Idaho State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Idaho State University is very diverse so it really is a school for almost anyone. It isn't too small to where there is nothing around, but it isn't huge either so it isn't hard to get to places. Pocatello is very accepting to different beliefs, like sexuality. Some of the best people I have met there are gay and most people there, like myself, support them. So it's a great place for people who need acceptance.


The type of person that should attend Idaho State University should be a relax, calm, easy going person. If you don't care how things are run or how many problems you run into then ISU is that place for you. If you want to learn with good teachers then ISU is also the place to be because of the wonderful professors that are working at Idaho State University.


I think Idaho State University is a good fit for any kind of person. It offers direction for everyone no matter what stage of their education they are in. Idaho State has exceptional programs and would be an amazing choice for undergraduate and graduateeducation. It is reliable, flexible, and 100% satisfactory.


Someone who is more interested in getting a degree rather than partying.


Anybody could attened ISU. It's open to all walks of life, we have huge diversity centers so that everyone will feel welcomed here.


Idaho State University is a great place for all types of people. It has a wide array of career options available and they are a leading school in Pharmaceutical and Performing Arts degrees. This school is situated in a smaller town for those people who want a more urban feel. People who love the outdoors would have a great time at this school and it is in a family friendly area also.


The students who attend this school should be self-motivated, eager to learn and willing to try new things.


A person who is a hard worker, and who would like to get a degree ranging from communications to pre med to engineering, and learn from some well known experts in their field.


This school is great for anyone wanting to go into a medical field. They have especially good pharmacy and dentist programs. Also anyone attending this school should like the snow, the winters are long, but there are great skiing areas near by.


Someone who is focused on their schooling and doesn't need constantly party would fit in perfectly here at Idaho State University.


well, its a good school but the students are on the low end of the scale.


This school attracts many foreign students, so there is a wide range of races and beliefs. I believe this school will suit any individual that is interested in attending.


Someone who is serious about learning. They could be athletic because there are scholarships, or they could just want a good education. Even poor people are encouraged to better their lives here, the financial aide department is extremely helpful with obtaining help to those who qualify.


Anyone looking for a job in the medical field; great nursing program, dental hygene program, radiographic science program, physical and occupational therapy programs, etc.


Anyone can that is interested in getting an education


A person with determination should attend this school, especially at my age. My school has made me work hard and learn many things and one of them is that you have to push yourself almost to eshaustion to keep up with school work. It is even harder when most students work full time and then have to attend school. I went back to school after eighteen years being a high scllo drop out. I dropped out because I got pregnant and I was dumb so I did not realize how important school was until years later.


Someone seeking a dental or pharmaceutical career, as well as someone who does not mind cold winters.


You like the outdoors and the activities that go along with it, you'll love it because there is something for every outdoor person from snowboarding to flyfishing, kayaking to mountain climbing. Can do any type of outdoor activity in ID except surf but who needs to surf when you can wakeboard, right? Also, if you are looking for that special someone you probably won't find them here because everyone is married already or so it seems.




Someone from a small minded town.


Idaho State University is such an accepting university that anyone can attend school here. Idaho State University does not disciminate against people of different racial, financial or ethical backgrounds. Because ISU is so accepting, any kind person can attend ISU and feel accepted by both students and teachers. The activities at ISU have so much variety that no one should feel excluded, and there are so many different activities that cater to everyone's different tastes. I feel that every person should attend Idaho State University if they could.


There is a lot of emphasis on religion on this campus...but it is mostly Later-Day Saints. People who are affiliated with this church would find a lot of social benefit from attending this school. That is just one emphasis though. Any kind of person who is truly intersted in learning and puts an effort into their schooling would benefit from attending Idaho State University.