Husson University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I love the preparations you are making toward your future. You have taken steps to explore now if the career path you are choosing as a teacher is the one for you. You have volunteered in the classroom. You have familarized yourself with the inner workings of the school. You have kept your grades up and I commend you on this. You have spent your senior year, as a student naturally would, with a focus on the future. You know that your whole life is ahead of you and you can't wait to begin. It is wonderful and exciting. Hold on to those visions, that dedication, that drive, but have your whole life ahead of you. Life is about balance. Make it your goal to find one. Push forward toward the future, but keep yourself fully present in the now. Take in all that is around you. It has shaped you and molded you into who you are. Take time to enjoy all of those faces you may not see again. Say Hello to the kid you never spoke to. Ask the questions you always wanted ask and appreciate every moment. Fully live.


I 'm going to work harder in school to improve my grade point average and reseach all the information that i can find on difference Colleges that I would like to attend. I'm really going to take life more serviously.


I would give myself quite a bit of advice if I was able to go back and talk to my high school self. I would make sure that I learned the proper way to apply myself and how to study properly. Since being at college, I have learned that I never really learned how to study. That has been very hard for me since being here. I would also tell myself to stay true to who I am. I lost sense of who I am when I came here and I think if I was more comfortable with who I am to begin with, that wouldn't have happened.


My advice would be to save money! College is very expensive, take the time to apply for scholarships on focus on your grades. Get your GPA boosted and apply for every single scholarship available. And once in college work hard and everything will fan out fine.


I would tell myself, Kelsey, do not play it safe. Do not chose a school or a career path that you are going to feel you are stuck in. Chose a place that scares you a little bit, that will challenge you, allow you to find your self a bit. That is what college is about.


In the major I chose, it is hard to make friends because everyone is very competitive. I would advise myself to go out and make friends outside of the friends I knew before I came to Husson. I would worry less about my grades and more about the information I was learning. Good grades do not justify how much you actually retained from previous semesters. Lastly, I would breathe. College is stressful, but it is a learning point in your life. School can be horrifying, and an amazing experience all at the same time. If you can find something to do that relaxes you and gives you a break, do it!


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior knowing what I know now I would tell myself to learn how to study efficiently because not knowing how to is going to be my biggest downfall. I would also tell myself to be more open and less shy when it comes to meeting new people because everyone is in the same position of not knowing many people when they move away. Going from playing sports to not playing sports in college left me with a lot of free time that I didn't know how to use so I would tell myself to stick with a sport or do some volunteer work to fill in that time instead of doing nothing productive. The last thing I would do is tell myself to always stay true to who I am and take care of the friends who stick by through thick and thin because those are two important things to go to college remembering.


I think about the boy I was 3 years ago as a high school senior and I compare who I was then to who I am now and I feel I am almost unrecognizable. If I could go back in time and talk to myself, I would tell myself that college is going to be the turning point in my life, the point that makes me the man I will become. I would tell myself that the shyness and social anxiety I have carried with me all my life will disappear after just three months of much needed counseling. I would tell myself to not worry about your confidence level, because I will soon be able to shake off the things that the bullies have always tried to instill in me and walk with my head held high. You may not find a girl right away that could change your life but by time you got into your junior year, you believe you have found the love of your life. You can handle college, the academics, the social aspects; you will even become a major part of the student government. Your life is going to change forever, you just wait.


I would tell myself to be prepared to hit the ground running for here at Husson professors waste no time diving into course materials. They are very professional and knowledgable in their fields. I would tell myself to do exactly what I have done thus far. That is to take every class seriously, and to push myself on a consitent basis to learn more and complete material and courses at a fast rate.


If I could travel back in time and confer some wisdom about college life and how to transition I would compel myself to calm down. When I was looking at colleges I was stressed about how everything would turn out and how I would transition from high school to college. I did not know how housing would work or if I would like my roommate. I worried about the loans and how they would all work out. But when I got to college I realized that all that stress was not needed. My housing was fine; I am rooming with a great roommate. I received all the loans that I needed which paid for college and some left over for books. If I could give wisdom to my former self I would tell him not to worry.


Going back in time in order to be a high school senior would be a blessing and a curse. The great thing about college is that I'm beginning to learn about things that actually interest me, whereas in high school I was limited to a curriculum prescribed by the state. It would be a curse to travel back in time to high school because of that one limitation. Although I enjoy the challenge and complexity of college classes, there is one reason that I would love to go back to high school. The blessing about being able to travel back in time to be a senior again is that I could sign up for more challenging classes, as well as partake in college prerequisit courses at my local University. If I had taken more challenging classes in high school, it may have sacrificed my straight A report card, but in turn I would have gotten the experience I needed for the demanding college classes that I am now a part of. If I had taken some prerequisit classes, I would have more time in my schedule this year which may have made the transition to college easier for me.


