Idaho State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Its not all about the education. Don't get me wrong, it is important, but make sure the school will give you great life experiences too, because those are priceless!


Be sure your child is ready to learn and that the college will fit to your child's goals . Remeber in this economy with the pressures of todays world there are very few second chances, give it all you have while you are young with an open mind and an open heart.


I would tell parents and students that researching the area schools is important. Find out if the schools close to you are right for you, if not or if students want to attend college away from home researching the schools costs, clubs, housing, financial aid availability, and accredations are important. To make the most out of your college experience enjoy your time at school, study hard, and most of all love your studies because you'll be doing it for years in school and years in practice. If you don't like what you are doing you won't be happy, and happiness is the cream of life.


When I was trying to decide where to attend college, my Dad told me to go where I felt I should go. Originally I did not feel like attending Idaho State University, but after I visited ISU I realized that ISU was the right choice for me, and I felt that ISU was a better college choice than any of the other schools I visited. My positive feelings that I had toward ISU after my visit have remained with me throughout my time at ISU. My Dad's advice was sound advice because I found a school that still feels right to attend. My advice to parents and/or students who are trying to find the right college is the same advice that my Dad gave me, to go where you feel you should go. Sometimes people feel like they should attend one school, but they end up transferring because their first school didn't work out for them. Experiences like this are sometimes necessary. An individual can continue to change schools until they find a school that feels right for them and helps them make the most of their college experience. Just do what feels right!


Go to a school where you can get the degree you want.


this is a great university to attend. there are many programs offered and the envoroment here is amazing, i wouldnt trade it for any other place. the faculty is deticated to help you in anyway possible. there are many helpful programs including a writing center and math center to get addition help if needed. the sports here are fun to watch but tend to have a losing season but the atmosphere at games are crazy fun. the dorms are a great place to start out for freshman because it gives them a chance to meet people there own age that are going through the same thing they are, like leaving home and other things like that. everyone in the dorms are supportive like the residents assistants. some of my life time friends are my RA's even the ones that werent my RA personally. all in all Idaho State University is a great place to attend and the cost of going here is relatively cheap to alot of other colleges and thats always a great plus to everyone.


It is important to know what kind of field you want to go into when looking for a college. Factor in prices of not only tuition but also housing. I think that diversity is also important because it helps you get a broad spectrum of knowledge, rather than a biased point of view. Campuses that offer many different forms of entertainment keep school life fun. However, schools that are known "party schools" will, in my opinion, be detrimental to your education as they would prove too much of a distraction. I personally don't believe it is important to make it to a Ivy League school. Many other schools offer the same classes and sometimes a better learning invironment. Find a school that is close enough to allow family and friends to visit at times, or for you to go home for hollidays without it breaking your budget. I personally believe that it is best to take one year off of school after highschool before going to college. I think it's important for people to get a break from school, then to return refreshed and ready to learn. The most important thing is to set aside time to study.


The most important thing I could tell someone about making the most of their college experience is to not try and do it too quickly. Some people try and finish a four year degree in three years to get on with their life as soon as possible, but that's not really experiencing college. And just because someone else went to one college doesn't mean that college is the right one for you. Before deciding on a college, make sure you research all the alternatives. Visit the campus-almost every college in the United States will be happy to give you a free tour of their facilites. Don't make the decision from just one factor either. Degree plans are important, but so is a university's social scene and activities. All in all, make sure that the college you pick is just that, your pick. If someone else makes the decision for you, you will not have the same experience.


I think that the students and parents should really consider taking trips to visit the colleges tahtthey are interestied in and make sure that they know what the environment is like on the campus first...if you just like a school because of the program and not the place that its in then the learning becomes harder. you have to feel completly comfortable with where you are in order to get the most out of your education. especially with how much money people are spending on education today


In selecting a college I would give the advice to visit the area and contact some students to see what they think of the school, they are the best source of information. Ask yourself if you can explore your interests there, if you can bear the weather, is it too hot or too cold? Do they have many extracurricular activities to participate in? Shop around, consider cost of living and the job market in the area if you will be needing a job, will you have to commute and how far look at your finances and determine how much you will need in student aid and how you will receive it. To make the most out of your college experience you need to be in harmony with all of the previous aspects of college. It needs to be everything you would like or you will not be happy and your grades will suffer. Take time for yourself and relax when you need it, do not get overstressed. Attend classes and take good notes. And most important, never be afraid to ask for help from anybody and for any reason.


Choose one that fits your life style and personality. Get involved with what is going on on campus and get connected with other students. Parents need to support their students in things they want to try or want to explore on campus or in the city of their campus.


Talk to current and previous students of interested universities


Students: Make sure you are mentally prepared to start college. College takes up a lot of your personal time, so you need to stay focused on what is important and what's not important. You need to learn to make priorities, manage your finances, and not play as much as you did when you were younger. Chose a college that is right for you, whether it be to save money, for the reputation of your major, and for the expenses you will have.


There are a few things that I would advise to students trying to choose the right college. First of all I would say follow your instincts, listen to the opinions of your parents, friends and peers, but in the end you will be the one attending the college or university not your parents or peers. Next I would suggest evaluating why you want to go to college in the first place, do you wish to play sports and become an olympic athlete or just take the necessary classes to get you closer to achieving your career goal. Many universities and colleges cater to certain individuals, take time to carefully consider what your actual needs are. To make the most of your college experience, I would first advise choosing a college that is compatible with your learning and living style. Also I would recommend that most freshmen choose to stay in on-campus housing, such as an apartment on campus or residence hall. This will enable you to make friends and utilize campus resources. Most of all I would suggest trying to get involved and become part of your college community. Good Luck!


I would say follow your heart. Personally, I did not decide "what I wanted to be" right away. Delve into generals and get a feel for what you like. Do some job shadowing and research the areas you are interested in. If you've made a decision and you change your mind, then it's okay to change your major. Nothing is set in stone. Let your heart guide you in your decision. Pressure from the outside world, i.e. parents, boss, and those "well-meaning" people in your life will want to guide you and that is fine, just know that ultimately your decision must be made for yourself...if you are to be happy. Make friends, attend free events on campus, study hard, and stay focused and your dreams about college can come true. The most important thing to remember about college is that it is very difficult sometimes and you may want to quit, but you must never, ever give up!


Weigh all your options. Make sure that you know what it is you're going for-i.e. is it for your parents or for you your self. Find the best school for what you want.