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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Like I said before, college is different. Do not get caught up in the "I'm grown and on my own" hype. though it is true you need to keep focus and make sure you go forward with your dreams and keep those that support you and move aside the people that doubt your ability. There is nothing you can't do a 4.0 is possible you just have to work hard and stay focused. You will be the best you can be, you'rre a force to be reconed with and you have a bright future a head of you. Live your life, and discover your dreams.


Advice is good for the soul. I wish I knew what I found out in college. The advice I would give myself as a senior, would be: 1) Study as hard as you can, no matter what just because we graduated honors doesn’t mean you should stop trying. Make sure your head is in the right place with helping people sometimes they can take advantage of your niceness. 2) Although you might go through some hardships, whether at home or school; you need to push through. Every single thing you do comes back to you. 3) When you graduate Dionna and experience summer, do not spend your money on candy. (That is true) Save every dime for college, because even though financial aid might help; feeding is just as important. 4) Stay true to yourself. You can only love and be yourself first. The friends you make will be with you forever. CHOOSE WISELY! 5) Always pray! The more your closer to God, the better your life and worries will be and not. 6) Give back to the community, and help those in need. The feeling is magnificent. 7) You have good ideas; use them wisely. Believe in yourself.


If i would go back in time and talk to myself knowing what i know about college, i would fill myslef about the amout of resources for me at Huston-Tillotson . The professor will see that you reach that goal you have . You always around people that want to help . How i know cause that the school i attend Huston -Tillotson . Just see what see don't be afraid.


If I could go back in time I would not have took the track offer I have now. My main focus coming to college should have been my grades and track takes a lot of time and energy away from studying. I should of took more time searching for schools instead of taking the easy way out and just choosing wherever. I did not know very much about Huston Tillotson before I came here and that is because I didn't take the time to look up information. I'm not sad with my decision it's just there was stuff that I needed to know before making my decision but everything happens for a reason. I am very blessed just to be in college because not everyone has this opportunity so I will make the best of it.


As a a girl just graduating high school is a very big opportunity. Knowing that there is some colleges out there that will help achieve my goals in life, and will advance myslef in to the carreer you will want. Telling myself everyday you can relax when the time comes, but to go foward with college; college will give me a bigger opportunity to work in the feild that I want. The medical field is where I want to plant myself. Going to college will help me with the learning that I will need to get through the medical feild. In my family being the first person to graduate, going on to college is an accomplishment. Having a diploma is a very exciting feeling, I tell myself you have done it; you completed one of your goals, and now to go on; continue with your other goals you have set for yourself. You can do it; you proved to everyone, and yourself that you have a good chance of being placed in the carreer you want don't give up now, be strong. Just believe in yourself don't get distracted by anything; believe in yourself and there is hope.


I would tell myself or any high school senior is choosing a university is a very important decision. When choosing a university choose one that you are going to be the most beneficial from. Another thing that I would consider is that the college life is full of freedom ,but the key is to take advantage of having this freedom. Balance your time, take advantage of your sources, and most of all have fun , but do it responsibly. If a high schol senior have the knowledge of these things and stick to it their colloge experience will be wonderful. When you tackle college with these tools it reduces stress and it makes life more enjoyable. Also, visit your professors at their office hours make your face known because this shows that you are a student of determination and about buisness. This is one of the most exciting times a persons life , enjoy it and make the best of it!!!!!


I would prepare myself more, and work on my organization skills.


Hello younger self! Please spend more time learning good study habits. Learn how to prioritize your life. These things will help you in the future. Don't worry about growing up so fast, time goes by quickly. Those friends that you think are so important, you will barely remember their faces in the years ahead. So buckle down and get to work! Life really does go by quickly. Hang on it's an awesome ride.


I would tell myself to do more research about any university that I would be interested in. I would also tell myself to get things done ASAP, and do not procrastiniate. Being the first generation college student, I would give myself that joy to ride on, which will bring a wave of determination in the middle of hard times. As funny as it would seem, I would also tell myself to be ready to deal with a crazy roommate.




start off at a community college to save money then transfer after you get the basic credits.


