Illinois College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Illinois College is well known for being a small liberal arts college. The campus is also well known as being small and very safe. When you attend Illinois College, you feel Like you're at home.


My school, Illinois College, is best known for its liberal arts education. Here, students are required to take a variety of classes outside their major in order to experience new things and gain a well rounded education. For example, even if someone is a biology major, they still need to take a fine arts course. This can be in the field of creative writing, art, or acting. Illinois College believes that by doing this, the student will be able to learn and experience more than they could ever originally intend when declaring their major.


Liberal Arts Education is anapproach to learning that empowers individuals and prepares them to deal with complexity and diversity. It provides students with knowledge of the wider world and allows them to be well rounded individuals. Students not only get an in-depth study in a specific area of interest but they also receive knowledge in science, culture, and society. A liberal education helps students develop a sense of social responsibility, as well as strong and transferable intellectual and practical skills such as communication, analytical and problem-solving skills, and a demonstrated ability to apply knowledge in real-world settings.


We are know for staying true to ourselves! We are the oldest college in Illinois and we pride on the way we have stayed the same over the nearly 200 years IC has been running. We are know to produce hard working students who are framed on having FAITH, COURAGE, and CLASS!


One of my favorite traditions comes during homecoming week. On the that Friday night, we have a talent show in the chapel called "Follies". The student body is welcome to put on an act. It can be anything from singing and dancing to comedy.


I feel like my school is best known for its historic campus. Illinois College is the first college to conduct classes in Illinos, and it is the oldest college in Illinois. In 1932 the sociejty of Phi Betta Kappa established a chapter at Illinois College, and today it remains only one out of eleven in the state of Illinois. Illinois historic campus and history makes it a very intersting place to study.


its liberal arts education


Illinois College is best known for it's co-curricular activities, or activities that combine a more social scene with acedemic content. It's about teamwork not only in atheletics, which are a main focus of this school, but in the classroom as well. It's also about being a community and participating in campus events or as we call it around here, being "True Blue".


My school was the first college in illinois. It was founded in 1829, and also served as the first medical school in Illinois. Illinois College was also a part of the underground railroad!


Teaching is a very popular major for students at Illinois College, ranging from pre-elementary to secondary education. Science majors, including engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, and biology, include a wide portion of the student body. Outside of school, students are actively involved in many activities like sports, political groups, and clubs that relate to majors. There seems to always be something entertaining going on around campus!


Illinois College is known for its historic value.


My school is best known for being the oldest college in Illinois.


It is best known for its academic integrity and quality education. It has a great teacher preparation program that has served as a model for other schools as well as an excellent business program, though you will receive a quality education from any department. It is also known for being almost like a big family. The school has historical roots as well containing the oldest academic building in Illinois and being the site of the Lincoln vs. Douglass debates. Mainly, our school is just known for being a great place to receive an education and learn about life and yourself.


I believe that Illinois College is best known for our school pride. The alumni are very dedicated to IC, as many return for homecoming, sporting events, inductions and other ceremonies. It is evident that alumni of IC value the education they received, as they donate much money so that current students may be privledged to receive the same level of education. School pride is apparent when the IC Alma Mater is played daily on the chapel's bells and "Illinois College" apparel covers students as they walk between classes. Current students and alumni are proud to be navy and white.


Illinois College is best known for being a strong liberal arts college. The alumni are very involved here and there have been many successful graduates of IC.


This school is best known for its community awareness.


Nice campus, friendly community, academic success.