Hutchinson Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I were able to inform myself as a senior in high school about the college life and the transition that occurred I would first acknowledge the fact of how much fun that will be experinced during the time at college. The diversity of the new friends you will make will befuddle you entirely. Embrace every moment with your family while still living at home becasue once you leave for college, the relationship with them will dwindle. Never pass up an opprotunity to make a difference in someone else's life becasue you never know how big of an impact it will have on their life and what they will do with it. Live every day like it is your last because one of your close friends will pass away unexpectedly due to a car crash. Don't ever forget to tell the ones who are close to you how much you truly care about them because one day you won't have the opprotunity to tell them how much you love them. Thank you and God Bless.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself that all the hard work and effort I put into high school would pay off in college. It might be difficult at the time, but it is all worth the effort. What I learned in high school and everything I worked for prepared me well for college. What I would also tell myself about the transition to just relax and not to worry so much. It is not near as tough as I thought it would be. Take the transition one day at a time with a good attitude and relax and have fun.


As I sit here filling this out I look at my life and see that I am a single mother of 2 that is just now entering college for the first time. If I could take myself back to be a high school senior I would change my life immensely. I would be more concentrated on my education. I have the life experience now to know that education is key. To be able to secure my kids future I now know that I need to go back and finish my education. I am asking you to help give me the tools to secure my education for myself and my children. Thank you for your consideration.


I would tell myself not to be stupid and allow a man to interfer in my schooling. That I need to finish college and have a degree in my hand before getting married or having children.


I would tell myself to do really good in school study hard and that I will need a job and don't be afraid to use your voice because that will be benificial in college.


I would tell myself to go after any scholarship I could get. It's worthwhile in the long run. I also would have encouraged myself to take more classes. I was so afraid that college classes were going to be extremely hard that I didn't take as many as I could've. Having more credits at my two-year school will only make it easier when I transfer to a four-year university. I also would have told myself to not be afraid to talk to more people. Either you will make more friends who can help you with classes and missed notes or they won't like you. And chances are if they don't like you, even on a small campus, you'll hardly see them anyways. Push yourself a little: It's worth it in the end. You can only grow from working harder.


GO directly to college. Do Not wait a year. Do not forget to work out all the kinks of financial aid early. Also, become close with your high school guidence counselor so they can help you find good scholorships.


I would tell myself to stay calm and don't stress out. Just do your best and work as hard as you can. I would tell myself, once you get to college, stay focused on your studies. With college life, it is so easy to get distracted. My freshman year, I partied almost every Thursday night and I really regret that. It caused me to lose focus of what was important, my studies. I would tell myself, don't get caught up in the peer pressure, keep your eyes on the main prize, and that is getting good grades to get into a great 4-year college. I would also tell myself that it is alright if you don't know what you want to do right away. I have already changed my major twice and I'm only a sophomore, and I think I have found the perfect career, a youth minister. College life is great, and you should enjoy every minute of it, but college studies is also a part of college life. College studies should be one of your top goals.


I would tell myself to just get it done. My college career has taken way too long to complete. I would also tell myself to not slack off in high school and get ahead of the game while I still can.


I would tell myself that i'm going to make the choices. Have fun with the friends and don't worry about the guys.


Start college right out of high school. Don't put it off for even a year. Work on you financial aid well in advance. Your guidence counselor should become your best friend in your senior year of high school. And don't worry about high school drama and pressure to be "cool." Once you're in college, none of it matters at all. Even if you didn't do that great in highschool, don't let that be an excuse. Do your best when you're in college and then your high school record doesn't matter at all.


The opportunity to go back into time for a chance to advise myself for the future that lies ahead in college could help in many ways. First i would advise myself to not make a quick decision on what major I would persue in but rather texplore all the many differnt and interesting opportunities that lay before me. There is no need to panic and stress myself out if my major is still unknown. Second I would causion myself in opening up my schedule for more school activites and assignments rather than to worry about a part-time job and money. The third recommendation i would propose to myself would be to understand that my parents only pressure me because they love me. They worry about my studies and wish me the best luck in any career path i choose to follow and will support me no matter what. Even if I had a chance to go back into time to advise myself of such obstacles, I am just blessed that i have come to realize them before it was too late.