Idaho State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Probably the fact that it is a no smoking school but you see cigarette buds everywhere.


Probably the fact that it is a no smoking school but you see cigarette buds everywhere.


Its too tight


A lot of students leave. For a lot of younger students ISU has become a temporary school while they attempt to get into BSU or BYU. It's a shame because it is a good school. There used to be a lot of graduates but lately it seems more students transfer in and out.


The worst thing about Idaho State University would be the parking lots and the housing on campus. The parking lot doesn't have a lot of spots to fill but yet ISU sells a lot of parking passes. When you go and try to park on campus you have a hard time looking for a parking place because there are more cars then spots. The campus housing is bad. Whenever you go into an apartment complex you have something that isn't working. The food is not good and so you buy the meal plan and it goes to waist.


I think the worst thing about the school is how hard it is to get a work study position that is on campus. There aren't a lot of businesses around campus who are hiring and without a car it is very difficult to find a job.


I firmly believe that ISU needs to redesign thier parking layout. it is inconvienent to say the least.


School spirit seems to be lacking when it comes to support for our athletic programs. There is a strong group of supporters at the games, but they always seem to be the same group of people.


The worst part about Idaho State University is the tuition. While I know it is cheaper than a lot of other schools, I am having to pay it all by myself. My parents make just enough income that FAFSA doesn't give me any financial aid but they don't make enough to be able to help me pay for the ever rising tuition.


You are asking me for something I didn't like, but honestly I really enjoyed ISU and everything about my years there. The professors, the classes, the student programs, the library, the Student Union, the campus, the students - they are all terrific. OK, I have thought of one thing. The dance program was very amateur. There were no advanced classes, and the only dance company was made up of beginners. Along with some of my local dancing buddies, I started an advanced dance company while I was there. I do not know if it is still going on.


They use a computer program called Moodle. That is where all of your grades are posted and where teachers will post their assignments. This program can be confusing to use and it is made to work with Mozilla Firefox so people with other internet programs have a hard time pulling Moodle up. I think that the University should use another online program because neither the students for the teachers particularly like Moodle. However, the once you use the program a few times it is not so bad and you get use to it.


Continually increasing costs to support unneeded expansions and building.


Some of the professor are real strick.


The worst thing about Idaho State University is the Financial Problems it is experiencing right now. Because of this, the University has been forced to cut back on scholarship and certain programs, which I find to be extremely unfortunate.


There are not a lot of on campus activities for students to attend. So there is not a lot of opportunities for interaction between students, besides the classroom.


There is not a worst thing about the school. But my opinion is that the University football team could win some games. But other than that the school is in a good standard position for any one getting an education.


Probably that unless I drive up to pocatello for school I can't get a lot of the classes I want or the schedule I need.


The worst thing about this school would be the lack of support it gets from the community. Pocatello seems to support BSU more than ISU and it doesn't seem to have too many activities or diversity sometimes. More school spirit!


ISU does not accept many credits from many other colleges and Universities. It makes it hard for transfer students to keep on track and to graduate in the time they would like. I don't think it makes sense for ISU not to accept other Universities credits when they are just as qualified as ISU.


I have played soccer throughout my whole life. I was looking forward to trying out for ISU, but was discouraged when i had found out that there was only a club team. The reason was, men and women are required to have an equal number of sports; football for men, soccer for women.


The lack of school spirit is the worst thing about this university. I feel that the student population would be much more united if there was a true sense of spirit on campus. Having a losing football team contributes to the lack of Bengal pride.


The need to get a better football team. The football team has had a consistant losing streak for over three years, they either need new players or a new coach or both! Aside from this the school overall is good.


I just feel that there are some courses required that are a waste of time for my educational purposes


nothing really. I really like this school.


The Idaho Falls extension cutting back on classes. This makes it extremely difficult for the Idaho Falls students to get the education they desire and need to have.


Like I said, the financial aid issue was a biggie for me and I would also have to say that some students are very close-minded and unwilling. I am not a religious person myself, and I do not like how much religious influence is present.


The parking situation here really needs to change. It would be nice if the gym were more open and sunny, instead of dingy. The food prices are way too high. I wish there were more things to do on a regular basis, and I wish we brought in more big city acts like concerts and traveling groups.


social relations because everybody judges on how much money you have.


The professors that are very knowledgeable about their subject they teach, but they do not know how to teach it. I think those who have majors in a certain subject are rude to those who are struggling with the subject, and think they know it all. Mostly English Majors. ISU is spending their money on building things that we do not need like an outdoor auditorium which doesn't look like an auditorium, and a new expansion on the gym. We already have a nice gym.


That tuition has sky rocketed since I started going here and they are stingy with financial aide.


the only thing i dont like about this school is the weather. the weather here is so unpredictable, its rediculous. it hardly rains, its windy all the time and a very dry cold atmosphere.


There is a very low ammount of school spirit....which takes away from the community of the time spent at games and other social events