Idaho State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most fristrarting thing about my school is how much of the walking is uphill, haha.


Many of the campus resources and businesses close early.


The most frustrating thing about ISU is that everyone leaves on the weekend and there is not a lot to do if you live on campus.


When you need to go to a certain building, and it is the farthest away.


I think the most frustrating thing is how it's difficult to finish your degree in 4 years for most degrees. The classes needed are often offered at the same times as each other, so it takes longer than it should.


Since I go to the Idaho Falls campus and not pocatello a lot of the classes arent offered here so I don't always get what I want


I think the most frustrating and unavoidable thing about my school is the financial situation. Having to cut classes in order to stay afloat and raising the tuition is unavoidable but still quite frustrating. Other than that, everything else here seems great!


Some of the most frustrating things about my school is they dont have enough parking available for all the students attending the school, sometimes they dont offer enough sections of classes so everyone who needs to take it can. I think that if the school can make more parking available for students then many students wont be late to class because they couldnt find parking anywhere.


Just the lack of school spirit and support for different clubs, groups, sports, etc.


The scool functions and activities are not well advertised.


nothing to do


At times the staff of the university (not the professors but other employees) forget that students are the ones paying for their wages out of tuition and forget that they are really here to help the students.


Job placement


The parking lot! Trying to find a place to park is a huge nightmare


The lack of school pride can be very frustrating. Our school focuses more on academics and less on athletics. This sometimes undermines the school pride that we would have if we had better quality athletics programs.