Idaho State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is widely best know for the pharmacy program located on campus.


It's been ranked as one of the - if not, the only - best technological schools in the United States; and that's not something you can just scoff at.


It is known for its determination to make everyone welcome.


It's health profession programs


I enjoy how ISU has spirit day every wednesday. If you wear the school colors and someone of the student body sees you, you can be thrown into a drawing to win a prize.


Bengal sports at the Holt Arena, Stacy Dragila


My school is best know for, in my opinion, it's pharmacy program and/or internships and jobs relating to the Inl (nuclear facility). I know that it is extremely competitive to be in the pharmacy program, students I've met have become elated or disappointed on that criterion. The engineering/physics/related fields, though not as competitive are strenuous, and seem to take a mental toll on those trying to complete it.


The school is probably good for a varity of reasons. One example is that Their are different variety of programs, clubs, and organizational programs to help with any ones needs.


Idaho State University is well known for its excellent pharmacy program, but a more well known item is that the university also has the first domed arena built on a U.S. college campus, known as the Holt Arena, formerly called the Mini-Dome. This arena was completed in 1970 and has been the location for the Dodge National CIrcuit Finals Rodeo for several years running. The Holt Arena is also the facility where the nationally recongnized Simplot Games, a track and field competition, are held each year.


Definately for it's pharmacy program. It's supposed to be one of the best in the state. Which is the opposite of our football team that is quite the opposite of the best. One more reason would be it's research on big foot.


Idaho State University has an outstanding Accounting program. I have two sisters who received their degrees from ISU and have gone on to be very successful in their fields.


I think that Idaho State University isn't really known for anything. But once you visit here the atmosphere and the people just make you want to attend ISU for college.


Idaho State University is best known for its debate team, womens' soccer team, and pharmacy program.