The advice I would give myself would be to not to worry about college. Of course it is different than high school, but thats expected. Your away from your parents, living on your own and going to school in a new city all at the same time. However, its nothing you can't handle. Classes will not be as hard as you expect them to be, even though they will operate a little differently you will be able to adapt and excell. Living on your own isn't that bad either, its actually a lot of fun. You can do whatever you whenever you want. Do you want ice cream for dinner? You can have ice cream for dinner its awesome! Also, don't worry about making friends, it's so easy. You are going to find friends and become so close with them in such short of time, you won't be able to believe what happened. In all, you are going to love college and try to visit home a least a few times each semester to keep your parents happy.


Adult freedom comes at a price: choices and responisbilities. The decisions you make affect you more deeply than you can imagine: choosing to attend class and studying instead of putting in more hours at your job or going out with friends is one that will benefit you the most in the long run. Do not shurk your responsibilities which now include getting yourself to school, working a part-time job so you can pay for everything yourself, seeking help when you need it, informing yourself about the things around you and mapping out your future. You must remain strong and vigilant because a college education is worth it. You will learn more about yourself than you'd care to know but it is worth knowing who you are. The worth of your work is the amount of time and effort you put into it; do not squander your time and remember to hang in there at the worst of times. It will get better and you will be all the more grateful when the hard times pass and you know you did everything you possibly could. You can do it; it is possible and you are worth it.


Save every penny you can. College is a good time and the best days of your life but it is not cheap at all. Enjoy living with you rparents and don't ever take them for granted. I know you would like to grow up, be independent and do your own thing but one day you will realize your childhood is over and will never be back. Apply for every scholarship you can. There is so much available money you just have to go and find it. Don't ever hesitate to find help. There are school counselors, advisors, online aid and so much more to educate you about college. Prepare yourself for change and embrace it as gracefully as possible. Open your eyes and open your mind because college will bring to you a lot of new friends and new ideas!


The advice that I would give to myself is to try to have fun at college, but to focus in school as well. However, there always has to be time for everything but when it comes to school, everything must be limited in order to have a good college experience. Try to join clubs, activities, sports and always focus on school, ask as many questions as you have, there's never a dumb question. It feel much better leaving the classroom with all questions answered, than to stay with a question that could make a letter grade difference.


I would tell myself get up in get a job stop taking opportunitys for granted, why are you still worried about sports because you will not be playing them in college, nothing is easy college is expensive so keep applying for scholarships and grants instead of stressing over the ones you did not get, be more responsible, leave that crowd of friends, stop believeing and depending on what everybody is telling you because they are not going to be helping you pay for your tuition like they promised you, and dont fall for the peer pressure in college because trust me people are going to try in encourage you to do things that you know is not something you would do normally so just be aware. The transition is going to be difficult especially money wise but just keep your head on straight because you will get through everything eventually just stay on your studies, volunteer , apply for interships, make friends who could also be your support group, and attend church because god is always there for you so why not show your appreciation. Have fun, manage your time also your money because the books are not cheap. Be Prepared!!


If I had the opportunity to teach my old self two primary things would be: 1.) Apply for scholarships & 2.) Follow Your Dreams. Scholarship make school and the education experience easier. During my undergraduage experience I was forced to work three jobs to make certain fee and charges were paid. However, it was difficult balances, work, school and personal time to relax and focus on the upcoming weeks. Scholarships would have allowed me more time to focus on books and less time working for another. Following your dreams will keep you dedicated to the work and studying going on not just inside but outside of the classroom. Understanding this will help you achieve your goals faster not to mention, when you do something you love it isn't call work. It's a hobby.


If I could go back in time I would tell my senior self to stay focused. College is a big transition because you are basically on your own. No one is calling your parents or giving you extra days to get assignments done, you have to keep yourself motivated. I would also tell myself to stay involved. It is important to focus on school work but a balance also has to be met. If you just stay in your room and study all the time, you will drive yourself crazy. I would also tell myself do not be afraid to speak up. I was very shy as a senior but I learned from college engaging gets you farther. My main message to my old self would be to keep positive people around you. The more positive energy you have around you in a hard time the easier it will be to cope.


Make sure you stay ahead of class work and homework. Be prepared to study hard.


I could tell myself many different things that could possibly make my transition from high school to college run much more smoothely. First, I would start by giving the advice of applying for many scholarships at the beginning of my senior year. As a senior, I wasn't aware of the tuition fees and the importance of applying for scholarships because financial instability can cause you to fail in your college career. I would also advise myself to study very hard for the SATs throughout highschool and to never procrastinate. The act of procrastination in high school can result of failing grades for an individual. It is very crucial that you work exceptionally hard because your GPA will determine if you can get into the college you deserve. I say that to say this, never settle when it comes to your education. Finally, I would say to work on every assignment whole-heartedly and full of knowledge.


