Illinois College Top Questions

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Everything in one place. Short walking distance. The largest hot tub in the state!!!


For me, this school was one of the only school that was deicated tto fit my personal needs and expectations, Being a Liberal Arts school they take in to account the ever changin, fast paced world and look from all percpectives. You also will find teachers that will go out of their way to better your education. I feel sometimes we forget that professors themselves have a family and social lifes and the amount of hours they put in for us here is just remarkable. You don't find that a larger school.


It is a small school. Everyone knows each other and everyone has so much school pride! Not too many of the other schools can say that students have teachers that will answer every question and meet outside of class to explain homework or just to talk.


When comparing Illinois College to any other college, this campus has a friendly environment and an atmosphere that has a sense of achievement. The professors on this campus work hard to ensure that the students’ needs are met and that the students can be successful in their goals. Professors actually care about all of the students and make effort to get to know them. And for this reason, Illinois College students are more suited to succeed in future endeavors.


There are many things that have attracted me to Illinois College. One of the main pionts about IC that I like is it's sports programs. This has made me get in shape and become a better peorson for it they make you go to the libray seven hours a week. another aspect of IC is that it is very acedemic based. This will make me work for what I want, yeah it may be hard sometimes, but it will make me a better person in the end.


One thing that makes us unique compared to other schools that I considered was that the biology department has an Octopus Lab, making study of octopuses and other ocean life accessible to students in the middle of corn fields in Central Illinois.


It's much more friendly, but because of it's location in central Illinois, it tends attract mainly white, conservative students from Illinois. Because of it's location it also fails to attract a more diverse range of faculty and staff. It's easy to develop meaningful connections with professors; they actually know you and your character, which enable them to provide excellent references.


IC is small, liberal arts, they have a long standing history, and a campus that is small but a good size. I can walk to any of my classes from my dorm in 5 minutes (and that includes going all the way across campus).


It was small and the campus was pretty and compact.


Illinois College had a warm and welcoming feeling when a prospective student enteres the campus. There is a very positive and helpful atmosphere from the President of the college, the deans, the entire adminsitrative staff, and all of the student volunteers. It is a comforting environment , one feels safe; as if a part of an extended family. These feelings make a prospective student feel like a true member of the institution, not just statistical figure of economic potential.


Larger classes, but still the professor wnats to one-on-one to help the student


Our school is small, which makes for a great classroom experience and allows personal relationships to develop with your professors. This is also one of the only schools that still has literary societies which is a great part of history. Since the school is small you feel very safe and surrounded by people you know and can trust.


I have been to other larger universities and am more comfortable here at Illinois College. There are only a little over 1000 students that attend here and class sizes are very small and the atmosphere is extremely friendly. It is also very rural and is close to my hometown.


It is almost like a family here. Everyone is so helpful . Bigger schools just seem to look at you as a number, at IC your a name.