Husson University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I think the student that likes a small classroom and enjoys a small campus, should go here. It is just small enough that everyone is within a 5 minute walk from each other. But it is just big enough that you don't see someone you know everyday.


Anyone who enjoys a small campus, with small classes and teachers who want to each individual student to be sucessful. Our business, nursing and medical based majors are well balanced with course loads and place students on career paths. Next year (2014-2015) we will be merged with NESCOM, a communications school here on the Husson campus. If you are interested in sound engineering or sports broadcasting, check it out!


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who likes small classes and getting to know their professors. I am personally from a small town and a lot of the people I have met are also from small towns, but many people are from bigger places. If you like small cities then this is a good place to go to as well because Bangor has plenty of things to offer within a 5 minute drive from the campus.


Anyone who is willing to learn and adapt to the new exciting enviroment. People who are thrilling to earn knowledge, experience to the new world and like to make friends. Generally, this school is for everyone who want to have the potential education and a stable job after they get their degree. Husson University is a very nice campus and they provide their students with the best of everything.


Someone who is focused on their school work more than their social life. Having such a small school, there isn't a lot to do activity wise. There also isn't very many students, so you get to know everyone really fast. Larger schools have many distractions with so many students and activities on campus. Not having a lot really allows you to focus easier on your work.


I believe the best person to go to Husson is someone who is strong willed and determined to accomplish goal they have set for themselves. I also believe it is important for someone to not have a judgmental personality here because the common student here is very personable and carefree and dont judge others which make it easier to make friends and help creates a stimulating enviornment here at Husson.


Husson may be all the way up in Bangor, ME but I feel that anyone can appreciate this school. I'm gay and from Connecticut I applied to schools in cities and warm places. Never did I see myself going to Maine, The campus is really small but yet bug enough where you don't know everyone. The students here are generally accepting of everyone. I've never really been bothered about my sexual orientation. The campus has a variety of students that go here and everyone can find there place here.


This school is a great school for someone who is looking for smaller classes where they can receive one on one guidance and a meaningful education.