In the last semester as a college student, I've learned many principles of being a better student then I was before. These principles include actually being in class early, taking notes during the lesson, and being more active during the lesson. Before my college experience, I never was serious about school and now that I attend college; my perspective about school has completely changed. Attending college has made me a better person in ways that I would have never of guessed before. Now I actually do all my work and study for all my classes instead of just waiting for it to be over like I would in the past. All in all my college experience has been nothing less of life changing, having realizing this only makes my attending of college even more valuable.


I have gotten so much out of college for my first year. I have learned that you have to find a way to motive your self because know one esle will. You have to keep or self organized and keep track of each class because some teach will not tell you that the prject is due the next class day, they only give you the due date onces and the rest is up to you. I have learned that it is good to get involed on campus because if you dont then your college experience will be long and boring. Getting out is good. You must learn how to balacess your work and your friends. Typing to study in a loud place may not work for you, you may have to go to the libary. Then go hang out with your friends.


I have gotten a lot out of the college experience, not only how the mange my time, but how to talk to people. Time mangement was the hardes for me because I like to put things off to the last minte then for get all about it. I have learn that if you take your time with that assessment your grades tens to get a lot better then if you do it the night before. How to talk to people was also a very importent thing to know. You can not just go up to any one a give them a huge and say hi my name is angela gallimore. You go up to people and shack their hand. That is also something I have also learned the way you shack someones hand say a lot about you as a person. As you have readed I am learing a lot in college that I did not ever had even cross my mind.


Honestly this college didn't give me the real college experience but they did provide me with the support I needed when things were not going in the right direction. Some of the professors at this university really helped me to stay in school and now my GPA has risen and continues to rise.


Going to college makes you be a young responsible adult. It is very difficult to just enter the real world dealing with economic difficulties and other big issues. I learned to depend more on myself and believe that I can do what I set my mind into doing. Attending college just helps you learn that things will be done only by yourself and if you need help you will have to go and seek the help that you need. Attending college is the biggest test of our lives just to see if we can actually make it and surpass all the work, the stress, and all the tests that we have to overcome.


Being in a college institution for nearly a year, I have came to realize the true importance of a good college education. College is a time for many young adults to branch out of their shell to experience new experiences and to begin the rest of their adult lifes. For me, college is a ticket to success. A ticket to insure that my future job/life style will be a more educated and fullfilling one. In todays society, it is extremly hard to harness a "Good" career without some sort of college education on your belt. My guess, within ten years or so, not even a bachelors degree will cut it for many major businesses. I treat every experience I encounter in my life as what it is, an "experience". Going through the good times and the bad times that life throws at me, I try not to let it affect me but to just Learn from them. College has been, and will continue to be one of the best experiences that I have been blessed to be a part of. Education is essential to success. And I will be successful.


One does not know how strong they are till the only option you have is to be strong. Transfering from high school life to college life is a major transformation. In high school, one hears stories about how hard college is and how stressful it but. But in reality, college is only hard if one makes it that way. If i were to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would tell myself to be prepared for everything. Life is what you make it, and if you chose to be lazy and not use your time wisely, you will not let yourself become successful.




The advice I would give myself is plan early. I think waiting the last mintue to do stuff was my downfall. I think if you get an early start you don't have many things to worry about. I would also appy to a lot more schools, so i wouldn't have to settle for the first school that i get accepted to. I would fill out many scholarships so I can have the proper funds to go to the school of my choice. I would also take some time and reseach college life. I would do that so i could know what to expect my first year as a college student. It is good to know the pros and cons about college.


I would have told myself to be more assertive, and to take more initiative in learning all the various things I needed to know about scholarships and financial aid, and due dates. More generally, I would have just told myself to talk more. I would have told myself "communicate more with your teachers", as far as understanding certain assignments, making sure they knew about situations that would interfere with me completing assignments on time, or attending their class on certain days; mostly making sure they knew how interested I was in passing the class. I would have also said "don't be so passive about due dates", "be more punctual". Most of all I would have told myself to hold on to the relationships I had with people from my school and people from my city, and to take more initiative to establish and maintain relationships with people who can help me. That was my biggest downfall.


