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HCC has small class sizes and the instructors have plently of time to work one-on-one with students.


The unique thing about Hutchinson Community Collage is that they are in to helping their students. They don't just say they will help they do it. And its up to the student to take advantage of the help provided. Another unique thing about my school is that they are all about the students and that's what I love about Hutchinson Community Collage.


It's close to home. I can enjoy going to college from home, which is financially easier and leaves me undistracted by home-sickness. It also serves as a good transition for me, instead of going directly from a small town high school to a four year school. My college also has small classes which make it easy to learn, and I still have a connection to some of my teacher and advisors. I can talk to them, something I don't think would be as plausible at a larger school.


the location is great ad you gain a conection w/ the instructors