Prepare myself to adapt to the new enviroment and willing to make friends around campus. Remind yourself to get the work done one time by using a planner Pay attention to class and ask questions Participation Show who you really are and your ability to learn Dont be shy Friendly Ask for help Give out help PArticipate in school activities


If I were to go back and give my younger self some advice the first thing I would say is "Do not limit yourself!" When deciding where to apply for school I cut myself off from any college I felt I would not be accepted into, including my dream school. Looking back I realize that the only one who can set a limit to what you can do.... is you.


If I could go back in time to talk to my high school self, I would say all of the cliche things everyone would tell themelves. "Study harder", "Remember to sleep", "Don't forget to call Mom and the siblings often"' with the rest. But, with more emphasis, I would tell myself to be courageous, accepting of others, and willing to let other people in my life. I would tell myself that yes, boys will end up likeing you, and you shouldn't be afraid of that. Don't hide from them because you're not use to the attention, or because (you think) you're too afraid to make the first move. Boys like that in fact, when girls talk to them. I'd also talk about respecting people- not that you were ever disrespectful, but sometimes you weren't as considerate as you could be. Open doors, talk to people in the lunch line, never be afraid to wave and yell someones name across a room just to say 'hello'. Yes, it's intimadating, but it's worth it to make the great friends you'll have. Finally, don't regret anything you do or didn't do.


If I could go back and talk to my high school self I would tell them to work harder in all parts. The best advic I could give myself would be to focus on school work and learn how to study. That the hardest part about the college transistion is going from minimal studying to studying four hours a day. Also I would tell myself to work focus more on finding scholarships. College is expensive and with out scholarships debt is inevitable. I wish I had applied to more scholarships when I still id not have to pay for anything instead of applying for many while haveing to juggle school and work.


I would tell myself that school will be tough but study hard and make time to relax and you will be fine.


I have realized that college can bring me to places in this world that other organizations may not be able to give me. College and especially my program will give me not only knowledge of kinesiology and practices in physical therapy but also professionalism. I will become a great leader in my community and perhaps nation wide. I will be respected by my peers and colleauges. Through my college experience I have also learned how to better manage my time, which will be helpful when I am a physical therapist. I have been exposed to a variety of students and it has better opened my mind to the diversity of Maine and of this country. I enjoy the closeness of my university becuase it allows me to get closer to the new variety of people I am exposed to. I have also learned the difficulty of paying for college. I have been paying for school with little assistance from my parents, and I have been taking advantage of my work study and other scholarships. However, I realize the importance of college to maintian a stable paycheck, which may be invaluble in this country today.


Since I have started college, I have a whole new perspective on life and just how valuable an education really is. Making the transition from high school to college, I was unaware what to expect. High school was very restricting but being a college student means more freedom. A student either has to sink or swim and realize that the professors are not longer going to remind you again and again to do your work. It is up to you, the student, to take care of everything and ask questions if necessary. I have really enjoyed college thus far as I feel I have taken so much from it. The classes are more challenging but they expand your mind to think about things in a different perspective than we have before. I know college will help my in the long run because I am bettering myself and will be bettering my future with a positive career as well.


My college experience has been a wild one. I am in the English Pre-law major which is a four year program, however I have been motivated to complete it in only two years. I am beyond busy, going to classes, homework, essays, studying, having a part time job, having family time, and of course some type social interactions at least one night a week. My first semester I was beyond exhausted pulling two or three all nighters in a row, making myself sick. What I have taken out of my college experience is time management for sure. In my 2nd semester, I am in bed by 12 and get plenty of rest. Having better time management skills has allowed me to grow and bloom into a better student. It is valuable for me to attend college because I need to make a life for myself and for my future family. I am anxious to start my life and what better way to start off my own life then having a college degree? I have to write my own book, and my book needs to have a degree to be successful.


Before I entered college i was a straight A ,B student that never drank or partied, as many of my classmates chose to do. Once I got in college all that changed. I befriended the wrong person. This person that I became friends with drank everynight and every weekend. At first when she would ask me if I wanted to drink I replied "No thank you". After a while she would call me lame and peer pressure me into drinking. Not wanting to deal with the peer pressure anymore, I decided to drink as well. That one time turned into every weekend, which pushed my homework to the side and I would not get it done until right before classes started. My grades begin to be not as high as they were. After a while I finally realized that drinking all the time was hurting my chances of doing well in college. I decided to not be friends with this person anymore. If i could go back and talk to myself, I would tell myself not to get involved with people like that because it not only brought my grades down but it also put my future career in jeopardy.


