Illinois College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Here, we find diversity and success through the liberal arts.


Illinois College is the definition of Liberal Arts; it encourages critical thinking, problem solving, community service, and a provides a strong sense of community.


Illinois College is student-centered and focuses on the importance of every student giving back to their community.


Illinois College is a great step to opening a bright future for students.


Illinois College is a small liberal arts College located in Jacksonville Illinois-- It is only 65 acres.


Illinois College has provided me an amazing learning experience by the one on one attention I get from the faculty and coaches.


Illinois College is a small school that allows you to see your potential in such a profound way while making the type of friendships that will last forever.


The school may look small at first, but once you really get to know the campus, you find all sorts of things you never knew about before. There is enough space on campus that you can study in a different location each night during the week.


Illinois College's campus is beautiful, with brick buildings and amazing landscaping. We have an impressive sports complex and when you walk by someone, just about everyone will smile or say hi. It's a place filled with friendly people who all share a common view and goal.


Illinois College is a smal,l private liberal arts college in a town of 19,000 people that offers friendly professors and students as well as a rigorous coursework with a variety of academic majors and extracurriculars to get students involved on campus.


Illinois College is a small, friendly campus, where the professors and staff really care about your success.


Illinois College is a beautiful college with wonderful professors, advisors, and friends.


Illinois college is a great school. All the proferssors really know what they're talking about. Everyone who attends the school is really friendly and are easy to get along with. The surrounding areas is a peaceful one. It is a small town where everything is relatively close. I am looking forward to my next three-and-a-half years at IC.


An amazing liberal arts school that will guide you in the direction and help you succeed in your future goals!


Illinois College gives you the oppurtunity to explore all fields of interest.


My school is a diverse, well-known, entergetic little comunity where everyone knows everyone and all the members of our comunity get along extremely well.


A small, enthusiastic, well educated, all around school, that you get your money's worth.


Illinois College is a place where you have the opportunity to learn while following your passion, making friends, and preparing yourself for the future that you've always dreamed of.


My school is both active in acadmic and social activities.


School spirit, atheltic, small, close.


Illinois College is an academically intense college that offers students a a great education and a sense of community.


A warm, friendly community-like school where everyone is important and the administrators do all in the power to make everyone successful.


Illinois College offers students a friendly, positive educational experience.


Illinois College has a small campus with many friendly, helpful people.