Huston-Tillotson University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are very active and fun, and creative.


My classmates are great people but they just are not like the people I grew up with.


My classmates are smart, caring, joyous, and respectable people.


My classmates for the most part are kind and courteous; they make it enjoyable to go to class everyday.


My classmates range from the very interactive to the ones who sit and listen, however we all seem to get along like a family.


My classmates are a lot different then the ones I know from high school; they are more responsble.


A family that for the most part gets along with each other with a few healthy debates between each other.


Unique is an understatement and everyone is extremly talented in some art form or another.


My classmates are mostly fun-loving, humorous, and moderately studious.


My classmates are full of ambition and have a passion for learning. Their point of views on topics we are focusing in class are all different and interesting which makes class so much more exciting. I enjoy going to classes where peole speak and have interest in the topics we are studying.


My classmates are all different walks of life, they each contribute to the development of the school with their personalities and abilities.


My classmates are full of spirit and different in many ways such as religion and up bringings, therefore I really enjoy my classmates because they allow me to be myself and to bring more out of me.


My classmates are fun to be around. i dont really have much contact with them because i keep to my self and get my work done. Having my class mates around is very helpful at times, they are helpful because if u dot know how to do something in the jubject your working in then there is someone that is bound to know what they are doing and can help you.


Each classmate is nothing like the next; even though you might always see them together and they seem to act alike, most have many differences.


My classmates are very determined to be successful in what they want to do in life.


They are very determined and supportive.


I believe that the students at Huston-Tillotson University come from very different backgrounds. Many of the students here value the opportunity they have to get their education. From the Caribbean to Africa, students embrace culture and knowledge.