One of the most important things that you could do is learn to limit your spending. Trying to pay for college is really difficult, so making sure that you have money saved up is important. Another thing to make sure that you pay attention to is your spending when you ge into college as well. Along with that, remember that you are paying for your education now. Failing a class is no an option, or else you are losing hundreds of dollars that you will never see again. You are going to have to be self-motivated to do your work. Teachers are not going to follow you to get your work in like in high school. You need to stay on top of your work and finish everything on time, but at the same time make sure that you do a good job on it.


I would tell myself that while it is important to go to a good school, it is more important to like what you are doing and studying. I might suggest taking general classes at a local community college which is much cheaper and then transferring to a larger school when I have completely decided on a major. I would also tell myself to get involved in many extracurricular activities because they are are great way to meet friends and helpful to get involved in the campus community. Getting to know the surrounding town and available resources is also very important because it can provide you with entertainment and again helps to get to know others. I would say to take risks, have fun, and enjoy every second because time passes very quickly!


I would explain to myself that the transition is a lot easier than you anticipate. Do not worry about what your classmates will think of you. The classes are challenging, but if you read your textbook assignments and put in the need hours of studying you will succeed. Also, remember that you need time for yourself. Enjoy meeting new people and take in all the new experiences that you can. Your college years are ones you will never forget. So live it up, and become the success you wish to be. Goodluck, and trust me I know you will do fine.


If I had the opportunity to talk to my high school self, I would advise following my gut feeling about picking a major and stick with it. I have always been fascinated with the Real Estate profession, and miraculously there was a college in my home state that offered a great Real Estate degree program. I completed my first year and was able to receive licensure a year early, so I dropped out of the program and went into the field. Well, self, it?s a two year program for a reason and I was sadly under qualified without a degree. All the time I?d invested in school was wasted because I could not work in the field without a degree. I was blinded with the rush to practice Real Estate that I thought I could learn on the job as I went along, but that is not the case at all. As a high school senior I had no idea how valuable a degree was. It?s taken me seven years to get my act together and go back to school. I wish I had stuck with college when I started ? no matter what. Knowledge is power!


I would tell myself that college is alot harder than what people make it seem to be. I never really had to study in highschool and I found out really fast once I got to college how much I had to study. For one exam, I studied for 8 hours. Since I am a nursing major I do have more studying to do than some other majors. However, I didn't expect it to be this hard. I would also tell myself that transitioning into college takes time since you are living in a new place that is extrememly small and with a roomate. Also the food isn't like homecooking. Overall I love being at college, but it can be stressful and alot of work


College is the key to a great successful future. find out what you want to do in life, and what are the required skills. It is a good thing to get started early, the more you know about the major you want to persue, the more prepare you will be when you're actually there in College. Know that half work does not get you in College, make sure you give all you have in all your homework and on your exams, and you'll get in the College that you dreamed about.


Quite honestly the first thing I would say to myself is keep studying. I would insist that college is very important and not to have any doubts on whether or not I would survive in that type of atmosphere. I would remind myself that all of this studying will actually pay off and that it is actually giving me a leg up on what I will actually be doing in college. I would advise myself to have just a little bit of fun and to make friends and not be shy because I don't know what I would do without my friends here in college now. I would suggest getting all paperwork done for college early so as to not worry about late admissions. I would say to myself that college can be fun if you learn to interact with others and can be very rewarding as long as I keep applying my knowledge to what HUSSON University has to offer me. Lastly, I would say that the knowledge I have received from my professors, friends, and HUSSON college itself has made me a better, stronger, and more confident person. I would say believe in yourself.


I would say to not be afraid and just dive into school and making friends. It may seem overwhelming at first but make sure to schedule time for your studies and social life and you will have a great college expereince.


If i had the chance to go back to high school and tell myself something about the transition to college, I would say: Brace yourself, you're about to have a bumpy ride! It isn't the classes or the schedule that are tough getting used to, it's the overall life changes that occur when you move out of your home for the first time. Nobody is watching over you to ensure that you are where you need to be and doing what you need to be doing.


Visit as many colleges as possible!


A student will not be well educated unless they are happy. Choose a campus that has a culture/lifestyle that will make the student happy and therefore, interested in their intended major. If the student is not happy, all they will tink about is getting out or going home. The quality of the class will be useless if the student is dissatisfied.


