Illinois Central College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person lacking desire to further his/her education or uncapable of handling the transition from high school or, in a non-traditional student's case, no school should not attend Illinois Central College.


Someone who does not care for education should not attend this school.


The only type of person that I feel should not attend this school would be the person who isn't serious about their education. In my opinion, that is the only person who wouldn't benefit by attending this school. Several classes are transferable for students who want to go on to a four school. The quality of education is great.


Students who are unable to give respect to their teachers, or students expecting their teachers to mother them like they often did in high school, should not attend ICC. Illinois Central College is not for those who want to "party hardy" or get involved in gang-type activity. It is not the ideal college for living on campus unless this is your only means to attending. It is limited in certain fields of study as well, some things just are not offered at ICC.