Huston-Tillotson University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


someone who wants to live on a big campus and have more room.


A person winth a big ego & like big environments


Anybody whom is not serious about their education should not attend this college.


Someone who wants to experience the stereotypical college life. The large universities with more than one hundred students in a class.


A person that may like a larger populated environment. This is a small campus and very small class which I love because you have more opprotunities to have that close contact with your professors and they know you by name instead of by id number like most big campuses. Its a somewhat diversed but mainly Afro American it is a HBCU.


The kind of person's that should not attend this school is the ones that dont show up for class. They are wasting their time and money. If you dont go to class the you are bound to take that same course over again with the same professor so you minus well get it over with and quit wasting everybodys time because its pointless for you to be there.


Huston-Tillotson University is one of over 100 Historically Black College and Universities. The purpose of an HBCU is to specifically serve the black community. This not only means giving back but being a pillar that will enrich the lives of other generations. This is quite the responsibility and is something that should not be taken lightly. If community service and particularly the black community's service is not an interest to someone, this may not be the school for them.


Someone who isn't serious about their future or education.


A person who wants to be at a school with a lot of government funding, a person wants to be at a well known school that is technologically advanced, a person who wants to attend a largely populated campus should not attend HTU or they will be sorely disappointed.


A person who wants to go to college but may not have any other choice