Idaho State University Top Questions

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It was a lot cheaper than the other schools I got into.


Idaho State University is uniqure because it offers campus tours to anyone who is interested in attending this school. These campus tours have made people feel welcome. These campus tours have increased the number of people who attend this school.


I look at many schools in the search to further my education. The reason I chose Idaho State University was because it was close to home but not only that. I chose Idaho State because it had a great diversity of ethnicities. From African American, Saudi Arabian, Indian, and Asian, to Caucasian, Hispanic and Spanish, Idaho State has a wide range of ethnic diveristy and it has been fun to learn about all the different cultures.


This school was affordable and the dorms were not the traditional two to a bedroom style. There were living places for older single and married students as well.


They are unique because of how competitive their nursing program is. I have the option of earning my RN at a more local school, but their training to become a RN is not as impressive as ISU's. I love that they have an extremely high pass rate and also a high placement rate for graduating students.


The trio program helps alot. They make sure that you are doing well in school. Also they have the learing center to help you out in essay or what ever they have. Also they give out the best toturs to make sure you do well in school.


I am a full time mother and wife and I live in Hansen Idaho so I love that ISU is so accommodating for students completing their teaching degree from Twin Falls as opposed to Pocatello. I can complete my entire Bachelor's degree in elementary education close to home without moving my family. The classes are also small enough in the Twin Falls area that the professors are extremely accommodating and make me feel they care about me.


I really liked the campus and how most of the buildings on campus are spread out but are still close together so that you can walk everywhere on campus, which is what i do. I am not sure what is so unique about my school, i really liked everything about the school and the minute i was on a tour of the campus i knew that this was the school for me to go to. I love attending ISU and would never choose another school to go too.


its a nice school, only an hour from my hometown. it's a big enough area to have something to do and places to obtain needed items, but not too big. it's kind of an out-doorsy place with lots of recreation and a good variety of classes and majors. i hear the pharmacy program is excellent.


The faculty and staff at Idaho State University have a servitude mentality. They always go above and beyond to help students with tutoring, counseling for personal issues or career issues, and maintaining excellent academic standing. This school is all about helping their students succeed


It has a high percentage of mormons and it is pretty conservative. This makes it a very low crime school and also is not a big party school. It is unique in the sense that it is a very small town and most that move here grow to love it. The people and the community are very nice.


We have low tuition compared to everyone else. Our stadium is the first domed stadium for College ever.


The university that I attend is very non-traditional, which means that new students fresh out of high school get to work with older people coming back to school. This allows for alot of great interactions and learning opportunities.


I choose Idaho State University because it was close to home and offered me several scholarships through the Marching Band. I was able to stay within an hour or two of my family and was close enough to home to meet and marry my wife and have a family and still be close to both of our families. There is a high LDS population here because of the proximity to BYU-Idaho and we liked that atmosphere.


The availability of resources and the effort the teachers put in to their students. Also there is not a number of overwhelming students it is just the right amount of students


I really never considered another school because I am a non-traditional student with children who has lived close to Pocatello most of my adult life. I have always wanted to attend college but put it off until I was twenty-six years did not matter to me where I went to school as long as I could go. Idaho State University is a good school to attend and I hope in the years to come my children might attend.