Huston-Tillotson University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of student that should attend Huston-Tillotson University are the ones that want to change the world in their own image. A self-motivated student would also be a good candidate for HTU. The faculty and staff are there to make the impossible possible for the one who really want in life.


People who attend this school should be prepared to study a lot, and stay focused. Academic s are very important to this school.


A determined, self motivated person with goals. They should be friendly and interact well with others.


A person is wants to be a leader and be a part of an educational enviornment of diverse populations. Students who want to be empowered for success in a global society as critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and an ethical citizen.


Anybody whom is serios about their education and like a small college environment where there is a more one on one learning bases, this college also offers a number of sports to compete in.


Huston-Tillotson is a very diverse university. Everybody can come to this school. It good for students who want to feel like they are at home. It is very friendly, and closed campus. Everybody knows everybody. The classes are very small, so you will be able to have a close relationship with all of you professors.


A person seeking to earn a degree in a quiet, small and cozy, friendly environment.


I would recommend this school to any one that is serious about bettering their education. If you are a non-traditional student, this is the place for you because they offer many opportunities for your advancement as well as traditional students.


Someone who is willing to give their time to studying, attending classes, and participating in social events on campus. The schools organizations hold many events on campus that help the community grow and a student who participates can benefit greatly with community service hours as well as a learning and growing experience with new friends. The instructors all appreciate a student who comes to class prepared and is more than willing to help whenever asked, so a student who works and studies hard is guarateed to succeed in all class and at Huston-Tillotson.


Someone who wants to further themselves as a person in business or or education.


Very open minded individuals.


Anyone should attened this school, just because we are a HBCU, does not mean only blacks can attened.


older people that would like too finish school or would like a second chance


Those who are looking to get the full college experiance.


A person who loves its surroundings and want a small place to walk


A person who loves the small environment.


The kind of persons that should attend this school are those who are driven to work.