can be a hassle.


The worst thing about my school in my perspective is the dorm life. There really isn't anywhere to go besides your own small room, which is shared with a roommate. Another reason I don't enjoy living in the dorms is because of the noise that carries into my room from the hallway. I think that if there were more places to go on campus I would enjoy living there a lot more. Having a sense of alone time would be very benificial to my learning and overall feeling about living on campus.


I think the worst thing about school is that not all of my peers take their major as seriously as I do. I would like to be surrounded by the most diligent and determined peers, however most people seem to be focused on the social aspect instead of the reason their in school-education. If I had to give advice for prospective students at Husson University, I would tell them to be aware of the difficulty of their major they are pursuing. I would also advise students to challange themselves, one would be surprised the amount of achievement possible.


Parking is a huge issue, not enough spots. Dorm rooms are also becoming too overcrowded for the number of students that are accepted.


I think Husson is trying to grow too large too fast. In trying to expand the breadth of the university it is neglecting the needs of the growing number of students on campus. It is overcrowded and there simply is not enough housing. Students are required to live on campus for the first two years, but there aren't enough dorms.


There really isn't a lot of bad things about my school. However, if I did have to say something I'd say the lack of landscaping. Two of the three dorms aren't very nice at all. The dorm buildings are what many students complain about. The bathrooms need a face lift and the rooms need new furniture. I've visited a lot of schools and I can say I've seen worse at Keene and UMaine (Orono). Husson lacks the security of job security after graduation. I wish they could line up more oppurtunities.


The parking is horrible. Many students have to park on the grass and are often late to class.