Well I am currently 24 years old, this is my second university, and I did have some preparation for transitioning in to college but this was not enough. If I could go back to high school and give myself any advise I would have said to study more and party less. If you didn't understand your studies take advantage of you professors and tutors. My first year of college I got pregnant as result of my careless actions. Though I became a mother and had to stop school my determination became great and I vowed to never give up so I would make sure to tell myself to have that determination towards my studies.


First and foremost, I would tell myself to go straight to college after high school. Then, I would apply to as many scholarships as I could. Next, I would make sure I am doing research on more than one school. Also, I would seek more help in preparing for college so that your not stressed and have a better understanding of the process.


If I had the chance to go back I would say, "Karlie, don't be so hard on yourself! You make a 3.8 gpa (6 A's and 1 B) your first semester in college. When you took on the challenge to take 18 hours you knew it would be worth it, and it paid off." I would also tell myself to APPLY for any and every scholarship out there because I did not take advantage of that my senior year. Then I would tell myself to make sure when dealing with roommates that are completely opposite of my personality that I need to meet somewhere in the middle with my roommate, and that communication is the best way to get any problem resolved. If I could tell myself this little bit of advice I believe it would have benefited me greatly.


be ready for more freedom than your use to. Every teacher gives u enough rope to hang yourself.


The advice I would give myself is that when you first enter into college you must prioritize. There will be distractions but you must understand the importance of your presence in the University. It is okay to have fun but it is important to have balance! School comes first then the rest follows. Pick your crowds of friends wisely because they can influence your future in an unknown way. Get well aquainted with professors because they help with guidance and being successful in life. Professors enoy attentive students who go the extra mile in learning. Participate in as many activities on campus as possible but do not overwhelm yourself to the point where you lose focus of your hopes and dreams.Study! Study! Study! If studying on your own is difficult or you have a difficulty understanding something, join study/tutoring groups that will assist you.


If I myself were to go back and speak with myself as a high school senior I would have many things to say to myself. The first being, start preparing know get your g.p.a up to at least a 3.5 average. Number two would be do not settle for just average because you are not just an average student. And fourthly I would tell myself give it time, give yourself time to adjust to college life and give it a fair chance. If i another chance to go back to high school and re-do my senior year, with the information i know today; I would have definetley been a better student and more prepared for the world ahead of me. But because that oppurtunity is not afforded to me I will do my very best to be a great student while I am in college with the information that i know now. And If chosen to receive this scholarship It will help me greatly to continue my education and help continue my strive to be the great studious student that i know that i am and can be. Thank You.


Take more advanced/college prep classes. Take as many AP test (that you know you can pass) as possible to earn credit hours before you go to college. Try and eliminate the "procrastination bug", for it can destroy you in college since all the decisions you make are up to you. Develop a more mature an open mind towards things you do not know a lot about. Do your ABSOLUTE best in every class to secure a high GPA, so that you can earn numerous scholarships and awards for college. Finally, do not think of college as "just more school"; think of it as a great learning experience to prepare you for future career goals and aspirations. Always remember, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO.


If I could go back to being a high school senior and give advice to myself, the first thing I would say is to strive for a 3.5 or higher your first year because it is easier to get a high GPA and maintain it if you start on a higher level. I would tell myself not to become so overly involved in extra-curricular activities that it interferes with studying and going to class. I would tell myself to be aware of my surroundings and what I tell certain people. Everyone you think is your friend is definitely not your friend. Another important thing that I would tell myself is to find out who I am. I wouldn't be swayed to do something that could never benefit me. If you stand for nothin, you will fall for anything. Lastly, I would tell myself that nothing worth achieving comes without hardwork and dedication.


If i could go back in time and inform myself about college life I would have to tell myself to manage time wisely. I would tell me to start during the summer time and pretend i was already there. To pick up more organization skills so that everything is done on a schedule. Making sure that i made time for studying and/or make study groups, go to tutoring for every class at least once or twice a week, and to begin to learn to manage money. Learn how to save every penny and only buy the most important things. In order for me to do this i would tell myself to purchase a planner or a wall calender that can show me we what needs to be done. If something is in my face it is harder to avoid it or procrastinate, so, i know for a fact it will get done. That, I believe, is the best advice I could give myself if I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior.


