Illinois College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are one of a kind. As an international student, I was able to fit in perfectly and interact with people from other parts of the world and not feel left out.


They are willing to work hard to succeed in the classroom.


There is not one type of student that goes to Illinois College. There are a wide range of students here. There are students from small towns, students who grew up on farms, Then there are students who grew up in big cities, or even other countries. We have a diverse campus with students from all over the world. We are a small college but there is a lot of diversity here and you can meet so many different and new people.


Most students here interact with each other a lot, but at other times it seems the same groups (certain academic departments, student groups, etc.) interact only with each other, but those times only happen every so often. Everyone seems really friendly. It's not uncommon to see a pick up game of basketball let anyone who wants to play join the game, no matter how big the game is. I feel there is something for everyone at IC. You can meet people with different interests through different student groups. Every group I've been a part of enjoys having new members and helps to explore their strengths.


Every school seems to have their nerds, jocks, beauty queens, and farmer boys. At IC we have them all. A majority of the students come from small towns with lower socio-economics, however there is a fair amount of diversity on campus. A majority of students work on campus, some because they need to, but most because the extra cash is a comfort for a college student. Another thing about IC, is that a majority of the students are student athletes. So, when the sports are in season, the teams spend most of the time together. Other than that, there are no real prevalent discrepancies among students or prejudices based on social class, political standings, racial, or religious reasons.


Students at Illinois College come from a broad range of backgrounds. We have students from all over the country as well as many students from other countries. On campus, we have over 70 clubs and organizations that cover just about everything. However, if you can not seem to find what you are looking for, simply go to the Center for Student Involvement and start your own club. In these clubs, students cover and bring awareness to issues such as LGBT rights, religious differences, political debates, sexual assault awareness, and much, much more.


The students at Illinois College are incredible. There are so many oppertunites to get to know those around you. Through clubs and organizations, you meet so many people and make life long friends. There is no judgement when it comes to race, sex, religion, or politics. Everyone here is united and willing to get to know you before jumping to conclusions. The students here leave such an amazing impression on you. You're sure to make great friends.


I feel like there are a lot of different kinds of people on campus. There are students from Africa, Asia and other continents/countries. There are jocks, nerds, hard-core, and normal students, and I feel like everyone gets along, and no one is judgmental. In high school, people are really harsh and mean to people who aren't "like them". In college, no one cares about that. Everyone is nice to everyone. I love it!


From my perspective, the student organizations on campus can come off as being somewhat aggressive, such as the Coalition for Ethnic Awareness and SAGE (Straights and Gays for Equality). Many students come to class in comfy attire, like shorts, sweats, and t-shirts. No matter how rich or poor your family is, the college takes a blow on your tuition every year to make it affordable.


My classmates are friendly and enthusiastic, as well as intelligent.


Dedicated to doing what they can to benefit their future goals.


My classmates here at Illinois College are a very unique and diverse group of individuals that are highly focused on being successful individuals.


My classmates are very unique and most already have clear set goals for their future.


It's difficult to describe the wide variety of people at Illinois College, but some of the common characteristics of IC students include their generosity, friendliness, and a strong focus on their passions.


The students at Illinois College are very determined to do very well in life and determined to make a great career.


There is not much diversity in the American students on campus, but there are many international students who make IC diverse and interesting.


In high school it always seemed that everyone knew who was in what grade. As I have been in college though I have noticed that class doesn't matter. Your classmates are in every grade and are even more fit for you than in high school. In each classroom, new faces are met and they lead to a multitude of classmate friends that vary from nerdy to partiers. It is awesome to have such a variety of classmates.


They are very open minded.


My classmates are very friendly and are easy to talk with, they are willing to help you with any problem or any question you might have, they are the friendliest people I have ever met.


My classmates are very diverse, not only by where they're from, but also in their personalities and interests - they're not afraid to be themselves on this campus.


Hardworking, ambitious, fun


My classmates are diverse students who are open to new ideas and are motivated to maximize their contributions to society.


They are very helpful and very eager to help.




Most of my classmates are focused and serious, and also very interested in the course as a result most of my classes are interactive