Idaho State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I feel the best thing about this school is the campus itsself. There's plenty of resources in each of the buildings. They have offices for scholarship help, financial aid, counciling, and just about anything else that college students need.


The research opportunities are very vast and immense in which ever major students choose to declare. Also, there is always an upbeat attitude all around the campus and plenty of Bengal Spirit! It is such a wonderful schoool all-in-all. I can't imagine having the same opportunities that I do for internships and research that I have here at othe universities.


The best thing for me was the convience of it being so close to my home.


A unique feature about ISU campus is that there is a lot of non-traditional students. It is all good to go to a college with everyone fresh out of highschool but it is also nice to have a variety to make you feel at home. Such as those people who have either gone on missions and been out of school for a couple of years, people who have gotten married and taken time off, or people who have just simply taken time off from school before they have decided to go back.


The best thing about Idaho State University is the small town and community atmosphere. Because the school is relatively small, class sizes are small and professors are usually very easily accessible.


The Student Union building. This is mainly because it is a great way to unwind from classes, and enjoy a great time with friends. You are also able to just sit back and relax or get some studying in.


It's a beautiful campus.


I really like the professors. They are so willing to help out in any situation and they want you to succeed.


The best thing about my I live near the campus and this allows easy access to higher educational opportunities. Having worked as a police officer for twenty-three years in city Idaho State University is located in, I have been able to associate with members of the university staff and students for years. I saw my spouse graduate from the College of Education and become a teacher. This has driven me to return to the same college for a new career, making it easy to attend and still work to support my family.


The best thing about my school is that the classes are small and therefore the professors in your department get to know very well and help you academically and professionally.


study guides are helpful


The best thing of this school is the advisors and the plentiful amount of help someone can give you. The advisors are friendly and always willing to help out. They always find solutions to how they can solve your problems. They encourage you to keep going and they will always tell you to use your resources. Some resources include; math lab, English lab, speech lab, and tutors that will assist you on one on one basis.


Idaho State University has some very successful healthcare programs. For examplw, it's pharmacy, Physicians Assistant, nursing, dental hygiene and radiographic science programs are all top programs.


I recently lost my job after a 24 year career in the semiconductor business. I was senior research engineer, but did not an engineering degree. The school has been very accomodating for my situation, allowing me to use my real world experience to bypass classes that would not be helpful to my goal of obtaining an engineering degree and start a new career.


This campus looks really nice and is pleasant to walk around. The people are friendly and the professors are usually available and willing to help. Once you are in your program or field of study, the atmosphere feels family-like and you get to know your classmates and professors on a personal level. We have many resources to help students with almost any issue, and lots of clubs and extra-curriculars to get involved in. There are busses for transportation around campus and town. Our campus is very safe. Our health and business proffessions are great!


Small town and close community atmosphere


The best thing about my school is it's atmosphere. When I chose my college I looked for one that fit my personality. I can walk to all my classes and there is good one-on-one interaction with my teachers. The job availability on this campus also is a great aspect of this school.


the people and the faculty. everyone here is willing to help each other and study work and other activities. the faculty is very conserned with you as an individual and helping you any way they can. everything that you need is really close to campus. theres a huge variety of things for students to do. its an all around great learning enviroment.


Overall environment isn't stressful.


At Idaho State University the people here are always very willing to help each other. Whether it is finding a job or housing or help with a study group you can always find somebody to help you. There is a very open and warm relationship through different cultural groups.




Many non-traditional students attend ISU. This allows students to mingle and associate with students from other backgrounds, ethnicities and age groups. It is interesting to here the varying opinions and discussions that are help in ISU's classes because of this.