Illinois College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


I brag about a couple of things. The history professors are fantastic at Illinois College, as is Biology professor Dr. Lawrence Zetler. Dr. Zetler wanted me to take up Biology, as he thought I had a knack for it; I had to decide against it as micro-biology and chemistry have always been poor subjects for me. Also, we have a phenomenal fitness center in Bruner, with a outstanding weight room and a superb indoor track (which, being in track, I truly appreciate) as well as many other nice features


The classes are really small and teachers really want to help the students learn. There is also lots of opportunity to assist with faculty research and go on short term and long term trips to other countries. The dorms are nice and everything is very close. Even stores and off campus restaurants are within walking distance. The school also offers lots of financial aid. Also laundry and printing are both free.


I brag most about the great professors at my school. They are exceptionally smart and interesting.


My friends. I have truly met some amazing people here that I will be friends with forever. Also some of the professors are great.


When I tell my friends about Illinois College I always brog to them about the quality of my classes due to class size. I love how my biggest class only has about 24 students; which is a lot smaller than the huge lectures my friends sit in at bigger colleges. I think that when the ratio between students and teachers is smaller, like here at IC, you are able to connect better with what you are learning.


All the extracurricular activites including varsity sports they provide.


The community


The thing i brag about most when telling my friends about this school is how my professors are more than willing to help me if I need to be helped in a class. They will set up an appointment with me and will go over what ever it is that i need help pon step by step.


I love the athletic building and the science buildings the most. I spend most of my time there with classes, friends, and/or faculty. If you want to feel like you are a part of something, where you can walk across campus and know someone everytime; then this is the place for you. I love it here and i wouldn't trade it for any other place.


The athletics are fairly good and there are a lot of foreign exchange students who are great to make new friends with.


My experience in a literary society--unique to Illinois College.