Idaho State University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew a bit more about how to apply for scholarships and what the people reading them would like to see in relationship to the scholarships offered just for me school.


I wish I would have know that there are a lot of stairs and hills to climb to get to your destination, and that most of the buildings don't have elevators.


Seriously what I wish I would have known is that ISU is really after the dollar. Advisors tell you anything you want to hear to get you to enroll and stay enrolled. Then they keep encouraging you to apply to a program, only to find out that because you don't work at a certain facility you aren't going to get into their program. Now you've spent all types of money, and that's why I'm transferring to a junior college and will get my BSN at a totally differen school.


I wish I had known how badly I would need a car so I could've saved my money to buy one. I also wish I would have known how little there is to do on campus.


I wasn't completely prepared when I came to this University. But along the way I was able to adjust and better see how to carry out my professional career plan. I do wish I knew more about financial help and scholarships before it came time to need it, however.


I wish I would have known that the school was planning to cut my program before I enrolled in this school.


I wish I would have known more of what to expect with just college in general. I came into this experience 10 years after graduating high school, in the midst of raising 3 kids, and holding a full-time job, but I there is a first for everything and I have really enjoyed the experience so far!


That high school would have prepare you, for the exams and homework.


I like the school but I did have problems with the financil aid. They need to be more equal with the students.


I would like to have known if there were any other scholarships that I could have done before time ran out.


I wish I had known how rewarding college would be. I waited until my kids were raised to undertake college. Yet, if I had any idea what I was missing, I would have enrolled much sooner. Idaho State University is a wonderful institution with a diverse group of students who are engaging and interesting.


One of the things I would of like to know before I came to this school was the opportunities this gives to you. I wish it would have let me know of the things I can get involved in such as the ambassadors program. I also wish that I would have known of all the clubs that are involved here on campus.


A great financial aid package was offered to me, but then money promised by the university was withdrawn. I wish they had been honest with me before I had officially enrolled.


I wished I had toured the college. Touring this college would have given me a firsthand peek into the lives of the students on the campuses. I had no idea what the college was like until I got there the first weekend before school started my freshmen year. I only had advice and information for second hand accounts.


it would be sooooo boring and soooo many mormons!