My given advice would be to find the college that is the best fitting for you. I believe that to learn the most and get the most out of your environment you need to be comfortable as well as stimulated. Make sure the college is the right size and in the best fitting comfortable environment [examples: city, country, moderate mixture], aslo make sure the ratio of students to professors are accessible for you. I believe classroom size is a huge key to learning make sure it is a comfortable size for you to learn your best from. Another important aspect your college needs is to have lots of extra carricular activities such as clubs, intermural sports, dances, frats/soriorities, and other activities such as cookouts. I believe all of this can infulence a positive experience in college.


Visit the college before you decide to go there and do not go to a school just because someone you know or love is going there, do what you want to do and try to make the best of it.


Choose a college not on it's popularity but how it enriches it's community and how it values the thoughts and progress of it's students and faculty ,which makes it's primary belief and mission to illuminate your mind.


The biggest advice I could give to a parent or student is to think outside the box. I come from an extremely affluent community and all anyone talked about was the "right" schools. I thought to myself the "right schools"? How is anyone but me going to know where I'm going to happiest at school based off of statistics? Just because a school has a prominent name and your parents went there doens't mean you have to. Be accepting and open minded of your childs whants and needs. What you want might not me right for your kid. I lived around all these kids that were applying to the Ivys and were constantly stressed and paranoid about it. Once they got there they weren't even happy. My school, Husson mught not be w well know school in the United states but thats ok with me because I'm happy. Its totally out of my element and I love it. You don't always have to do what everyone else expects and wants you to do. Choosing the right school for you shouldn't be something you stress over it should be fun.


I would tell any students and their parents when looking for a college to consider the atmosphere of the school. Whether the college has social activities or is strictly academic driven. Academically driven colleges are wonderfully to get degrees from but without social activities, they become extremely stressful colleges to attend. I would strongly recommend seeing the college and talking to professors and students. Test the learning environment by attending classes you may be required to take. Do not base your opinion on a college by its website or catalog. Students looking at colleges should understand the cost and the estimate of extra fees so they can account for the financial burden they will carry while and after attending. I would recommend definitely talking to current students at the college to get honest answers to help you make the right choice for their future. Students are what create the college so feeling accepted and safe on campus are keys to the right college. To find out what college is right for you do lots of research and comparing because you will end up putting lots of money and spending most of your time at the college of your choice.


The majors available and type of college (4 year, 2 year, etc) are very important for future students to consider. Although one does not need to know the specific major they want, it is important to think of whether they want a college with specialized majors or a more generalized liberal arts school. I would also reccommend getting involved in a lot of activities that one enjoys. This is a great way to meet new people who have similar interests and will help one to learn time management skills. I would also suggest visiting the schools before deciding where to apply because often the environment there can sway you favorably or disfavorably. I think overall one needs to pick a college based on how happy they feel they will be there. A person who gets accepted to a prestigous school may not be comfortable with the rigorous workload. College only happens once, and no matter what school one chooses to attend, there are an endless number of ways to make it an experience to remember. Choose wisely, but still follow your heart!


It is important to look at the price of the college. Take advantage of scholarships. Also make the most if it. Talk to people outside of your comfort zone. Try new things, and live each day to the fullest.


Advice that I would give to any parent of a college student is to encourage your young adult that they can do anything they can put their mind to. It is really important that everyone has someone that believes in them. Education is what makes or breaks a person and this is a crucial time to give positive reinforcement. Also, don?t push your son or daughter to do something that you want them to do. Let them apply to where they want and for what they want. They are going to college to make their dreams come true. Not yours. Also, it is very important to be there for them night and day. They will be going through tough situations alone and will need a shoulder to lean on. For any student, make sure you can prioritize your time. It is hard to balance studying and a social life, but it is possible! College is where you make lots of great memories. It is also very important to make sure you?re happy where you are. If something doesn?t feel right, don?t waste any time. Figure out what you want and go for it!


Find a college that suits the student who is going to be attending. If you dont enjoy your peers and the field that you are studying then your not going to enjoy your college expirence. Choosing a college is a very tideous process, but its definately worth it.


When looking for the right college, one should take into consideration the quality of education that the school provides, as well as the activities and the location of the school. It's important to know that there is something extra to do for fun, so that you have a stress relief. Another thing to look for is the cars in the parking lots that the students drive because it tells a lot about the type of students that attend the school. By knowing the type of students that attend the school, you can have a better idea of the friends that will become a part of your life.


Think before you act on anything.