Idaho State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


This campus shouldn't be attended by someone whose, for one, major isn't given at this school, but that's a given. It's in Idaho, so it's going to be cold. If someone isnt dedicated enough to have extra patience in finding a place to live if they're going off-campus, they shouldn't go here. It is difficult to find somewhere to live, and the dorms aren't as convenient for some classes, depending on your major.


If you are the type of person who doesn't do your homework this isn't the school for you. You must complete your assignments. It isn't a party school if that is your thing. There are opportunities to meet companies and attend university events but it is up to you to go. The school won't force you to. You have to be responsible for your own work and to meet people. A lot of students are older with families. It isn't totally a young person school. There are many types of students here.


Probably anyone who thinks it'll be a smooth ride. Or even those who want to come here thinking it's a wet campus. It's not. Though the school is pretty open, it may not satisfy the whole "life after high school" that movies portray for others.


There aren't many people I wouldn't recommend Idaho State University to, but if you really love big cities then pocatello isn't really the best place for you. It isn't a small town, but it isn't a huge city. Other than that I would suggest ISU to anyone, unless they don't offer your major.


A partier. The occasional party happens, but a majority of the students are here to get the work done. If you're in that minority then I suggest you sign of for a different university.


One who loves the city life and goes shopping all the time.


A person who is looking of the diversity or busy life of a big city should definitely not attend ISU.


I think everyone should be able to have a chance to attend. The people who are lazy and do not do there work get filtered out of the school sometime.


This school is as good as any. I believe that any person could attend this school if they wanted to obtain an education, however, I feel that those looking for a good time and a party place would be looking in the wrong area. Of course we have fun, but most of us are here to recieve and achieve the best level of education we can and our school knows how to focus in and reach goals.


I'm not sure there's really anyone who wouldn't be welcome here. I think our university is diverse enough that anyone can fit in somehwere and enjoy themselves.


Someone looking for really small classes or someone looking for a religious school.


I don't think there is anyone that shouldn't attend this school. I think it fits everyone.


I think someone looking for a large campus experince should probably look elsewhere. It's not a tiny campus by any means, but it is more intimate than I was expecting. The classes are smaller scale than many schools, and even lecture classes only have around 150 to 200 students. It makes for a very personal and engaging atmosphere, which, in my opinion, is ideal for learning and becoming involved in campus life.


someone who dosen't want to put in the effort to take advantage of what the school offers and just make a big loan bill


one that has goals and future plans (knows where they are going)


I think any type of person could attend this school, as long as the person has the right attitude about everything.


People who are only going to school because they think have to or are not serious about their education.


Someone that can afford something better should attend a school in a larger town than Pocatello, Idaho.


If you don't the like the outdoors with extreme four seasons or Mormon dominated community.




someone who is used to a big city, doesnt like snow or cold, does not like outdoor activities.


Angry, ignorant people who are not here to learn.


The ones that hate cold and small towns...