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What are the academics like at your school?


Academic, hands on and practical application


Most of my classes are very large and very few professors know my name. A student has to make an effort for the professor to learn their name, or be contacting them on a regular basis with homework help, etc.


Academics are important. There's lot of tutoring places, a writing and math center for help and teachers are always very good and very accommodating.


I'm not sure if all the professors that I have had know my name but I do know that a handful of them do. My favorite class at Idaho State is Chemistry. I find it challenging and interesting. At the moment I dont have a least favorite class as I like all of them but the least favorite class that I have lust far is music. I think that I study more than other students'. I can't verify all students' obviously but I do know the ones that I have talked to and I can honestly say that I spend a great deal of time studying. All of the classes that I have been in there has been a great deal of class particitpation. I believe that the majority of the people in that classes that I am in are involved a great deal in class discussion. Competitive students however, are hard to come by, at least in my experience. I am exremely competitive but it seems that competitivness depends on where the student is in his or her life. The most unique class that I have taken was childhood development. It was an extremely challenging class that pushed students to their utmost potential and discussed the ways in which individuals learn. It talked about why adolescents might do what they do and think the way that they do and that was by far the most interesting and unique class that I have taken. My major is nursing. However, I have decided that I want to double major in not only nursing but psychology. I have spent some time in touch with class instructors outside of class and in office meetings discussing assignments. My belief in this schools academic requirements are high. Every class that I have taken has been challenging and I think that if a student was determined to get a good grade that sufficient effort needed to be put fourth in order to achieve the goal. Jobs after the education at this instituation are geared towards getting a job. Not only is attending I.S.U. great for attaining knoweledge but it has set high standards so that students who finish their education will have a great opportunity to obtain a job once education is complete.


There are so many classes that differ in their type of teaching. There are some classes with a big number of students (around 80) or some other classes that are about 25 students per room. However you will always be sure that no matter what the number of students is, the teacher will always be interested on helping with any question or problems you can have. They will always be available during their office hours or you can always catch them after class. My major is nutrition and dietetics, and I am really happy with the academic level of ISU, it is a great way to start my undergraduate degree.


I am a Pre-Pharmacy student so I have a long road of ahead of me, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the college experience. My first semester was quite a challenge that I'm sure most first year students face. Classes are much more difficult and I realized just how easy it was to fall behind in class because of the fast pace. I discovered pretty quickly i'd have to change pace and really start to buckle down and study hard. Microeconomics was especially a challenging course for me and i hated it at first, but once i started to grasp the concepts of supply and demand and listen intently in class i started to enjoy the course. My professor was extremely passionate about economics and i think this also inspired some of my liking in the subject. Like my economics professor, my philosophy professor this semester is extremely intelligent and passionate and captivates his students and i think this is a big part of what makes academics at ISU fun and intriguing rather than just a means to an end.


The academics at our school are very individualized once you reach the upper division courses. When you first attend the school you will encounter professors with hundreds of students, but they will always attempt to know your name. When you choose you major and start to get into the program you will notice that the professors with always know your name and are often concerned about your academic success. In my department, Mass Communication, you choose one emphasis. I’ve chosen Broadcast Television. My advisor knows my name and has for the past 2 years. And he is always seeking out opportunities to help my thrive and get hands on experience—something that is vital in my chosen career. He has help me obtain a on-campus internship that is paid and helped me get an internship at a local news station.


I'm sure we've all heard of how Boise State University has great athletics programs, but any native Boise-ite will tell you they have the worst academics around. ISU has several high end departments including Nursing and Pharmacy which are highly funded and rigorous, but all of the classes offered are worth while. The faculty takes pride in making sure they do not just hand out grades, so most classes pose a bit of a challenge, but if you come here to learn you will not be let down.


The academics at ISU are good. Most professors are more than willing to meet with students outside of class if needed. Classrooms sizes are usually small enough that teachers know their student's names. It is however, extremely beneficial to search the web to find the best teacher for any classes you plan to take.


Having attended all of my classes on the Idaho Falls campus I can only speak for Idaho Falls, but the professors are all really great! I do know that some people get upset or intimidated but it all works out. We do have free tutoring in Math, Writing, and several content areas. Most of the courses offered are geared towards helping you graduate but we have fun ones too, such as snowboarding, and scuba diving. Just like the diversity of the student population there is a diversity in the courses that are available. I think I could stay a student forever!