The advice that i would give myself if i could go back in time as a high school senior is stay focused. I say stay focused because your GPA at the end of your high school year reflects your for your freshman year in college, and you dont want to have a low GPA at the beginning of your college career. Another thing i would tell my self is dont give up. Dont give up on your school work keep trying your best. Dont give up on finding scholarships i know its hard but dont give up because every penny counts when it comes to paying your tuition. Just get back up[ and try harder. I would also tell my self to get involved in extracuricular activities because colleges love to see that you are active in some kind of sport of club. In high school i didnt participate in any activities so when i filled out my college application that field was blank and i wish i had some kind of activity to fill in those blanks.


If I could go back in time to talk to myself about college, boy would tell myself a lot. I would encourage myself to get to know the campus a little more before school started so I would't be lost on the first day. I would prepare myself for the piles of work that I would be recieving from day one, until the end of the semester. With all of that work comes a lot of studying too. I would advise myself of the importance, of staying on top of my work and how having a schedule can make things go by a little smoother. It's very easy to fall off track and get caught up in the partying and having fun, but you I have to remeber why I'm at school and what my goals are.


To never settle for less and know what you are worth no matter what people try to get you to believe. Make choices that are benifical for you and no one elese. The choices you make will determine your future.


If I could go back in time I would advise my time to take things more seriously and being an athlete won?t get you far. In high school I played basketball and I was always able to turn work in late, I was able to miss a lot of class and use basketball as an excuse and I did not take my academics very seriously. I expected to get a basketball scholarship and e able to do the same things in college. I did not get a basketball scholarship, I got an academic scholarship. The scholarship that I received requires me to maintain a 3.2 grade point average. The transition was hard because I had never had to study before, and there was no turning work in late so I was definitely in for a rude awakening. Luckily the upper classman in the program were helpful and made sure that I got help. I would definitely advise myself to take my academics more seriously because basketball will not always be there, and nothing is easy in college.


Be all that you can be. Do not give up. As a senior in high school you have made it to the beginning of your life. You have overcame may errors and now you are getting ready to live life. Stay focus and start applying to colleges. College is for determined individuals and it will give you a great experience about life. The transition will be hard but it will be for your best interest. Do not be apart of the problem.


I would take my high school studies more seriously in preparing for college. I would plan better study habits. Listsen to advisors more and take their advise for selecting majors. Find out more about scholarships and grants that's available.


College life is something that many student can not adjust too. As you are a high school senior now and you think that you can handle anything that comes your way. When you transition to college, keep your mind on why you are in college and that goint to college is a privilege to go to college. Take advantage of the of the choices you are given, never take anything for granted. Be prepared to spend alot more hours on studying for quizes and test.


I would tell myself to stay focused on the task at hand. Yes, college is fun and hanging out with your friends is fun but an education is what will get you farther in life. I would tell myself to plan my time better for studying and for friends. I would also tell myself that participating in on- and off-campus events will help me gain community service hours as well as new friends who share the same ideas and goals that I do. I would look at different colleges to determine who has the best degree plan and make campus visits to speak to administration and instructors. I would attend all my classes each day to ensure I could get the best grades possible to secure my future career. Last but not least, I would tell myself that college is not as bad as it looks and that making it on your own is a part of growing and being responsible. College is a time to explore and find out who you are, what you want to do with your future and where you want to end up in life.


I woud say to myself that higher education can be done and not to let anyone say and I believe that I can't accomplished whatever that my mind is set too. Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world.


If i were to go back in time to give myself advice it would be to take your math classes seriously do not wait until your senior year to try and get the best teacher. If your teacher is just letting you do what you want ask to change, because you will need it in the long run. You do not want to end up in a developmental class that do not count towards your major or towards your transript: All it would do is mess up your gpa if you don't take it seriously. Also develop good study habits and write good notes that will help you succeed come test time. Stay focused it is ok to have fun but don't let the fun take over you, because if you come out with a low gpa your first couple years in college it will be very difficult to come back from. Use your teachers get to know them make sure they see and know your face because it shows that your making an effort to them and they will be more willing to help you out by giving you and extra assinment to bring up your grade.


In my high school years my school properly prepared you for college. I attent La Quinta High School and International Baccaluearte school and I was in the program. I wouldn't give myself any extra advice because my academic path had prepared me for college and has made this new level of academia easy.