Idaho State University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Automotive SKILLS organizational membership.


I would say the SAB is the most popular student activity group.


The most popular groups are some of the international groups like Japanese club, Nepalese club, etc. People usually lock their door rooms when they leave but in case you forget to lock it there will be no problem at all. it has happened to me and it is a really safe place so there is no chance to get stolen. Volleyball, Football and Basketball games are huge, a lot of people are involved and really like to go and support our bengals. people usually party on weekends. But if you do not like it you can always go out with some friends and have a really nice dinner at any close restaurant from campus. I usually hang put with my teammates.


While ISU is more of an academically focused university, there are several activities that students can participate in. There are homecoming events, midterms and finals study sessions with free dinner provided (usually pizza), guest speakers, quad parties, lots of free food events, and free movies at the Bengal theatre. There are also many religious activities to take part in for students of various faiths including, LDS, Catholicism, and different branches of Christianity. Fraternities, Sororities aren't overly focused on. Sports are a part of college life but not nearly as important as they are at other universities. There are however, many outdoor activities. While drinking isn't too big at Idaho State University there are many Student organized events for students to participate in.


Idaho State University has a Student Activities Boards that set up several fun things every month, from free food, to games, to dances. If that isn't enough for you there are several Clubs on campus there are clubs for theater, sewing, major oriented, and honor societies. You can't get board unless you want to! The campus has places for studying, and meeting. Most students meet potential partners in class and then meet for lunch in the cafeteria or study groups. I am the President of a club and I like to set up live speaker events so students can meet influential people in the community and start networking for when they graduate.