Husson University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The inconsistency between the quality of teachers. You have to be very careful when selecting classes, to make sure you have a teacher that will actually make the class worth the cost to take it. Of course I want to get my moneys worth while I am at school.




The most frustrating thing for me is the wireless internet. Husson is in the middle of constructing new dorm buildings among other things, and the wifi could really use a makeover for the rest of campus. Sometimes we have online assignments, and the internet tends to shut down on the students and staff occasionally. Besides that, there isn't much I don't like about Husson. I would reccomend attending school here to just about everyone I know.


Honestly, the most frustrating thing about Husson University is being a commuter student and finding a parking spot. Also, it is very frustrating when a professor cancels class after you have commuted 30-40mins for that class.


The most frustrating thing about this school is the quality of the food, but I should not complain too much; I am spoiled at home from being fed at a few quality restaurants that I work at and my family knows how to cook well.


The most frustrating things include how some students out of your major don't understand the work loads that different majors include especially during final and midterm weeks. There are many master programs at Husson University that require hours of work committment and some other students who may not be enrolled in more challenging programs with less work loads at times can not respect quite hours and committment that students have to their school work.


Some people don't like the school and that creates a negative vibe in the school and people tend to feed off that energy and sometimes it can be a very negative place.


The cost of credit hours are increasing, but in my major they are also increasing the number of courses required for us to get our degree. It seems as though we have no control over how much we pay for college.


The most frustrating thing about Husson would have to be the on-campus living. The way they match up different students to live together isn?t right. Husson shares its campus with another school and I feel that those students should have their own dorms. Also, if there is complications with roommates or someone wants to make a move to a different room or dorm, it seems to be extremely difficult to make it happen.